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Onderon Mission
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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 10 2013, 2:50am says:

OOC: I was waiting for a GM to do it but since they seem to have forgotten I'll treat this as the real thing.

*It has been 10 years since the Mandalorian Uprising, 10 years of licking wounds and building up, for 10 years many Mandalorians have been scattered with no leader. In those 10 years, Ori'verda has gotten reacquainted with everything he had missed out.*

*Among them, Corden Vencu. Whom he contacted after hearing the rumors from Onderon.*

"Vencu, it's Vohn. I hope you enjoyed basking in the wealth of BT for 10 years, because now we have to put it to better use. They say the new Onderonian king is oppressing the folk so badly they actually want us back."

"Do you have any contacts in the Mandalorian military that may be able to help us? I'm not talking that you persuade the entire the entire Mav Battlegroup, just some of it. The 174th or the 72nd Legions, some warships or maybe Requiem Company. Anyone willing to help out at Onderon."

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_w_ May 10 2013, 3:02am replied:

Hold on son, BT isn't that rich yet.. i'd prefer to make it rich during the rp rather than getting it from my pre-existing bio :P

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 10 2013, 3:07am replied:

OOC: Ori'verda was joking :P.

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_w_ May 10 2013, 3:24am replied:

OOC: i know that but for some reason i needed to state that.. idk :b

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_w_ May 10 2013, 3:33am says:

*For 10 years Corden lead his company, carefull not to clash with WWC. Though Catarn seems to approve of him now.*

"Oh i'm sure you just want to liberate them, right? Sweat and blood for the freedom of onderon, sounds like Cassus allright."

"I do, i know solus from the requiem company. Persuading him won't be a problem. I've heard WWC's got some ships ready again but i'm afraid they'll only lend you ye olde classics like the kandosii. "

"Or.. you could get yourself some of our working prototypes. The Varuna is more than ready. It's a geonosian gem modified to our standards.
Project tra'senaar is finished too, if you fancy yourself some superiority fighters."

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 10 2013, 3:38am says:

"Of course, nothing more then to liberate them. If someone calls to you for aid, is it not the right thing to do?"

"Good, Requiem Company exists out of hardened Mandalorians, we need all the help we can get."

"Varuna? Well if you believe Geonosian ships can help us, then I'll trust you on that one. After this, we should have a drink on Dxun. Pay homage to that hell hole where we lost so many brothers."

*He ended the communique and boarded the Chariot, setting a course for Onderon.*

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_w_ May 10 2013, 3:49am says:

*Corden reached for his com link and established a link to solus'cabur.
In the meanthime he prepped a small BG from the Mav battlegroup and some of his own men.*

*Corden can't command a fleet, but he gives them the coordinates to cassus' position and hands CV command of it.*


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Tactical_Injustice May 10 2013, 3:58am says:

*Karr receives Corden's com link.*

"I have your attention, ner vod. What do you need?"

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_w_ May 10 2013, 4:03am says:

"Vod, onderon cried out for our help. I think it's time for some 'liberation'. We need some hardened soldiers out there. Follow these coordinates with your company and you'll end up with Cassus Vohn, handle with care."

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Tactical_Injustice May 10 2013, 4:11am says:

"Yes. For what they've done, justice shall be unleashed upon them. I have your word, the Requiem Company will be there shortly."

"Ah, Vohn? He's a very experienced warrior, from what I've heard. If that is true, then this shall be a great honor to serve side-by-side with him."

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_w_ May 10 2013, 4:13am says:

"Make haste, i'll arrive there shortly too."

*Corden cuts the link.*

*He runs to a ground based hangar and gets in his personal starship.
The pink davaab plots course for onderon*

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CrazyOldTeenager May 10 2013, 4:23am says:

"Stormclaw, reporting for duty. Ner vod Solus'cabur has informed me that you will require the aid of Requiem Company. I can assure you all that they are the best infiltrators you'll ever find. Ever one of us has at one point or another enlisted in the Bothan Spynet, and conducted a variety of missions, including espionage, reconnaissance, and assassination. We who serve in Requiem Company are the elite, the best of the best. For Mandalore!"

