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Feb 23 2013 Anchor

I don't expect anyone who is a fan of GDI to agree with me when I say I think the wolverine is too powerful, I'm a Scrin fan, and the GDI's wolverine is capable of taking out one of my tanks with only 3 of them, whether it's a seeker or a manta(I don't often build the devourer because it's too weak). I've been recently playing the TE 1.51 Beta and I'm having some massive difficulties beating the GDI on Hard difficulty using the Scrin, mainly due to the GDI's wolverine dealing so much damage, the enemy A.I. only needs to send wolverines and rocket squads to my base and keep me pinned down and unable to launch any kind of counter-offensive, like I said before they only require at least 3 wolverines to take down a single tank, they're cheaper, they build faster, and they can take out my infantry even faster, my only chance is using tanks on them, and backed up by rocket squads they're even worse, I either suggest reducing the damage that a wolverine deals or reduce their health. When I play as the GDI and fight the Scrin, on HARD difficulty, I can easily roll over them just by spamming wolverines at the beginning of the game and keeping them pinned down in their base, and then just continuously build a group of 4-5 wolverines and send them over to the Scrin's base, while I take over the rest of the map.

If the Wolverine's power isn't reduced or the Scrin's vehicles don't get better than I suppose I won't have much other choice but to revert to the 1.4 beta :I

Thank you for reading this.

(P.S If I start building aircraft then they just start sending APC's and rocket squads, I've tried it many times and my aircraft just gets wiped out)

EDIT: Okay I'm starting to believe that the Scrin are just seriously underpowered, it doesn't matter what faction I play, I can still hammer them on hard difficulty, with ease. There's no challenge with them. I won't accept the response of just being a good player. Although it might just be the A.I.'s fault for them not being challenging enough...

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Mar 8 2013 Anchor

Hello, Foreman colleague, I too agree with that Devourers are weak in health and armor, amassing Seekers,Razorbacks doesnt help againts Wolwerines.
I am for buffing up Mantas stamina,armor, attack power and maybe some attack upgrade for them to be a proper Scrin MBT and to fare better mainly againts Titans and those Wolwerines, even if it should raise Manta's price.
Seekers,after tiberium enhacement upgrade has bigger attack power to survive Scorpion tanks. But Scorpions are just about 150 credits more expensive than Wolwerines. And how Mantas fare againts Scorpions? Are they good?
I recommend Disintegrators as Mantas backup for Wolwerines,Titans ,Scorpions and againts APC's. I also love using Ravager gunship ability on GDI APC's.
Its a surekill :D Never forget to take Corruptor with you,but protect your healer at all costs. IDK how about Shock troopers,or Reavers,but I can always use support of Stalwarts and Pacifiers.

Mar 9 2013 Anchor

I can confirm that it takes only two GDI Wolverines to take out a single Scrin Seeker tank

The Manta is good against the scorpion tank, in a battle between the two the Manta usually wins with about a quarter of it's original health after the battle.

The Seeker and Scorpion are evenly matched I believe.

Thanks for the reply.

Mar 9 2013 Anchor
Seeker is able to take out 2 Raider buggies. And if Raider buggy is supposed to be Wolwerines equal, we can say that Raider buggy is really just an annoying bug vs vehicles as one Titan could take out like 5 of them.
I've seen that Wolwerine can take out even Black Hand, as well as AP ammo upgraded Goliath APC. Including expensive Cyborg squads. The only thing Nod could do is to be backed up by missile soldiers and attack bikes.
I always thought that Scorpions get cheaper because of Titans and it could be because of Seeker,maybe Mantas?
Due to video,Seeker should be able to survive un-upgraded Scorpion only with Tiberium enhancement upgrade.
"But, although being fast and relatively cheap and strong, a single Scorpion Mk2 could take one down in one versus one because of the Scrin units having much more primitive armor than the human tanks. "

The problem stays with GDI overpowered firepower and Scrin low health and armor. Nod has 2 Scorpions againts 1 Titan and always a good counter againts GDI, while Scrin seems to be.. forced to screening and distracting by waves of infantry, because lacking a proper units designed to "tank it", direct assault and to plunge through enemy ranks. All their units seems to be just a fire support from afar, infantry like sacrificial pieces and they are supposed to hide behind Manta, whom is glad that he can defeat a Seeker.

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