All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

After a long break, I proudly present to you the Seeker unit profile. Credits to Starfox100 and ik008 for helping with the vid. Enjoy TE fans.

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Designation: Light Assault Vehicle
Affiliation: Scrin
Role: Anti- vehicle, Anti- aircraft
Armament: Plasma Disk Cannon
Type: Light Vehicle
Speed: Medium


One of the first needs of the Scrin forces was scouting. Although their Buzzer infantry was fast and cheap enough for that role, most of the lifeforms in the Tiberium infected planets they attacked had adjusted to fit in the Tiberium wilderness and become naked to they eye, giving the Scrin many scout casualties. The inabillity of the Buzzers to be enhanced with electric signal detectors to find hidden hostile lifeforms forced the Scrin to develop a new unit for scouting purposes. After long and costly adjustments to a Razorback, the first Seeker prototype had been created.

The Seeker was able to take out flying targets easily and to face light vehicles face to face while taking minimum damage. For that reason they were the first ground vehicles used on Earth. Although they were able to wreck havoc to the human light forces, the Scrin soon faced heavier armor in the form of Titans and Scorpions. For that reason the Overlord granted them access to a long forgotten unused unit upgrade, Tiberium Enhancements. That upgrade offered the unit more armor and arguably more powerful plasma disks, allowing it to survive longer or even win in a battle against enemy tank divisions.

"-Vertigo Team Foxtrot 23 Leader reporting to Central Command, do you repeat brother?
-Loud and clear brother. Report.
-Unidentified Alien unit group encountered in Sector Beta F, how should we proceed?
-Activate stealth generators and follow them.
-Roger that. Proceeding as instructed.
2 minutes later
-Vertigo Team Foxtrot 23 Leader, we've been detected, repeat we've been detected! Do you copy Command?
-We copy. Retreat to a safer position. Did your stealth generators malfuncion?
-No, they just started attacking, our generators are still active. Retreating!
5 minutes later
-Do you copy Foxtrot 23?
-I do.
-Casualty Report.
-Thirteen out of fifteen aircraft down. High damage rate on both surviving planes.
-Retreat to base immediately.

--Vertigo Team Foxtrot 23 Leader Report to Nod Australia Central Command--

The Harvester Murderer
Although a good unit to use in battle, the Seeker offers the player a cheap, fast and pretty effective economy killing strategy. Being able to heal in Tiberium and to detect stealth, neither the GDI nor the Nod harvesters can protect themselves from the Seekers.


Finally more profiles!
Really well done. I liked it!

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As above ^^

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Smallchange Creator


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like always it's awesome ;)

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Great profile :D btw, what was the map you were using in the video?

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TheNodCommander Creator

Is the Seeker any different from EA's C&C3?

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Nope. But it got an upgrade too shoot "tiberium plasma sheels"

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playmsbk Author

its actually "tiberium enhancements" not only does it increase the attack bonus but it also gives a lot more hitpoints to the unit. its an awesome upgrade that worth its cost.

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curious about the map, its not one of ea's or essences.

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Starfox100 Creator

It's from ik008 called something with "the Dam"... playmsbk and i got the map also now.

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Seekers were made of Razorbacks ?!.wow,then I want to see a history of razorback.(makes me remind the Starcraft 2 only-campaign-and-editor unit diamonback).I love those green tiberium shards plasma discs swarming out of seekers.Pulverizing everything in their path in mattter of seconds.(pardon the Scrin lover.xd)

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