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Tactical_Injustice May 10 2013, 4:36am says:

*Karr assembles the men, giving them a briefing and pep talk to stay motivated.*

"Alright, men. The people of Onderon cries out for our help. As one of Mandalore's finest and elite warriors, it is our duty to liberate the oppressive regime. We will be doing it alongside an experienced warrior, Cassus Vohn. Be strong, my brethren. For we are the Requiem Company!"

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 10 2013, 4:58am says:

*The Chariot leaves hyperspace and enters a formation of Mandalorian warships, several Venators and assorted Crusaders. Ori'verda smiles at the gathered warriors.*

*The command Venator, the Vheh'shukur, contacted him.*

"At Corden's behest we have gathered at Onderon, what is your command?"

"We wait for everyone to gather and a response from Onderon, otherwise they may mistake us for an invasion force. We are here to liberate Onderon and help it return to stability, not enslave it."

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_w_ May 10 2013, 5:15am says:

*Corden's pink davaab jumps in.*

"i'll let you do the handlin' of me little fleet cassus, try not to lose it."

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Bisszy4ever May 10 2013, 10:03am says:

*Terek Skirata readied himself after hearing the call for help from the Onderonians.*

*Aboard the transport of Requiem Company he stood at attention before the commanding officer, Solus'cabur.*

"Terek Skirata reporting for duty! Let's reclaim Onderon, sir!"

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Tactical_Injustice May 10 2013, 10:06am says:

"Settle down, vod. Conserve your energy for later on, we still have no word about the enemy just yet. Go back to your seat, Terek. The action starts sooner or later."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 10 2013, 11:37am says:

OOC: Woah lol.


IC: *Darth Nil walked up into the throne room. Guards were everywhere, in full armor, wielding force pikes and blaster rifles. The Onderon Royal Guard, apparently the "best of the best". At his side was Darth Tihr, his apprentice.*

*The King was sat at his throne, numerous Onderon nobles had gathered into the throne room and were chatting away, talking about the general affairs, at how much money they were making. Tihr ignored them, following his Master's example.*

*They reached the King, who looked up at them smiling.*

"My friends! My friends! How nice of you to come! Waiter! Get these gentlemen something to eat!"

*Nil answered, and Tihr could detect the small hint of power in his voice. Cunning, as always.*

"We do not need refreshments. We have heard rumors that your people have called on the Mandalorians. This is to be dealt with?"

*The King laughed, and the nobles around him laughed with him.*

"Let the Mandalorians come! You think they can oppose me? You think they can oppose my new military? Onderon is ours, and it shall stay ours."

*Tihr raised his eyebrow. The King obviously was too full of himself to realize the threat. Nil smiled, and spoke, increasing the power his voice held.*

"Get rid of the Mandalorians. Open fire only if you must. My... Allies, are nearly ready on Dxun. We need only a few more days. I assume we have your permission to take the artifacts in the Royal Museum?"

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 10 2013, 11:37am says:

*That last sentence was nearly dropping with the Force, to ensure the King would agree. Laughing, the King answered.*

"Yes, yes, my friends! Of course, of course. Now go! I have a party to enjoy!".

*Nil bowed, and Tihr did the same. They both walked away.*

"Master, why put up with this fool? We should just storm the place. More fun, too..."

"That would draw too much attention. Besides, now we have Onderonian soldiers on Dxun to help us with the excavation, they are good workers. Go secure the spaceports in the city, make sure no Mandalorians pass. I shall attempt to make contact with them when they arrive. Maybe we can twist this situation in our favor. Let the Mandalorians have a place in our future glory."

"And if they do not accept?"

*Nil glanced sideways at Tihr. He needed to say nothing more.*

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 10 2013, 11:51am says:

OOC: Problem Ten? I called for backup!

