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Quest: Survivors
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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 31 2013 says:

"We can't keep this up, Fai. The Galaxy needs us! It needs us more than ever and we're hiding on some rock!"

*Fai sighed. Patricia was a stubborn girl. Even as a Padawan, he remembered her boldness and need to help others. She would of made a fine Master in the Old Order. He remained seated, and beside him was Master Terak Jay and Master Aleena Yoru. They were also seated, and also the last remaining known Jedi Masters of the Order. They were in a great circular room, statues, paintings and plants decorated the otherwise bare walls and floor. Around twenty seats were in the room, all placed in a circle. All but three were empty.*

"The corruption of the Galaxy shall not seep into our hearts and minds. The Jedi cannot afford to lose more of its members. And what if we turned? We would be adding to the Sith Order."

"But we cannot let the innocent suffer! What was it you talked about all those years ago? Protect the innocent, at all costs! Defend Liberty and Equality! Defend the rights of all living beings even on pain of death! And now look at you!"

*Master Jay answered before Fai could respond.*

"You must realize that death is the least of Master Fai's worries. If any of us were turned, not only would we lose a Jedi, but the Sith would gain one. Force Users are a rarity nowadays, and even one Jedi turning would tilt the scales into their favour."

*Master Yoru nodded and spoke.*

"The Jedi must ensure their survival so that one day we may return to the Galaxy with renewed strength. Now is not the time. Now please, Patricia, we have work to do."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 31 2013 says:

*The young Jedi Knight scowled, and rushed out of the room. Terak spoke.*

"Maybe she is right? From what your contacts have told you, the Sith are taking a beating."

"You think I'm worried only by the Sith Imperium? What of these rising powers? The Pentastar Alignment, run by a former Sith Lord. The Exterior Union, also run by a Sith. The entire Galaxy is already under their control, only their greed for power is stopping them from uniting under a common banner."

*Aleena asked of the Fel Empire, gaining a small smirk from Fai.*

"We made a promise to their leader long ago that we would stand side by side with them. But that was long ago. Now I fear the influences of the Dark Side are slowly seeping into it's inner workings and twisting it, corrupting it. We must wait, our time will surely come."

*Meanwhile, in the main security tower of the small temple, Ranger Captain June of the Antarian Rangers picked up signs of a ship landing nearby.*

"Send out a patrol of Rangers, detain anyone you find and bring them here. I'll send out some droids to hack into the ship, see what they can find. Put the Temple on yellow alert."

"Captain? The ship has left. We're picking up a life sign nearby, sending coordinates to the patrol."

*A group of ten Antarian Rangers mounted up on two large speeders and made their way to the life signal, with orders to escort whoever is there to the Temple.*

OOC: "Long" text to explain how the Jediwith Fai feel right now. Nothing concerning you Ori, apart from the last few paragraphs.

Also used your old character AK, hope you don't mind...

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Mar 31 2013 says:

OOC: Rap Master Jay is in teh Temple! Aaaaah yeaaah!

*Something was approaching fast, life forms that flew just above ground. Armed militia on speeders no doubt. A welcoming party of the Jedi or some other faction?*

*Harbinger hid his Lightsaber as best he could whilst still being able to take it out if needed. With some luck it was a Jedi welcoming party and he could negotiate a ride to the Enclave, if they were not Jedi maybe they could still proof some value.*

*Worst case scenario, they were armed thugs and his life would be forfeit if he acted rashly.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 31 2013 says:

"There's the intruder, sir!"

*Sergeant Thames could see a black spot in the distance, among the clean white snow. He ordered the speeders to close in, and stopped five meters from the figure. He got out, along with two other Rangers, and walked up to the intruder.*

"Identify yourself now."

*The other two Rangers had their weapons held up, not pointing at the intruder but enough to look threatening. The other Rangers were on the speeders, each speeder had a mounted turret which were also pointed at the intruder.*

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Mar 31 2013 says:

*The snow masked the armed men a bit but Harbinger could see past it and recognized what his senses confirmed, men of honor and veterans of the war against the Empire. These were Antarian Rangers.*

"Jedi Knight, I'm a Jedi Knight."

*The air was freezing, Harbinger grasped for his cloak and covered himself more. He moved forward slowly and cautiously. Realizing that with his cloak he looked rather dangerous and suspicious.*

"I hear there's a Temple here, I would like to apply."

*He stood before the Ranger whom asked for identification, at a respectable distance in a non threatening posture.*

"It's rather cold out, you can search me and deliver a frozen body to the Jedi or I can just give you my Lightsaber now and we can be on our way to warmer places... Your decision."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 31 2013 says:

"A Jedi Knight?"

