The Imperial Ruling Council

The Imperial Ruling Council was the name given to the group of Imperial Advisors who constituted the most powerful collective body in the galaxy. It was the Council that managed the Empire and carried out the will of the Emperor. In case of his death, it become the effective central government of the Empire. Members of the Council were addressed as "Lords." Technically, the Council seems simply to have consisted of Advisors to be convened for discussion at the Imperial court. There were several hundred members of the larger group.

With the Imperial Senate reduced to a powerless gathering, membership of the Council represented the summit of civilian power in the New Order. Normally, a few dozen of the Advisors would be in attendance at the Imperial court, forming the Inner Council proper, while the rest were dispatched across the galaxy. With this dual role, they served both as a central council on Imperial Center and on-the-spot overseers for the regional governors and the individual planets of the New Galactic Empire.

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