*The Varuna exited hyperspace, most Mandalorian forces had finally gathered. 7 Venators, 21 Crusaders and 1 prototype warship. Of personnel, many warriors and even more Battle Legionnaires.*

*Ori'verda had a message sent to Onderon, hoping they would respond with the same resolve some of them did when they first called for Mandalorian help, otherwise it would all have been useless.*

"Onderon, I believe you called for us? How may Mandalore serve you?"

*With the message sent, Ori'verda ordered for a small group of Kom'rk's and AIAT/i's made their way to a set of co-ordinates on Onderon. Another transmission was sent to Dxun.*

"Any remaining Mandalorians, you are not alone. The relief force is here to bring you war."

OOC: Nil and Thir are giving me a Phantom Menace vibe lol.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 10 2013, 11:55am replied:

OOC: Lol, I can see that.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 10 2013, 12:02pm replied:

Btw, what is "BT"?

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 10 2013, 12:03pm replied:

OOC: BeskadTech.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 10 2013, 11:59am says:

OOC: Will respond as the others won't really have much to say, I'd imagine.

*General Shaw, the Onderon Military Commander, replies.*

"The King did not request your presence. He politely declines any offer of help and humbly suggests you leave the system. Immediately."

*Nil and Tihr were both listening. Nil sighed.*

"Diplomacy, my Apprentice, can mean the difference between success and defeat. Let us hope the Mandalorians dismiss this and simply leave. Do we have access to their communication channel?"

"Yes, Master."

*Nil nodded.*


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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 10 2013, 12:28pm says:

*The few transmissions the small Mandalorian force resulted in echoes of replies. Many Onderonian citizens grabbed whatever transmitter they had and started calling out towards the Mandalorians, from Dxun came calls from various surviving Mandalorians, they were to rally at the largest encampment and from the force sent to Onderon came the word that the Hibrar research facility was being converted into a forward operations base.*

*The 72nd Legion assembled with Ori'verda in the hangar, pilots were arming their Strikecraft for air support and mechanics were making the vehicles ready for battle. The fleet moved forward, towards the planet.*

"Men, we are at a crossroads. The Onderonian citizens want their legitimate ruler gone. Should we help them? Of course! As Mandalorians we will not allow this injustice to continue to the people who accepted us so wholeheartedly in the past."

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_w_ May 10 2013, 12:43pm says:

*Corden plotted his pink davaab to the hibrar facility. It lay somewhere in the open canyons, not entirely covered by iziz's famous AA guns.*

*The small davaab was able to slip past and it landed at the facility.
At the sight of the plain canyons Corden sighed, the only decent facility here was carefully hidden and not be violently conquered.*

*Upon entering the facility, he came across vode of several clans who were assembled in the main hall. Corden greeted them.*

"I've recieved word from Cassus that there is an outpost nearby we need to neutralise, it should have an AA emplacement."

*Corden directed himself towards a fellow alor'uus.*
"You must know what i'm talking about. Give me the coordinates and a team and i'll give you their heads."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 10 2013, 2:23pm says:

*General Shaw informed the Onderon Military of what was to happen.*

"The Mandalorians come here to usurp the throne of King Yon. We shall not let this happen! Activate the defenses! Man the battlements! To arms, men of Onderon! We go to War!"

*The soldiers cheered, and went to prepare themselves. Military Speeders patrolled the streets, ensuring no civilian broke the curfew in place. The battlements were manned. The Soldiers set up the defenses: Repeating Blasters were placed on the battlements, and E-Web15 Turrets were set up on roof tops and in the streets, their shield generators activated.*

*The AT guns were activated too, two every 100 meters, and were ready to pound the surrounding forest. The many AA guns protecting Izis came online, and stopped any possible air attack. Any Mandalorian ships coming into range would be shot down without hesitation.*

*But the pride of the defense was the two Artillery guns. Located on top of the Royal Palace, the guns could fire in any direction, and at very long distances. Currently, the guns were silent, waiting for sensors to pick up hostile movement before firing.*

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 10 2013, 2:23pm says:

*Darth Nil sent a transmission to the Mandalorian Command Ship.*

"Mandalorians, my name is of no importance, though you may refer to me as "Ranov'la". I bring to you a proposition. I represent an organization that could very well use the famed Mandalorian Warriors. We have certain... Objectives, that may well coincide with your own. I would ask that you meet with me and my companion so that we may discuss this in further detail. If you agree to this, I will be able to help you in your upcoming battle.