*The sergeant knew that if he were a Sith, the entire planet would be overrun. And if he were? Then the Sith knew where they were anyway, no harm escorting him to the Temple.*

"Hand over your lightsaber and get in the speeder, we'll escort you to the Temple."

*The sergeant gestured to one of the speeders and then put his hand out, waiting for the Jedi to give up his weapon.*

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Mar 31 2013 says:

*Beneath his cloak, Harbinger broke his dual Lightsaber into its two parts and handed one over to the Ranger. He wondered why he hid one Lightsaber, his mind created a defence for him. What if these Rangers were just disguised bandits?*

"Take care with it."

*He handed over the blade, what if scenarios ran through his mind. The supposed Rangers did not even introduce themselves, they took his weapon and wanted him to go into the speeder. It could be a trick.*

"By the way..."

*An alias was needed.*

"They call me Harbinger... And who might you lads be?"

*Harbinger stepped onto the speeder, it was a bit warmer then the outside, this was primarily the adrenaline that ran through his veins due to him being surrounded by armed men.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 31 2013 says:

*Sergeant Thames took the lightsaber, looking at it and turning it on, checking it wasn't fake. He gestured for the man to enter the speeder, then entered in after him, glad to embrace its warmth.*

"I am Sergeant Thames of the 3rd Antarian Regiment."

*Whether Harbinger knew of the Antarian Rangers or not, Thames was going to explain them to him. It would take a few minutes to get to the Temple, and he didn't like silence.*

"We followed the Jedi Order into exile, and have taken an oath to protect those who protected us. See, the Antarian Rangers weren't part of the Federation, so when that went up in the air we were safe here, building the Temple. When we heard the news, we recalled all Rangers and Jedi back here."

"The Rangers were reorganized into 10 regiments of 100 men each. All regiments are stationed here, see? Apart from the 10th, which guard the small star port east of here. That's where we get our supplies from, Master Fai has a contact on Bonadon, he sends us enough supplies to keep us fed for a few months and in return us Rangers do some tasks for him. Keeps us ready for action and the Temple gets much needed food and equipment. Everyone's happy."

*They arrived at the Temple, and Harbinger was escorted off. Sergeant Thames, along with two other Rangers, led him through the Temple corridors. It was quiet here, the sounds of sabers clashing in the distance could be heard, and Harbinger caught a glance of half a dozen children being taught the ways of the Force by another Jedi. Finally, they arrived before a large door.*

"Beyond these doors is the Council. Masters Fai, Jay and Yoru. They'll decide what happens with you."

*Thames knocked, and a deep, but somewhat gruff, voice called out.*

"Come in!"

*They entered, and the three Masters looked up.*

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AK151 Creator
AK151 Mar 31 2013 replied:

Can I control Terak? If there's something specific you want to happen here, I understand, but he WAS my character...

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 31 2013 replied:

OOC: Of course. I did consider asking you, but thought you may have other things to do.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Mar 31 2013 says:

*Harbinger stepped into the Council Chamber and bowed before the Masters in respect. These Jedi survived the Purge and the war, all that remained of the Jedi Order. Legends of the Force! It was as these thoughts crossed his mind that he noticed he had been saying them out loud in fact.*

“Uhm… Forgive me Masters, I’m just a bit in awe.”

*Harbinger regained his posture and returned his cool.*

“They call me Harbinger, why I do not know but it’s the only name I have had for a long time. I don’t remember my past, just awaking on a smuggler ship destined for this world. I know I am a Jedi and that there are those who call me Harbinger.”

*That’s the story, he could provide more information as needed if they asked. But it was limited, what else is there to say? Ah yes, reason for being here.*

“Of course I’d like to regain my memory but what is more important is I feel the need to further my study as a Jedi, to become… To become a Jedi Shadow.”

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 31 2013 says:

*Fai raised his eyebrow as the man bumbled on about "legends of the Force". He hid a small smile at that, feeling some amount of sympathy for him. Aleena didn't like bumbling fools, and he knew he'd have a hard time with her.*

*The stranger shot out a few more sentences. Harbinger? Possibly a code name of sorts. And he had no memory? Fai grunted. He gave both Terak and Aleena a few glances and was about to speak, but Aleena got there first.*

"Stand straight, speak properly and stop looking wide-eyed at us. You think any Jedi who respects himself would act like that! Come on!"

*Fai sighed. Aleena never was the one for politeness.*

"Now now, Aleena, let us act civilized."

*She let out half a laugh, but stopped speaking.*

"Now then, Harbinger, was it? We always have room for a new Jedi in the Order. I'll be more than happy to have a look at your mind, try to see what happened to it, but that isn't my real area of expertise. Luckily for you, I think we have the perfect tutor for your needs. Sergeant? Fetch Carter."

