Pictures from the multi-playerPictures from the multi-playerPictures from the multi-playerPictures from the multi-player

I uploading the new package to the group now. This is looks polished now, but it needs to tested to find much problem as possible.

If you have an idea, found a bug, write it in the forum. The main problem of the multi-player is the balancing, I need suggestions about that mainly. Please report if you found strange, not working, ctd maker items. Write them in a comment here. This package is a little speed make, so there can be some porting bugs, and I didn't integrated the dialing and the kawoosh effect

My friend is created a Hamachi group for the testers.
Hamachi is program which emulates Lan network. You can play multi-matches with it thought internet easily. Its safe, reliable and fast.

The name: (MOW) Stargate Multiplayer2
The code is: Stargate

I would like to see everyone in the group.

Play it, report the issues, write down the ideas and mainly have fun.
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