This group is for everyone who like tanks, sci-fi tanks, real tanks, funny tanks, you can put here tank mods, tank maps, simply everything with straps, armor and gun :D

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Delta33 Aug 7 2012, 12:17pm says:

North Korea has a modern tank O.O

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rkraptor70 Author
rkraptor70 Aug 7 2012, 12:22pm replied:

And why's that so surprising? Contrary to western propaganda North Korea acutally has a formidable modern land force.

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Delta33 Aug 7 2012, 12:34pm replied:

You say it. The news are telling us that the best tank NK has in service is the T-72.

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HALLOLL Aug 7 2012, 2:26pm replied:

maybe they're only saying that because Pokpung-ho sounds funny

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op.erik Aug 28 2012, 5:15am replied:

Pokpung-ho (Storm Tiger) (M-2002) Main Battle Tank:
The North Korean Pokpung-ho main battle tank is thought to be a heavy modification of the Russian T-62 with elements borrowed from other Russian tanks as well.

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SlayerX3 Aug 7 2012, 3:12pm replied:

Too bad it's outclassed by anything US and South Korea had during the 80's.

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rkraptor70 Author
rkraptor70 Aug 7 2012, 6:02pm replied:

Provided the fact the tank incorporate technology found in the T-62, T-72, T-80, Type 88 and most impotently, T-90 I seriously doubt that.

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P3ACE753 Aug 7 2012, 7:01pm replied:

They can have all the tanks they want, NATO (or the US for that matter) will first take control of the skies. From there on out Helicopters and Jets will have a field day.

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rkraptor70 Author
rkraptor70 Aug 7 2012, 7:31pm replied:

Doubt there ever going to be a war with US. They simply can't risk it since North Korea has nuclear weapons. And NO ONE likes to be Nuked.

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SlayerX3 Aug 7 2012, 9:21pm replied:

Having a nuke is somewhat worthless if you can't deliver one.

Besides North Korea is decades behind every singe Western power, Russia, China and South Korea.

Any engagement with these tanks against the Western and South Korean tanks would just be another repeat of what happened on Iraq when all the M1's and Challengers mopped the floor with the T-72s.

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rkraptor70 Author
rkraptor70 Aug 8 2012, 1:39am replied:

Have to ask: how do you so surely know that they don't have the missile's to deliver nukes and they are decades behind every singe Western power? Last time I've checked they're capability, while not top of the line, they are somewhat comparable to that of the Western power.

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aidas2 Aug 8 2012, 7:46am replied:

I'm pretty sure that the highest priority targets would be all known nuke sites and power sources for them. One ship loaded with tomahawks and a few uavs over mainland would be enough to level anything and everything they have that poses any threat. And even if they do manage to fire one off, navy and air force would quickly take them down mid air. A simple emp would be enough aswell.

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SlayerX3 Aug 8 2012, 5:33pm replied:

Since their latest test have been failure after failure, even if they launch one it will probably miss, fall apart mid air or get shot down by ABMs.

Besides decades of isolation and shortages on every singe important resource is talking its toll on NK's military.
Besides the only real advantage NK has is sheer numbers, something the Western blocks know how to counter, since it is past the time when numbers alone could win wars.

If North Korea attack, they will be forced to give up on unconventional warfare, they may get some ground in SK and level Seoul just to be pushed back by the counter offensive.

If they get attacked, they will have to rely on Asymmetric Warfare and Guerrilla tactics. They might score a good deal of casualties but with the US fresh from the experience from Iraq and A-stan would know how to deal with them.

If they use WMDs such as chemical weapons or even if they try to launch a Nuke US would just skip the invasion and Nuke NK to oblivion.

All that aside North Korea would put more efforts in deterrence than offense, since they know they'd be curb stomped if they tried anything stupid.

And neither China or Russia are willing anymore to step up for NK since they have been doing several screw ups and ******* off everyone else. China may be uncomfortable with the American presence but NK has been a lousy neighbor lately.

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SlayerX3 Aug 8 2012, 5:39pm replied: 0 votes     reply to comment
lucinator Aug 27 2013, 11:56pm replied:

because US amateur rockery hobbyists beat the Koreans to space...the north koreans suck at rocketry

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Panzert Aug 8 2012, 1:41am says:

Not enough is known about this tank to conclude how well it would do in combat.

Even still it makes up a very small amount of NK's armoured forces.

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rkraptor70 Author
rkraptor70 Aug 8 2012, 2:57am replied:

Finally, one intelligent comment! And yes only 250 them is in service but provided the fact this tank in full mass production that is probably going to be changed soon.

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lucinator Aug 28 2013, 12:03am replied:

the tank has been in production since the early 90's, also it is just a chimera of spare parts, most of which cannot be made in north korea...and more importantly the gun is the same as on the t-62, it cant do squat against even a m-60's armor much less DU reinforced chobham armor.
also according to experts "Any conclusion regarding whether the Ch'ŏnma-ho has been upgraded to the standards of either the T-72 or the T-90S would be highly speculative at this point."

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aidas2 Aug 8 2012, 7:48am replied:

Looks like a glorified T55, just like the second hand T72s half the ex-soviet bloc uses.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Panzert Aug 8 2012, 9:07am replied:

Yeah personally I think it might just be a mishmash of ex-Soviet equipment forged into one vehicle, but I dunno, it could surprise us.

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Jkl22d Aug 8 2012, 12:41pm says:

Would North Korea even have enough fuel to even run there tanks and vehicles in the event of a outbreak of war?

+2 votes     reply to comment
SlayerX3 Aug 8 2012, 5:38pm replied:

No, they have limited fuel supply estimated to last from a few weeks to a month in case of offensive warfare.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Kalga Feb 12 2013, 8:09am says:


Meanwhile in the real world... looks ok I guess...

+1 vote     reply to comment
lucinator Aug 28 2013, 12:05am replied:

dont you mean "glorious stallion c@#^$@d admeral general leader father Kim"

+1 vote     reply to comment
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Type: Main battle tank.
Place of origin: North Korea.

Service history
In service: 2002 – present.
Used by: North Korea.

Production history
Designer: Second Machine Industry Bureau.
Manufacturer: Ryu Kyong-su Tank Factory.

Weight: 44 (±3) tones.
Crew: 4.
Armor: Unknown but includes Apllique and Spaced on early models with Composite and Reactive armor on later variants.
Main armament: 115mm 2A20 (Pokpung-Ho I), 125mm 2A46 smoothbore gun (Pokpung-Ho II & III).
Secondary armament: 14.5 mm KPVT heavy anti-aircraft machine gun (300 rounds), 7.62 mm PKT machine gun.
Engine: diesel ~1,000 (±150) hp
Suspension: Torsion-bar.
Operational range: ~370-500km.
Speed: 60 km/h.

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Aug 7th, 2012
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