*Fai turned to Terak.*

"What do you think?"

OOC: Aleena:

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AK151 Creator
AK151 Mar 31 2013 says:

Terak listens intently to Harbinger's story, and to Yoru and Fai's replies. "It's an interesting story, no doubt," he says in answer to Fai. "We could always use more Shadows, as there are unfortunately quite few of them. You're obviously quite eager to be here."

Fai glances to Terak and hears his voice, but notices no movement of his mouth. Aleena notices the same, and they realize he is speaking to them telepathically. "I have my suspicions about this amnesia," Terak says to them in their heads. "I've always been paranoid, so perhaps this is just me, but it screams out 'trap'. Something isn't quite right here. That being said, unless we can prove there is something wrong, there is no reason to deny him what he seeks. For now."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 31 2013 says:

OOC: Quick reply, hope you don't mind Ori.

*Fai replied, also telepathically.*

"Indeed. Harbinger could be a code name, maybe a Sith sleeper agent? I don't want to take that risk, but we are running out of Jedi. We'll need to it."

*Yoru simply ignored Harbinger, putting on an air of boredom.*

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Mar 31 2013 says:

"I apologize for my insolence Masters. I did not mean to offend any of you."

*Two others entered the Council Chambers, one of them had to be the sergeant and the other Carter.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 31 2013 says:

*Fai smiled.*

"Do not worry, you did not offend anybody."

*Yoru rolled her eyes, but said nothing. The doors opened, and a furry alien walked in, past Harbinger and knelt before the Council. He got up, and spoke.*

"You called, Masters."

"Yes. Harbinger? This is Cart'Hinge Anrial, but we call him Carter for short. He is a member of the Gotal race, who are among the best hunters in the Galaxy. I believe three dozen of them serve in the Antarian Rangers as elite scouts. He's picked up quite a few tricks on how to stay unnoticed, and is the senior Jedi Shadow in the Temple. Well, actually he's the only Jedi Shadow. He's already training a Padawan, but I'm sure he could take on to?"

*Carter simply nodded his head, and studied Harbinger as Fai spoke.*

"Good. Carter is the only Jedi allowed to leave the Temple, but if he asks for permission you may go with him. Anyway, we have things to do. Dismissed."

*Fai waved a hand and Sergeant Thames immediately opened the door again. Carter gestured for Harbinger to follow.*

"So, you wish to train under me, hmm? Tell me why."

OOC: Gotal:

AK: If you want to RP a conversation with Fai, on any subject really, please do so.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Mar 31 2013 says:

"I want to become a Jedi Shadow... I think, its this feeling I have. And the Council said you are the only Jedi Shadow so I guess I am quite lucky... Oh wait, there is no such thing as luck. I have much to rediscover it seems.*

*Harbinger walked forth and observed his surroundings and its inhabitants. Jedi Padawans followed the few Masters there were and were learning about the Force. Many children were still playful, while the older Padawans disapproved and the Masters simply grinned at their youthful nature.*

*Outside the blizzard cascaded with the Temple itself, a beautiful site to behold when you are in the warm inside. It ticked at the glass windows and limited the view of the snow covered plains, not there was much to see.*

*Antarian Rangers running patrol duty, keeping vigilance for those they swore to protect. They were still sentient, making jokes with each other over a warm meal when off duty and being watchful when on duty.*

*Then there was Carter himself, Gotal Jedi Master whom specializes in being a Shadow and already has an apprentice. Quite fascinating.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Mar 31 2013 says:

*Carter nodded but said nothing, leading Harbinger through the Temple. He greeted Jedi and Rangers as they went past, exchanging smiles and sometimes stopping to chat for a bit.*

*Carter entered a room, a training room, and gestured for Harbinger to come in. A woman was sparring with a training droid, she dodged and ducked away from the droid's blows, not really trying to go onto the offensive.*

"Patricia. My Padawan, though she doesn't like being called that. She says it's patronizing, or other such nonsense. Now then, let me tell you of the Temple."

"It was built using funds from the Federation, and is mostly home to the Antarian Rangers and their families. They live underground, hmm? Warmer down there, and they can seal themselves off from the Temple if we come under attack. Around thirty Jedi Knights and half a dozen Jedi Masters are all that remain of the Order, not counting the younglings or Padawans we've managed to pick up. The Temple was built to contain nearly ten times that number!"

