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Those who spend a lot of swearing in uploaded videos can risk losing access to Xbox Live.

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Microsoft strongly against swearing now!

Those who spend a lot of swearing in uploaded videos can risk losing access to Xbox Live.

After some Xbox One users have experienced losing access to Xbox Live on the basis of "past behavior", Microsoft has come out with an explanation about their policies. It turns out that the company has decided to go hard against curses, and those engaging in unnecessary strong language in videos uploaded from the console may risk being banned from Live.

Users who have experienced being banned from the service, first speculated that it was the language consumption in Skype calls theirs which had led to the ban. Microsoft denies, however for this in their statement (via Polygon)

"To clarify, the team for maintaining the holding of guidelines on Xbox Live does not direct communication such as Skype chat and ringing. [...] We moderation of behavior codes by Upload Studio seriøst.Vi really want a clean, safe and fun environment for all users. Excessively vulgar language and other violations of conduct codes will lead to action and result in the suspension of some or all privileges on Xbox Live. "

Exactly how the videos uploaded via Upload Studio are moderated, and where foul language is required for it to be considered a violation of the guidelines is currently unknown. Microsoft will probably orient more about this in the near future if they continue to enforce these behavior codes.


Just another reason to avoid anything Xbox like the plague.

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Welp, Thanks for helping me choose PS4 Microsoft.


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XD Keep up the epic fails microsoft, PC and PS4 FTW

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wow just an other reason the get a ps 4

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well*beep* cough sorry went xboxone for a moment XD

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