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RSS feed Report content There goes American pride....again. (view original)
There goes American pride....again.
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sting2death Jul 7 2013 says:

Yikes, that thing is totaled. Any context on what happened here? Whatever hit it was incredibly destructive.

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GriffinZ Jul 7 2013 replied:

it was either destroyed by friendly fire, or it suffered an mechanical break down and was abandoned and destroyed by the crew to hinder the enemy from capturing it.


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L00Ng_StRyKr Jul 7 2013 replied:

standard protocol for loosing an Abrams includes removing sensitive equipment, then using thermite to destroy the tank so as to prevent capture or reverse engineering.

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CadianConscript Jul 26 2013 replied:

Yeah right, because the wild goats n **** in the desert will reverse engineer it...

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taliskyrim Jul 7 2013 says:

i think it was a decepticon

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GypsyBastard Jul 7 2013 replied:

where are AutoBots when you need them !!!

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Comanche_Prime Jul 7 2013 says:

Looks like all of its ammo was just busted, totally...

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SlayerX3 Jul 7 2013 says:

Either blue on blue or the tank was deemed unrecoverable and destroyed on site to prevent its components from being taken away.

Hardly work of insurgents or Iraqi's army work.

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aidas2 Jul 7 2013 says:

The tank is clearly torched, the crew most likely had to abandon it.

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SantaofDeath Jul 7 2013 says:

its clearly an Abrams, but is it used by the US? I am not familiar with which division has that insignia. other countries use Abrams now, including Iraq.

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Simcardo Jul 8 2013 replied:

Actually by the markings it is American.
because they don't put division insignias there anyway lol

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VWV Jul 7 2013 says:

Wheels always melt because of their soft composition and because the depleted uranium of the armor overheat causing the wheels to break and collapse.

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tt0022 Jul 7 2013 replied:

do they put uranium in the armor?

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Galacticruler Jul 8 2013 replied:

I'd doubt it.
too toxic for use around people.

they do/did use it in the SABOT rounds.

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The_Integral Jul 8 2013 replied:

It's mounted in the frontal armor on all modern Abrams. Depleted uranium is only really toxic when it burns, which it will not do when it is in a large flat plate inside of standard armor. If the armor completely failed like this( maybe it would be a problem, but at that point the crews pretty screwed anyways.

Regardless, while the US certainly did lose Abrams in Iraq, if I recall correctly the posted image is of a tank that was decommissioned and set up in a training grounds in the US.

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-=ForcesUnknown=- Jul 8 2013 replied:

The fact that this highly regarded gaggle **** of a computer with tracks did so poorly against such a poorly trained and poorly equiped "enemy" in the first place is absolutely shameful, let alone the entirety of the US military failing once again in Iraq.

Regarding uranium, the plate you speak of, though it has a melting point higher that that of lead, has shown that it is very plausible that the plate burned its way through the tank and cooled into a radioactive pool underneath, effectively melting or deforming the wheels. It also did not give the tank any real effective armor advantage as they were still penetrated by RPG-7s and RPG-29s with the same results.

But it is more plausible that the engine caught fire in idle (which is what the AGT-1500 does if left in idle for more than two hours) an the engine probably scuttled the tank for the crew.

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pistolpete117 Nov 7 2013 replied:

Reminds me of the t-80 during the first chechen war in Grozny 225 tanks lost in one month almost 10% of the of tanks in the campaign the tank in general is feeling her age.

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VWV Jul 8 2013 says:

Is it true that the latest units produced didn't have the first two side skirts made of composite armor?
I remember to have read somewhere that they are just steel sheets...
Not sure if from a reliable source though...

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aidas2 Jul 8 2013 replied:

They definitely are just steel sheets. There are plenty of pics of the side skirts penetrated even by a rpg7 and you can clearly see it's just steel.

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Battle8111 Jul 9 2013 says:

The comment war of the Abrams. Lol, remember my comments GriffinZ?

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Jul 7th, 2013
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