"Anyway, the path of the Jedi Shadow is a tedious one. A lot of patience is required, and one mistake will probably cost you your life. We infiltrate enemy positions and report back our findings, but we are also used as agents for the Jedi Order, slipping supplies by enemy blockades or armies to civilians or allies. Wee try not to kill, and we are never used for assassinations, no Jedi is. Your training will begin tomorrow, be ready. We'll see just what you know."

"Any questions?"

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 1 2013 says:

"No Master, I'll look around the Temple a bit and get to know people, then find my quarters and study, meditate... Prepare for training. If that's alright?"

*Harbinger observed the subtle movements of Patricia, the dodging and weaving around the Droid seemed like dancing. Perhaps an Echani combat technique?*

*He wondered to himself if by the end of the training the two Padawans would be good friends or biter rivals. Patricia obviously had the headstart, but deep inside something spook to him that he had more experience.*

*The two fighters ceased their duel. Harbinger walked forward, eager to meet Patricia.*

"Hello, it's Patricia right? I'm Harbinger, I'll be joining you as Padawan learner under Master Carter. Pleased to meet you."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 1 2013 says:

*Patricia smiled. She was a tall girl, muscled and lean. She had brown hair and abnormally bright blue eyes, and was dressed in the simple robes of the Jedi, a sort of creamy white color. She held out her hand.*

"Yep, that's me. Harbinger? That's a strange name. I'm from Naboo, where are you from?"

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 1 2013 says:

"Where I'm from? That is a question I cannot answer. You see, I don't remember anything from my past. Just feelings, one of these feelings told me to seek out the Jedi become one. I suppose the Jedi can also help me to remember my past."

*The thought of telling the same story over and over again was an unpleasant one, answering the same questions and trying to remember. Let the dull cycle begin.*

"It's the same with my name, something inside me just tells me I am Harbinger. It's odd isn't it?"

*Among other things he had to do, retrieving the other Lightsaber just slipped its way back on the mental to-do list.*

"Is there anything else you wish to know?"

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 1 2013 says:

"From what you've said, I don't think there is anything left to know? Well, see you tomorrow in training."

*She smiled and went off, exchanging a few words with Carter. She glanced at Harbinger, and Carter turned to look at him. They spoke some more, and she left. Carter walked up to him.*

"So, we have time to kill. Care to show me what you can do?"

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 1 2013 says:

"Well... Sure, yes Master. But I believe I need my Lightsaber back first? The Antarian Rangers confiscated it... Or well part of it."

*Harbinger took out the other half of his Lightsaber and activated it, the glow was a brilliant dark blue. He held it with one hand, pointing at Master Carter. The blade itself was aimed horizontally, to emphasize it was missing its counterpart.*

"I thought thugs wanted to rob me, so I hid part of my Lightsaber."

*To boast his talent without the other half, he flourished the saber around himself and spun it several times rapidly.*

"However, I can work just as well without."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 1 2013 says:

"Please, do. I need to know what skills you have and how well you have mastered them."

*He went over to the door and pressed a button on a panel.*

"Tell Sergeant Thames to bring Harbinger's light saber to training room 14."

"For now, show me what you know of the Force."

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 2 2013 says:

*Without saying a word, Harbinger charged himself with the Force. Surrounding objects floated around him in a slow whirlwind but the truly heavy things remained grounded.*

*When the items dropped, Harbinger was gone. He reappeared behind Master Carter along with two Droids, he gripped one and pushed the other. Though soon after the Droids recovered, he had exhausted his powers to impress Master Carter.*

*The Droids moved forward with training Lightsabers and Harbinger met the challenge with the second Lightsaber Thames brought back.*

*He fought them off with the separate Lightsabers, the surrounded him and nearly took Harbinger out until he connected the Lightsabers and spun it horizontally, the Droids were caught off guard by this and take aback, Harbinger exploited this and disarmed one.*

*The other charged in while Harbinger took out his counterpart, but Harbinger performed a reverse Shiak and disabled it.*

*He deactivated his Lightsaber and bowed before Master Carter, before dropping down to his knees and succumbing to gasping for air.*

OOC: What do you think? OP? Vague?

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lord_of_pain Creator
lord_of_pain Apr 2 2013 replied:

OOC: i guess being a master combatant is fine, as long as you are not very powerful in the force, especially since you are just starting out, though from what i've seen you're just fine

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 2 2013 replied:

Thanks :D.

Though I am at this point, a master of mediocrity at best.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 3 2013 says:

*Carter nods.*

"Good, good. Your form is rather sloppy, and your skills in the force have a lot of room for improvement, but impressive for a mere padawan. Most impressive. Your training shall start tomorrow, we shall start with basic lightsaber form and train you in the basics of the Force."

