All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

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Aug 28 2011 Anchor

Hello all who are part of TEF or just lurking about XD

A few Days ago i had the idea of creating a TE tournament hosted and run by but before i even start to organize anything
i would like to know who likes the idea and who wants to help run it, you don't need to worry about sign ups, logos etc i will do all that

Vote in the poll and Post What day and Time would you prefer if this went ahead

Tiberium Wars Tournament Chief

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Aug 31 2011 Anchor

for this week, I would fine whenever. any time after that however, and I would need it to be past 4PM (-5GMT)


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