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The Mandalorians and Galactic Alliance attempt to take down the New Galactic Empire. UPDATED: 08/14/2012

Posted by Fenris58 on Jun 17th, 2012


 Mando-Imperial War

The War was Started by the Mandalorians, in their attempts to reinstate the Galactic Alliance and of course for Glory.

This Article will be continously updated until the War Ends.

Table Of Contents
Battle of Mon Calamari
Battle of Bothawui
Second Battle of Nal Hutta
Battle of Corellia
Invasion of Hoth
"Battle of Csilla"
Galactic Alliance Raids
Destruction of Kri'Dor
Imperial Expansion
Second Battle of Mon Calamari
Galactic Alliance-Mandalorian Treaty
Attack on Bonadan
Falleen Joins the Empire
Assault of Ansion
Imperial Expansion 2
Imperial-Mandalorian Peace Treaty
Campaign of the High Inquisitor
Campaign of the Grand Moff
Campaign of the Imperial Fist
"Restoring Liberty"
Jedi Movements
First Strike

Fel-Imperial War/Jedi Resistance
Battle of Mandalore
Battle of Bonadan
Chiss Rebellion
Second Battle of Bonadan


The Remaining forces of the Galactic Alliance that believed the creation of the New Galactic Empire was wrong, followed the Jedi Master Sab3r. The Jedi Master launched several attacks into Sith Space, including an all out assault upon Malachor. The resulting battle ended up as a small victory for the Empire. The Galactic Alliance forces retreated.

Battle of Mon Calamari

The Mandalorians began their first attack at Mon Calamari. More of a Skirmish really, and the resulting battle resulted in some loses for both sides. Once again however, it turned out to be another small victory for the Empire.

Battle of Bothawui

The Battle of Bothawui began when a massive Mandalorian fleet jumped out of hyperspace, the fleet was quickly deployed throughout the system, and secretly four missles were loaded up into a massive gun on one of the bigger ships which went by the name of Proditor.

However, the system of Bothawui was not undefended, several thousand KM's away an Imperial fleet was waiting for the perfect time to strike. When the Mandalorians showed themselves the Imperials jumped right into the action, at the rear of the Mandalorian fleet. Bombers were quickly deployed and began to attack the Capital Ships. The Imperious Class deploy Gravity mines and targeted their capital ships. The Scythe class cruisers maked a flanking maneuver onto the Mandalorian rear flank that was completely exposed. The frigates and corvettes attacked the Mando fighters and bombers. The Mandoes were caught off guard at the beginning.

Battle For Bothawui 
The Lictors quickly swung around and began to bombard Scythes. The Proditor, Liberator, and two Keldabes also swung around and began to strike hard against the Imperial Destroyers. Tsads slowly come around outside of the fighting and began to bombard the Imperial fleet. Crusaders, turned around and began attacking fighters and bombers.Mando Fighters also move forward to protect the capitols from further bomber strikes. The Super Heavy Concussion missile launchers on board the Proditor dished out enormous damage on the Imperious. Heavy Turbo lasers followed up on the attacks with extreme precision.

The Imperial fleet continued to keep up the fire. Corvettes and fighters shot down most of the missles. 25 Scythes outmanuevered the slow moving lictors and did extensive damage. The Lictors had trouble targeting them and soon their shields are drained. Majestic Class cruiser used their superior gun range and targeting systems to take out support ships while the 20 Imperious class kept taking on all the capital ships, the first in line fell quickly te Endurance class carriers kept sending out starfighters to guard the capital ships against missiles.

The Tsads switched their attention to the Majestic Cruisers and bring down one with a massive concentrated burst. They continue to fire away at the Majestics. Fighters and bombers striked hard on the Scythes, bringing down 2 because of their lack of fighter support. Another looses its shields and goes down as well. The Proditor and Liberator bring down an Imperious and then focus on another, who shields begin to weaken. The Keldabes also bring down a Imperious and focused their attention on another. The cloaked ships had already been detected and bombers had been on standby, they quickly moved in and destroys the ships before they can take out any of the Imperious class. The enemy front line is starting to faulter. The Imperious class clearly outmatch the enemy front line forces. The starfighters sent out to guard the capital ships fend off the bombers that is attacking the Scythe's who are now penetrating deep into the Mandalorian fleet and caused havoc. The entire fleet pressed their advance and the majestic class turned their attention to the Tsad's, firing back at them.

One of the Tubes on board the Proditor prepared to fire. The Mando Commander was sweating at the thought of using one, but it must be done. He looked one last time out to the fighting and brought up his comms.

"Fire, 1." He said.

The Missile was launched from the tube, but it exploded as soon as it was in open space. The resulting explosion decimated the Mandalorian fleet as well as some of the Imperial fleet. The Mandos afterwards Retreated.

                                                    New Galactic Empire

Second Battle of Nal Hutta

The battle of Nal Hutta was the longest battle ever seen in Galactic History. With both sides recieving massive casulties.

The Mandalorians under Wout, entered out of Hyperspace and deployed some of their forces in preparation for the invasion. The Hutts which had just started recovering from the previous battle with the Mandalorians had just started to regroup. As soon as they saw the fleet exit out of hyperspace they quickly deployed all their forces into defense positions.