*Carter placed his hand on Harbinger's head, and after a few seconds Harbinger felt a lot better, refreshed.*

"Training starts at 8am, in this room. "

*Carter walked out the door.*

OOC: Will post training soon, I promise xD.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 3 2013 says:

*Harbinger returns to his room after exploring a bit, he spends a restless night filled with terrors and bad dreams. But whenever he wakes up and tries to recall what scared him he cannot remember.*

*The only lingering evidence is the feeling of heat, an crimson color and the smell of ashes. All surrounded by darkness.*

*After several more attempts at sleeping with the same results, he decides to spend the rest of the night meditating to cleanse himself of these dark thoughts.*

*In the morning, he heads for training. Tired from the lack of sleep but confident he can train well, Harbinger decides to try and contact Master Carter later about his feelings.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 4 2013 says:

"Are! There you are, Harbinger! I've just set Patricia up with some training exercises to do while I give you a tour on the basics of the Force and Jedi."

*Carter smiled and walked up to Harbinger, shaking his hand and leading him into the room. Patricia had her lightsaber ignited, and was blocking laser blasts from a strange sort of floating ball.*

"Over here, my boy, over here!"

*Carter sat Harbinger down and explained the basics of the Jedi Order to him.*

"For now, the Council is composed of Master Fai, Yuru and Jay, considered to be the wisest and more powerful Jedi. They decide what we do, and how, and occupy themselves with all the paperwork. General Tyria Yunel commands the Antarian Rangers, and is consulted when security matters or battle is discussed."

"For a brief history of the Jedi Order, I suggest you look into this holocron (OOC:"

"Now then, you seem to know quite a lot about the Force. At least you grasp the basics, so I'll go directly onto something slightly more complicated..."

"Force Healing is a power all Jedi should know, and a reminder that we are supposed to be healers first, guardians or warriors second. To heal, you simply have to push the Force energy from you to another living being."

*Carter raised his hand to a sickly looking plant in a pot.*

"Feel the Force flow through your body, let its soothing presence fill you up, let its warmth engulf you. Then slowly push at this presence, force it from your body into your arm. Then from your arm to your hand, then from your hand..."

*The plant seemed to raise slowly, getting greener and greener as all this happened.*

"...And into the plant. See? For your first try, you should be in contact with the being. You may not be able to do it at first, but over time you'll learn to heal from further away, more quickly and more efficiently. You try it."

*Carter pointed at another sickly looking plant in another pot.*

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 4 2013 says:

*He opened the Holocron and studied its contents, Jedi reforms didn't mean much to him but the civil wars, wars against the Sith and other civilizations and Jedi purges did fascinate him. As did construction, engineering and piloting.*

*Harbinger looked at the pot for a while, observing it and then he reached out his hand to heal it. He opened himself to the Force but it made him restless and uneasy, the plant twitched and grew more dim. He felt pain inside and even that of the little plant.*

*He let it go.*

"Master, there is something wrong with me. I can't seem to shake that feeling. Something is very wrong with me and I believe it will prevent me from training."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 4 2013 says:

*Carter frowned.*

"I felt it. Your emotions are too negative. It is troubling. I think training will be suspended for the moment, it seems your... Particular problem is more of a concern than I, or the Council, thought."

*Carter exchanged a few words with Patricia, and turned back to Harbinger.*

"I will speak with the Council. Your training will continue as soon as possible."

*Carter left the room.*

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 5 2013 says:

*Harbinger polished his Lightsaber in the mean time.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 6 2013 says:

*Fai entered the room, and Carter followed. Immediately, Fai went over to Harbinger and touched his forehead, and Harbinger went into a deep sleep.*

"I must get to work. Take your padawan and leave."

*Carter nodded. Patricia and him left, and Fai was alone with the new Jedi padawan.*

"What dark secrets do you hold, hmm? Who are you really?"

*Fai placed both hands on Harbingers head, and reached out using the Force to try to unlock the inner workings of his mind. Harbinger, it seemed, was having very bad dreams. Fai reached out, and tried to see what those dreams were.*

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 6 2013 says:

*There was a large dark cloud, everything was dim and cold but in the distance of this void a red fire burns. Seemingly held back by an aura of blue.*

*Fai looked deeper into it, the flame took shapes and the darkness receded along wit the blue aura. From red, to other colors the fire started to shift and morph until Harbinger's history was recreated.*

"Azrael, scout out and designate targets. Show no mercy to the traitors and do not fail use."

*The hologram faded away, Azrael folded away the device and walked down a metal hall. At the end of it, it folded down and revealed a city below. The warrior jumped out and flew downwards.*

*The city appeared to be torn in spots of yellow, flames caused by war. An battle of immense size. Azrael landed amidst a group of Stormtroopers, they raised their rifles and shouted for identification.*

"Loyalist or separatist? Loyalist or separatist?"