Note, however, that if you refuse we shall be forced to consider you as enemies, and shall treat you as such. If you accept our offer only to refuse to meet us, we shall consider that a betrayal. We do not like betrayal, and you would not like to know what happens to those that betray us. Please, consider this proposal, we can both help each other out, and bring glory to both our people."

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_w_ May 10 2013, 3:03pm says:

>waiting for ori as i'm the brute force<

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 10 2013, 4:22pm says:

*With most troops in position or underway, Ori'verda listened to the communique as the fleet moved over Iziz, out or range of the artillery. What he heard shocked him a bit.*

"Very well secret leader, where shall we meet? And please don't mind if I bring along my own companion... Or several for that matter."

*He switched to another channel.*

"Corden, begin operations."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 10 2013, 4:30pm says:

"I can disable the AA guns covering the northern walls in precisely one hour. A bombing run should suffice to destroy them and you have an entrance into the city."

"We shall meet on Dxun. Do you know of the ancient Sith Tomb hidden their? I doubt you would, most don't. I shall give you the coordinates."

OOC: You can just bomb the Walls without worrying about the AA, don't wait for my call to say they're deactivated.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 10 2013, 4:34pm says:


*Ori'verda boarded the Chariot with Novall Skirata and some 72nd Legion soldiers, making way for the Sith Tomb. He contacted Requiem Company and Dxun Mandalorians.*

"Requiem Company, on me. Rest of you, hold the encampment."

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 10 2013, 4:37pm replied:

OOC: We'll PM the rest.

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Namegen Author
Namegen May 10 2013, 8:33pm says:

i feel really unneeded xD

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 11 2013, 6:44am replied:

OOC: You can control Onderon's defenses if you want xD.

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Tactical_Injustice May 10 2013, 10:53pm says:

*Karr replies to Ori`verda's call and ordered the men of the Requiem Company.*

"Yes, sir! Requiem Company, get aboard the Aegis. We're going to support Ori`verda on Dxun alongside the 72nd Legion. Stay cautious, men."

*The soldiers of Requiem Company, followed by Karr, gets aboard the Aegis with haste.*

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_w_ May 11 2013, 2:51am says:

OOC: i have to go'working today, i probably wont be able to comment all day.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Bisszy4ever May 11 2013, 7:12am says:

"Yes sir, we will board the Aegis at once."

* Terek follows Karr with great haste with the rest of the Requiem Company.*

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 11 2013, 8:37am says:

*Ori'verda leaves the meeting, turning to the gathered warriors.*

"Novall, take the 72nd Legion into position. Let's hope all goes according to plan. Solus'cabur take Requiem Company back to the main camp on Dxun and hold there for a while longer."

*He boarded the Chariot and returned to the fleet.*

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Namegen Author
Namegen May 11 2013, 5:27pm says:

OOC: Ill command the Onderon defenders, if theres still going to be combat xD also, to make things more interesting, no one minds me reversing the move where the guns are disabled? i mean dont you mandos like a challenge? ;)

*The Onderon Troops manned the walls of their city with Pride. The High walls housed many weapons, including turbolasers, which were installed inside the large defensive towers along the walls. These cannons were well maintained and were always manned.

The AA guns also are all manned and are always searching the skies for any sign of Aircraft. The men manning them keep a constant eye on the distant mandalorian ships out of range of their guns.

Platoons of Soldiers patrol all across the City of Iziz, proud to defend the city that had protected them since their birth. Supporting them are AATs and a few AT-ATs that they salvaged from the armories that both garrisoning empires had left behind years ago. The vehicles were well maintained, but there were very few of them.