The Mandalorians begin to bombard the Hutt fleet from a distance with their Tsads and Keldabes. After the first salvos they redraw a bith and the Kandosii and Tsads launch their missiles at the Hutt defense fleet. The hutt fleet began to advance but not In one single group. They advanced seperately and headed for the Tsads, they fired on any ships they encountered, largely ignoring them though. The fighters and bombers stayed behind at the defense grid.

The Mandalorians reinforced their flanks fearing an enemy flanking maneuver. Ships were drawn from the center in order for the artillery, which was stationed behind the center, to fire continuous salvos at the hutt's advancing forces. The Mando fleet to loosened it's formation a bit, so the ships at the back could fire. When the hutt corvettes were pushed back enough, starvipers were launched and went on in a quick assualt to the hutt fleet. The hutt fleet fired all of its weapons as it neared the Mandalorian fleet. The capital ships targeted the destroyers, destroyers targeted frigates, frigates targeted corvettes, and corvettes began firing at any f/b/strikecraft that got in their way as they covered their small groups of ships.

The Artillery continued to disrupt portions of the Hutt Fleet as it continued its advance. However, the Hutt fleet reached the Mando fleet, which prevented Artillery from bombarding the enemy without causing friendly fire. Soon, a Sith fleet led by the Lord of Pain entered out of Hyperspace and quickly sped towards the battle. Both sides were confused at this sudden movement of the Empire. The Hutts were about ready to battle it out with both fleets until they saw the Imperials only focusing on the Mandalorians. The Hutts then continued to fight the Mandos as well.

The End of The Rebellion
The Mandalorians Kandosii dreadnaughts released their ECM packages which disabled communication between the enemies forces. Wout, the Commander then ordered his assaulted flanks to regroup and fire back at the two opposing fleets. This gave time for the artillery to split its self and move to the left flank were they began to bombard the enemy. He then ordered his keldabes, lictors, and interceptors to use their mass driver cannons at certain weak points on Hutt ships.

Soon, the Mandalorians stopped firing their mass drivers at the Hutt fleet, and instead switched to using Ion Weapons. Next to the Mandalorian lictors, several keldabes and crusader corvettes appeared out of Hyperspace. The Lictors then retreated in order to recharge their shields, however, a few of them had taken damage. The Mandos then deploy their guantlets and kyr'galaar, which then cloaked. The Sith fleet continued to press their attacks, firing at the Mandos with everything they had. The Hutt fighters and bombers began to move forward toward the Frontlines.

(Nal Hutta will be finished at a later date. Have to figure out the battle throughout the Entire Mess.)
Battle of Corellia

The Detora Battlegroup under the command of Jester jumped out of hyperspace and formed up quickly. Above Corellia stood the Second Imperial Fleet which was fully prepared to repulse the attack. Twenty Imperial Class Star Destroyers lined up at the cohesive front line. Twenty five Scythe's divided in two were put on both flanks. Gravity mines had been deployed behind the fleet and they were being defended by several Corona frigates. The rest of the Corona's were put in between the front lines to guard against enemy bombers and starfighters.

Unexpectedly on both sides, an Assertorc and the Fourth Imperial Fleet jumped out of hyperspace right behind the Detora Battlegroup. "Votum" was easily visible inscribed on the sides of the massive warship, which looked to be at least five kilometers largers than any other of its kind. Jester reacted in an unconventional way in that he tried to retreat into hyperspace. However it failed due to the gravity mines that had been deployed before. Jesterz escape attempt created mass confusion within his soldiers ranks which allowed the Imperial fleet to sieze the oppurtunity of opening the first shots. The fleet made a full out offensive upon the Detora Battlegroup. All units had permission to fire at will. Bombers targeted the bridges covered by starfighters and frigates. The Imperious and Scythes unleashed volleys into the  Detora Battlegroup, dealing massive casulties.

Onboard the Votum, Kamikaze turned to one of his commanders and said:

"Give the order to open fire."

The Votum and a dozen of the Imperiouses opened fire upon the Infus, the Votum's size advantage and support quickly began to overwhelm the Assertor. Corvettes moved in and formed a defensive perimeter to keep any enemy fighters away. Pellaeons formed up, fifteen targeted their counter-parts, four targeting the Liberators, and the rest targeted the Nebulas, along with the rest of the Imperiouses. Bombers advanced covered by fighters, and attacked the corvettes. The Vicus-class ships were overwhelmed, as their targeting systems were acting strangly knowledgeable about the weak structural points on the corvettes. The bombers had punched through the corvettes lines with minimal loses. The fact that the majority of the Detora battlegroup was facing Corellia's defense fleet allowed the attack to be doubly effective, an advantage multiplied as the battlegroup lost their main targeting abilities with the disabling of the ODIN network. 

Jester quickly opened up a channel to the Imperial Defense fleet and asked:

"What are your terms of surrender?"

