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Mammoth Tank MK 1? (Groups : Tiberium Essence Fans : Forum : Mutant Ideas : Mammoth Tank MK 1?) Locked
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Dec 7 2010, 5:58am Anchor

Im talking about the GDI Mammoth tank from CnC1, the same tank which the Mutants use in Tiberian Sun.

Wouldnt that be rather fitting if the Mutant "faction" still had their Mammoth-tank buildable? Of course, it'd be a lot weaker than the current GDI Mammoth tank.

playmsbk 21st Special Nod Division
Dec 7 2010, 7:55am Anchor
does this answer ur request?



Dec 7 2010, 8:12am Anchor

Now thats rather strange. I must have seen it before, forgotten about it, then the general idea was in the back of my head. Alright, no futher discussion needed then! Thanks for the reply.

Smallchange GDI, 101st Airborn Division, Firehawk Pilot
Dec 8 2010, 8:38am Anchor


Jan 6 2011, 3:36pm Anchor


You know, in my opinion a mammoth tank for Mutants - it's too much.
Mutants are not such a big faction as GDI or The Brotherhood - so how and what from will they build Mammoths?
Mutants need to have light vehicle like the Looted Pitbull for example.
So what I'm thinking about.

playmsbk 21st Special Nod Division
Jan 7 2011, 6:34am Anchor

they have it in TS. and although they arent a major faction they would need something to protect themselves from gdi and nod attacks. also, they dont actually "build" the tanks, they have scavenged the tanks from old gdi bases, but it sounds better that they could have some old military or civilian constrution factories and have the blueprints to build mammoths, thats why they dont have rocket launchers and use tiberium ammo and can transport infantry.



Jan 7 2011, 8:36am Anchor

The Mammoth will do fine for the mutants. I remember some TS missions were they used them, as well as armoured civilian cars and busses.

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