For the most part, the city was quiet. Its people to afraid to come outside due to the amount of soldiers patrolling the city.

At the palace, the Royal Guards had taken up their full positions. There was a total of 100 of them guarding the palace. All were ever vigilant, overseeing the King and the Palace itself.

The King himself sat on his throne, listening to reports from his generals and ministers, for once, he listened to them with great heed.*

OOC: Turbolasers are canon, um Iziz was under imperial control and seperatist control for a while so vehicles are understandable.

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_w_ May 12 2013, 2:33am says:

Fuuuu sorry lads, i have to work till around 18 o clock today...
And i have to leave now.

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 12 2013, 4:36am says:

OOC: No problem Wout, I doubt the original plan would have worked on NG anyways. Time to improvise.

*From outside combat range, the Mandalorians launch missiles targeted at the city. However due to the extreme range they don't succeed in reaching the city and simply explode, providing the defenders with some nice fireworks.*

*Except the missiles were loaded with Buzz Droids, which descend upon the city like locusts. Engaging patrols in fights, using their numbers and ambushing them without killing, They disable weapons emplacements and vehicles in much of the city, though the focus lies in the north.*

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Namegen Author
Namegen May 12 2013, 9:10pm replied:

? i didnt know such things could be used in that sense. *shrugs* learn something new every day i guess xD

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Namegen Author
Namegen May 12 2013, 9:25pm says:

*The Onderon defenders simply started spraying with their blasters and throwing emp grenades at any large group of buzzdroids. However, due to the number of them, they suffered wounds and casualties. The buzzdroids however were either dispersed or down right destroyed in most cases.

The damage they had caused was obvious however. 75% of the Blaster turrets and E-Web turrets that were on the main walls were disabled, and only a couple turbolasers were still online. Only an AT-AT and two AATs managed to survive the pesky droids.

The Onderon Soldiers inside the city that suffered casualties carried the wounded and most of the soldiers on the ground back to the Garrison Quarters, which was the fort where the army was stationed during peacetimes.

The walls were not as high obviously, but it had an advantage of height over the surrounding area and it would be really hard to take. The only AT-AT they had was stationed there, surrounded by AA guns.

The troop displacement was now the following: 1/4 of the army was stationed inside the Army fort in the center of the city. 1/2 of the army was on the main walls, and the other 1/4 was patrolling the city. The two Artillery Guns on the Palace were still online and operational, waiting for a target.

The main gates were secured and braced by Durasteel posts and locking mechanisms and such. Just behind it was an entire platoon of men, with a pair of E-Web turrets.*

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=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 13 2013, 3:13am says:

OOC: Where did you get those shifty numbers from? First 1/4th and then 1/2th? Heck? Also don't mind me taking over Wout's troops for a while since he is AFK.

*Missile strikes from MAL units hit the northern walls, their range is being extended by laser painters. The wall starts to buckle a bit and many of the soldiers on the walls get injured due the shockwave.*

*In this moment of weakness, Canderous tanks move up to the wall and use their guns to aid in its destruction. They activate their electronic suites and slave the targeting computers of the wall mounted turrets onto themselves, their heavy armor and shields withstand the firepower whilst a large group of Battle Legionnaire's comes up out of cover behind the Canderous units and suppress the soldiers on the walls, some carry explosives and move up to the wall.*

*With the buzz droids in the city continuously under fire, they switch over to guerilla warfare tactics, swiftly engaging and disarming enemy forces and retreating before a counterattack, most focus on rendering power stations in the north defunct.*

*From the sky a host of Mandalorian warriors and ori'ramikad drop from the 72nd Airborne Legion, with their jetpacks they surprise enemy units and engage them in hand-to-hand and use stunners, disarming many of the defenders in the north. They use their jetpacks to move quickly and avoid getting hit themselves.*

*Ori'verda, Novall Skirata and a handful of Screaming Basilisks, clear the wall of wounded Onderonians and plant charges on the wall.*

"Novall, take some troops and set up a FOB in one of the buildings, laze power stations for the MAL's and have the 72nd land, they will only be surprised for so long."