*The in black cloaked warrior sparked his Lightsaber, it was a deep red crimson in color and after it had reached its apex, it was launched like a bolt of lightning and spun in a circle around its master who had gripped the Stormtroopers and raised them.*
*Headless bodies dropped and Azrael grabbed his Lightsaber again, moving on. He past the corpses and stood upon a ledge, looking on a plain of battle where a single Sith warrior was leading a horde of BNK Droids into battle.*

*Azrael grabbed a device from his belt and activated it, a beeping sound started emanating from it. He jumped down and dashed to meet the warrior that was deflecting blaster bolts and killing Stormtroopers with ease.*

*Azrael smirked as he infused his Lightsaber with the Force and leapt into the air before crashing it down onto the ground behind the warrior, the surrounding forces were disintegrated and just he and the warrior remained. He dropped the device, it was beeping faster. The forces that were fighting gathered and watched the two Sith cross blades.*

OOC: You know who the "warrior" is Ten.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 7 2013 says:

*Talia slashes right and left, and two Stormtroopers found themselves without heads. Another slash, another lifeless body fell to the ground. One arm raised, lightning shot out, more corpses to add to the pile. She could hear the droids behind her, as they fired at the enemy.*

*But then everyone was pushed away, shattered into small pieces. She turned. Azrael. What was he doing here?*

"What are you doing Azrael? Master Yoran told you to secure the main Barracks! What are you doing here!"

*She had no idea what was happening, but kept her lightsaber ignited and went into a combat stance.*

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 7 2013 says:

OOC: Quite the creative imagination you have there Ten. Talia, Tulia, Turia and Yoru and Yoran xD.

*Azrael shrugged off the grin on his face once he recognized Talia, what were they both doing there? Their master had sent them to kill a Sith Separatist and all who stood on the path towards that goal, he had been given a beacon to designate the area for orbital bombardment and destroy Separatist forces once the deed had been done and continue on to secondary objectives.*

*His mind raced with questions, the blaster crossfire and the fast paced beeping did not distract. Was Talia a Separatist then? She was killing Stormtroopers and leading War Droids into battle, on the other hand he had slaughtered Stormtroopers as well moments ago. She couldn't be a Separatist.*

*Did Yoran send him to kill her for some other reason then? More likely, but whatever the reason... He couldn't kill her.*

*In the most calm and cold tone he could bring forth he spoke.*

"Why are you here?"

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 7 2013 says:

OOC: I have made up dozens of names on the spot for various "extras" so forgive me if my supplies are running low xD.

Btw, Yoran is the Sith Governor of Coruscant who lead the defense of it against NG's fleet. Could provide an interesting arc, if you want.

*Azrael was not meant to be here. What was he doing? she realized he had just destroyed her entire battle group. Was he a Separatist? He must of changed sides, that was the only explanation. She snarled, barely hearing his question as she raised her left arm and shot out a single bolt of lightning, powerful enough to throw him off his feet. She then leaped up and at him, lightsaber overhead ready to strike down.*

*She never really had liked him anyway. Always better at everything. The Master always told her, "Be like Azrael", he said, "He has the making of a fine Sith". Well damn Azrael, she will prove to everyone that SHE is the strongest, that SHE is worthy of praise and the HE is the weakling.*

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 7 2013 says:

*The bolt of lighting came as a surprise, Azrael was scorched badly and knocked quite a distance backwards. He rose back to his feet only to notice the shape of Talia coming down upon him.*

*Azrael jumped to meet her, charging himself with the Force and then, when the two were close enough to touch. He unleashed a powerful Force Repulse and this time it was Talia who fell to the ground and landed on her back.*

*He landed on his feet and readied his Lightsaber, his combat stance was that of an assassin, ready to receive an attack and counter.*

"Why are we fighting Talia? This. Is. Foolish."

*The beacon stopped its beeping, the bombardment was about to begin.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 7 2013 says:

*Talia growled as she got up, but it was at that moment that she notived the beeping. Or rather, the lack of beeping. A bomb? No, that was no bomb. A beacon of sorts. Artillery? Orbital bombardment? Whatever it was, it would not be good for her.*

*She ignored his question yet again. Tired, was she, of being the weak one. Tired, was she, of being forgotten about by her superiors. Tired, was she, of being the hopeless whelp. Now was her time.*

*She walked over to Azrael and immediately set at him, using the seventh lightsaber form with a savage brutality.*

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 7 2013 says:

OOC: You should teach me some Lightsaber forms later too.