The Detora Battlegroup had not fired one single shot. The Commander of the Second Imperial Fleet accepted Jersterz surrender, and ordered that all ships in the Detora Battlegroup were to be siezed. Transports exited out of hyperspace and began to collect the prisoners and their commander. Before the Transport ships could depart however, a large Kandosii jumped out of the system. It sent out a transmission to the Commander of the Second Imperial Fleet which said:

"This is the Ne'tra Gaan. We'll take Jester. You can keep the rest." 

The Commander agreed but sent a warning back:

"So be it, but he will be your responsibility. Any inconvenience he might cause will be on you."  

                                                    New Galactic Empire

Invasion of Hoth

The Zeus Battlegroup jumped out of hyperspace near the edge of the Hoth System. They arrived just in time to see the Galactic Alliance's Remnant fleet jump out of the system. The fleet managed to destroy several stragglers as they tried to jump into hyperspace. Ground forces were deployed and began to siege the Fortress. Any Rebel transports that attempted to lift off were destroyed by fighters. Bombers began to bomb the fortress, however, they suffered a few casulties due to AA guns. In orbit, defense platforms are boarded and siezed. All rebels are taken prisoner, and the Imperials take Hoth.

                                                    New Galactic Empire

"Battle of Csilla"

The Dha Battlegroup exited hyperspace over the planet Csilla, in order to take it for the Mandalorians. The Second Imperial Fleet stood ready for a defense of the planet. As the Mandalorian Fleet neared, the Imperious's from the Imperials opened fire upon a full frontal assault. Gravity mines were activated to prevent escape and were closely being guarded by Corona-Class Frigates. The Imperial Scythes make a Fanaking maneuver to attack the Mandalorian Fleet from Both Sides. The Bombers provided support. Majestic-Class ships used their advanced targeting systems to strike at the bridges of some of the larger vessels.


Mandalorian Corvettes quickly opened fire upon the incoming fighters and bombers, trying to destroy many of them as they came near. However, they were overwhelmed by the sheer mass fire power the Imperials had set up. Several transports were sent to the leading Mandalorian Warship, in which were several sith adepts and Squads of soldiers. They killed any Mandalorian they came across quickly and efficiently, and as they neared the Bridge, resistance started to become heavy. However, the Mandalorian soldiers had no cover. Turrets popped up and began to spray the area with fire at the Imperials. The Sith Adepts took them down quickly though, they quickly took care of the Mandalorian defenders. 

The Sith then stormed the Bridge, and began to attack the remaining Mandalorians, one of the Sith Adepts, however, walked up towards Jolee and nodded. Jolee nodded back and turned around and disabled the Mandalorian Communications console very quickly with his force lightning. As soon as he was done, he force pushed both his guard and the admiral that stood next to him against a wall. He then shocked them to death with another round of his lightning.

The Mandalorian fleet was finished quickly afterwards.

                                                       New Galactic Empire

Galactic Alliance Raids

The Galactic commited three raids in which caused some damage to the Empire. The Galactic Alliance raided Mustafar, Geonosis, and Sluis Van capturing Multiple ships, downing and then destroying some defenses, and retreating as the defenses came back online.

                                                       Galactic Alliance

Destruction of Kri'Dor

Kil'Dor, a planet owned by the mandalorians had all it's inhabitants evacuated along with everything of worth. Once the planet was evacuated the mandalorian forces in orbit bombarded the planet leaving it in ruin and destroying all the tibanna on the planet's surface. 

Imperial Expansion
Sectors in the largely unpopulated Unknown Regions have been tamed by Imperial Forces.Sectors taken:
- Col
- Mobus
- Jamiron

Through Peace Negotiations with the Galactic Alliance, the Empire sent troops and ships to the following Sectors:



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Fenris58 Jun 17 2012, 9:42pm says:

There, the Start of the Biggest Article I have ever made.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Headhunter128 Jun 18 2012, 12:55pm says:


But you may find it hard to explain the next few battles, because mostly they make little sense xD

+1 vote     reply to comment
Fenris58 Jun 18 2012, 12:58pm says:

I'll draw from my imagination. xD

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Headhunter128 Jun 18 2012, 1:18pm replied:

You'll need it! :P

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Ρrʌжis Jun 18 2012, 1:35pm says:

First Battle of Mon Cal.... heavy losses on BOTH sides? Meh, fine I guess. Ori's fleet was smaller and outgunned so you couldn't really say I took that many losses.

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Ρrʌжis Jun 18 2012, 10:54pm replied:

Lol, better. It's kinda improper to say "It was more of a skirmish really" then say right after "it resulted in heavy losses on both sides". In a way your contradicting yourself.

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Namegen Jun 20 2012, 9:14am says:

ahh those were the good days, When i was actually accomplishing something as an Admiral. Until that whole Bothawui thing.. Thats when all my good days stopped, and that thing happened again yesterday but i have no one to blame but my self.

Maybe once the war is over, i can live my life as an exile and fight for some Hutt lord, just maybe.

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The Commander
The Commander Sep 1 2012, 10:50am says:

Where is the Battle of Mandalore I wonder hehehe.

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The Commander
The Commander Sep 1 2012, 10:50am says:

Where is the Battle of Mandalore I wonder hehehe.

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