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✯Joshua✯ Creator

To be frank, both sides have people "stealing America".

Ive lost all faith in the leadership of Washington D.C. and for good reason.

They need to go, I'm not advocating anarchy, I merely believe in a complete changing of the guard. The people currently running the system have it tailored to benefit themselves and take away from us. They need to be replaced, and the system reformed so it's back under the control of the American people again.

The media, also needs to be brought to account. Follow the money trails, and you'll know they're also bought out. Bring back independent media as best we can. We have too, otherwise this twisting of the system will just keep happening over and over as the corrupt use such tools to weave their way in.

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This guy is ridiculous. What kind of insane person takes losers like this seriously. He was jailed for breaking finance law, in a political system sunk by corrupting loopholes dotting its hull.

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TheUnbeholden Author

"He was jailed for breaking finance law,"

Yep, and not a single person who contributed 20 million dollars above contribution limit spent a single day in jail, and yet he did for a partly sum :) Its different application of law for different people. Much like how secretary of state can send and delete classified emails but no one else is allowed too without facing jail time. Not to mention the people the contribute millions and get pardoned. You just made the same strawman that Cenk did.

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The titles of his anti-Obama stuff screams stupid alone, never mind how he's too inept to properly use a thoroughly corrupt system. xD

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Both sides are corrupt but he does have a point about the Democratic party, they have a lot of dirty history but they have also done a lot of good things for this country to just like the Republic party did but now it seems both parties are only doing things wrong, it wasn't how it use to be. where the Republican Party would screw and the Democractic party would fix it and visa versa now its the Republic Party or Democratic party screws up and they just sweep it under the rug. There must be change in our Government.

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Source: Youtube.com

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