*Talia did as any lesser warrior would do and attacked Azrael in his entrenched position, he easily dodged her blows and quickly managed to strike at her several times. Talia's clothes were partially ripped and revealed glowing wounds now, beneath it the wounds of training.*

*Azrael had a single large gash as a counterpart, she had gotten faster then before. Something was driving her to kill him, they both thought the other is the traitor. Azrael would have to kill her and then live with the painful memory of being the one who ended her life.*

*And then a great nothingness occurred. The world turned into one sea of vast light to black as the night again in a flash, Azrael's senses returned to him one by one and very slowly. He felt the earth on his back, the screeching sound in his ears was replaced by battle and the smell of ashes.*

*He opened his eyes, still on his back. He saw spears of green light land around him. The world shook because of it, there were screams in the distance and explosions. Limbs of organics and mechanicals flew around.*

*Azrael rose to his feet again, he was wounded but could go on.*

"Talia...? Where are you! Talia?"

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 7 2013 says:

*And Harbinger woke up.*

"Harbinger? Harbinger? Can you hear me?"

*Harbinger found himself in the Temple medical bay, with both Fai and Carter looming over him. A droid spoke, but Harbinger couldn't see where it was.*

"The patient is stable."

*Fai spoke.*

"I had to take you out of the trance. You were shaking, sweating, screaming. I think even your heart stopped for a moment. The Council wishes to speak with you again, once you've recovered."

*And without another word, Fai walked off. Carter spoke up.*

"How are you? What happened?"

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 7 2013 says:

*Harbinger was confused, what was it he had seen? Azrael, Talia, a battle. It felt so familiar, so real. He could still smell the ashes.*

"I... I feel..."

*He was still trying to regain his senses, slowly they returned to him. But the key revelations that were his past were still an unsolved puzzle. They required more time and thought, things he did not have at this time.*

"I feel that perhaps the past should remain in the past."

*Harbinger thought that these words were unusually wise for a hypocrite, he of all people wanted to know his past.*

*And now the council was going to question him again and he still lacked answers for them, what would they make of... The recreation of his past? Would they kill him? Such things are beyond a Jedi, but Harbinger knew their location and could pose a threat to them. He cleared his mind, he'd understand their decision if such were the case.*

*The Force would decide his fate.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 8 2013 says:

*Carter looked confused, but smiled and nodded all the same. Fai hadn't said much to him regarding what had happened, only that Harbinger had fell into a very bad coma of some sort. He had nearly died, but Carter was ignorant of the reason. Maybe it was better that way? But being a Jedi agent, curiosity was his life, his job, what he was good at. Non the less, Carter would let the Council decide how much he should know. He trusted their wisdom.*

*Three days later. Harbinger was under constant surveillance by the medical droid, and was finally allowed out of the medical bay. He was escorted by two Rangers to the Council room, and lead in. The Rangers left.*

*The three members were all standing up, talking among themselves. As soon as Master Yoru saw Harbinger, she stormed over to him.*

"Who are you? Hmm?! A Sith agent? Have you told anyone we were here! Speak!"

*Fai put his hand on her shoulder and told her to calm down. He glanced at Harbinger, and spoke to Yoru and Terak. Finally, Fai turns and speaks to Harbinger.*

"What do you know about Azrael? About your past?"

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 8 2013 says:

*The medical Droid that had monitored Harbinger for the three days reported that he did nothing but eat, sleep and meditate the entire time. Stopping only to read or write in a datapad which was taken and examined, revealing only that Harbinger had been studying.*

*Harbinger stood before the council, Yoru snarled and Fai showed compassion. He replied to his question.*

"What is most clear in my memory is a single sentence: "You are Lord Azrael, the harbinger of death." I believe this is where my new name comes from. But I do not recall who said it to me."

*In his mind, at every word he uttered Fai seemed to be dwarfed a bit more by Yoru who grew larger and angrier, the silent pause after each speaking turn felt like the Togrutan Jedi Master had already stabbed him with her Lightsaber. But he did not fear her.*

"Other then that, I recall creeping through the shadows like I was one and stalking... Prey, before I silenced them. Back then I... Azrael was quite fond of using Force Choke, I have noticed that with each passing memory I can do more things like he did. But I choose not to."

*Harbinger paused, his thoughts heavy upon him because of what he had seen and the missing pieces that still lingered.*

"But why I am now here, among you still eludes me."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 9 2013 says:

*Yoru sneered.*

"A Sith Assassin. A Sith Agent. A Sith Spy. He will be the death of us, Fai, and you know it! We can't take the risk of keeping him here!"

