Welcome! This group is for people who have an interest in controversial games. We try to find and play the most disturbing games possible and share them with the public.

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...A troubled young man discovers through a series of hallucinations that he will one day become a violent psychopath. How will he respond to this revelation? Can he change his fate? (Can you even change fate?) Or will he chose to embrace it?

is about a serial killer’s gradual descent into madness, both at the hands of a bipolar mother and sadistic father, and equally at the behest of an escalating chorus of voices and characters in his own head. At some point, pain from physical and mental torture morphs from something to survive into something to self-inflict and then to send out into the world and innocent — and sometimes, not innocent –victims. It covers childhood abuse. Child abuse is not a choice, but one’s response to it is, however when a emotionally damaged victim suffers a mental illness, that offers no such freedom and such creates a disconnect from free will as the individual suffers delusions, hallucinations and we see how futile resistance is to the onslaught of the bad events that makes up that persons past, present and future.

I would consider it one of the unique attempts at exploring psychopaths in disturbing detail and without voice acting. It plays as a graphic novel with some drag-in-drop 'puzzles' throughout.

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