*Fai turned his head to Yoru, speaking with a firm tone.*

"I looked into his head. Whoever "Azreal" is, he is gone. Or at least locked away. But if we can use the knowledge Azreal has, we could send it to the Fel Empire. I hear they are having particular trouble with the Sith, and we made an oath to protect them. While we may not march on the Sith, we should send them any information that may help their War effort. Who knows what secrets a Sith Agent could have?"

*Fai turned back to Harbinger.*

"And we may be able to help you get rid of Azrael. The dreams are typical for someone in your situation. The second personality, in this case Azrael, is trying to break free. Survival instinct, no doubt. Although I doubt he himself may be a threat, as he was he one who locked himself away, he could effectively kill you by replacing you with him. If you get what I mean?"

OOC: AK, you can jump in with Terak anytime you want.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 9 2013 says:

*The words Master Fai spoke contradicted themselves. If Azrael was gone, how would they get rid of him? Harbinger trusted Master Fai, with his life.*

"I understand, though I would want to know more about Azrael and what drove him to create a new persona and search for the Jedi, how did he even find you?"

"There are many memories, some I want to forget... The pain I brought on people, I want to redeem myself of it. But it will be a massive undertaking."

"Other memories I may want to keep, life lessons and certain techniques that may help me in my training. Though they could be dangerous."

OOC: You may need to send AK a message.

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AK151 Creator
AK151 Apr 9 2013 says:

"You can't have both," Terak interjects. "You want the experience? You want the training? If you were a Sith, chances are it all came from killing people. Chances are it came from causing a lot of grief. You can't just toss that all away. You have to face it, or you're not only doing a disservice to yourself, but disrespecting those who may have suffered by your hand."

Terak looks to Fai and Yoru, and they both hear him in their heads. "He seems genuine. I'm skeptical, but we should give him a chance. Let's be honest with ourselves; we need all the help we can get, and if the Imperials knew we were here, they would have sent a fleet, not one man who would be hard pressed to match one of us."

He speaks again to Harbinger, also addressing the rest of the room. "To me, it seems the best thing, and maybe the only thing to do is wait. This Azrael inside your head may be buried, but he;s trying to dig his way out. He may reveal himself soon, and I think it will be up to you to confront him. Until that time, there isn't much we can do aside from prepare."

OOC: I've just been skimming, so hopefully everything above makes sense. I have no context, as it's obvious you two have this all planned out, so I'm just going off of what I've gleaned from the comments.


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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda Apr 10 2013 says:

OOC: It is not all planned out, it is basically "Make up as you go." as I had never planned for Harb to be a Sith, Ten forced me to explain why he was there.

*Harbinger was baffled by the indecision, both his own and that of the Council. One wanted him dead, the other to erase his memories and a third told him to keep them.*

"Then perhaps given enough time and preparation I can face off against my own dark side and discover how I found the Jedi Temple and why I joined it."

"I want to be redeemed of my crimes."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix Apr 10 2013 says:

OOC: Now now, Ori, don't you lie. You said you were a "reverse Sith", and I just said you should flesh that bit out.

*Yoru glanced at Terak, and it was obvious that she wasn't convinced but she nodded anyway.*

"Let him face his inner demons. If he succeeds, he may be of use to us. If not, we'll have to kill the Sith who takes his place."

*Fai threw a disapproving look at Yoru, and spoke.*

"Letting him face Azrael may be too dangerous. I agree that him facing his inner demons, as you put it, would be the best way for him to get rid of them, but the danger it presents is too much for a padawan."

*Fai saw the look of confusion on Harbinger's face, and explained.*

"You see, no matter how powerful in the Force you are, you cannot kill an idea. Azrael may of given himself a new personality, but the old one is still trapped inside. Small, maybe, but very much there. Survival instinct will kick in, and he'll try and overcome you. If he does, we'll be forced to... Well, we'll have to do something. We're too fragile to risk letting in a former Sith, the potential corruption is too great a risk to take."

*Fai turned back to Terak and Yoru.*

"I still think it is too dangerous to just leave him alone. We should try to do something at least..."

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"Of all places, why would you want to be on this rock?"

*Harbinger did not respond to the smuggler who brought him to the last Jedi stronghold. The smuggler looked with Harbinger onto the empty frozen plains.*

"What are you looking at?"

*No response, he stretched out with the Force and tried to locate the Jedi Temple or Enclave or whatever it was. It was near, very near. Harbinger turned to the smuggler and handed him his payment.*

"Now leave."

"You're crazy, you'll freeze to death!"

*He paid no heed to the smuggler's words and walked towards the Force nexus he sensed earlier, behind him he heard the starship take off.*

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