OOC: Technically speaking I could blow up the wall now since you skipped Wout's turn.

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Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 13 2013, 12:18pm replied:

OOC: Shifty numbers?


So 1/4+1/2+1/4=1, don't see anything shifty about them xD.

+1 vote   reply to comment
=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 13 2013, 12:56pm replied: +1 vote   reply to comment
Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 13 2013, 2:40pm replied:

Lol, its simple math xD.

Two fourths of something is one half. Two fourths of 100, for example, is 50. One fourth of 100 is 25.

2/4 of 100=50.
50=1/2 of 100
Thus 2/4=1/2
Thus 1/4 + 1/4 + 1/2 = 2/4 + 1/2 = 1/2 + 1/2 = 1

Unless I'm missing something? He's just saying 1/4 of his troops are in location A, 1/2 in location B and 1/4 in location C.

+1 vote   reply to comment
=СРБ=Ori`verda Creator
=СРБ=Ori`verda May 13 2013, 3:21pm replied:

Keep those darn numbers away from me!
Math, pfft!

+1 vote   reply to comment
Ten10dix Creator
Ten10dix May 13 2013, 12:42pm says:

OOC: Don't mind me, just bored and thought I'd control some of the Onderon resistors. No worries, they won't be able to take on the entire city, but just thought it'd be more realistic.

IC: *Ron quickly threw himself up against the wall. One of the patrols had spotted him near the barracks, though thank the Force they hadn't managed to see him clearly. Other patrols had been called in to search for the intruder. This wasn't going as planned.*

*The bag he had over his shoulder contained blaster pistols, a few blaster rifles and half a dozen thermal detonators. It was very heavy, but luckily Ron was a strong man.*

*He rushed over to his house, making sure to not be caught by any patrols. He entered, around a dozen or two like minded people were inside, waiting for him. One of them stepped up, a man in his fifties, grey hair, neatly trimmed and shaven. He wore an Onderonian Military uniform, and his numerous medals were all present.*

"You got them, boy?"

"Yeah. I mean, yes sir."

"Good. Hand them out, time to contact the Mandalorians. They'll breach the northern walls, of that I'm certain. If we can ambush some of the patrols and hold the main road leading to the Northern Wall, we can buy some time for the Mandalorians to deploy. Jorell, any news from the other groups?"

*A man was sat down before a large computer terminal, ear phones on and he seemed to be typing furiously. He replied.*

"Alpha team reports in, General. Beta and Omega are ready too. Getting word from Delta, they seem fine. We've lost contact with Echo and Charlies teams, though. Last communications seem to indicate the Military was onto them."

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Ten years ago, when Onderon became an independent sector once more, the powerful Judos family, some of the richest nobles in the Galaxy, bought the Onderon sector, proclaiming themselves the new Royal Family of Onderon and promising the people that they would rebuild and improve the planet.

And they did. King Karl I restored much of Onderon's infrastructure, and improved it tenfold. However, his death led to his son taking the throne. King Yon I was far crueler and greedy, but he had many assistants, friends and family who ran the sector alongside him.

Until the robed men came.

They informed the King of the "conspiracy" going on, they told him they would cleanse the sector of all traitors, and give him back his power. He agreed, and they did just that. This was three years ago.

Now, the people are oppressed. Bread costs too much, they are earning too little, the Nobles are walking all over them, the Military does whatever they want without punishment. And the King listened still to the robed men, now his dear friends.

Six months ago, they requested permission to begin a large dig on the moon of Dxun, but for what nobody knows. Only a week ago they convinced him to give them the majority of the artifacts housed in the Royal Museum.

While it has taken a lot of time, the robed men have managed to make the King their puppet, and in doing so they control the Onderon sector. Soon, they shall take complete control, eliminating the middle man. But not until the artifacts are safe, and the excavation is finished.

The People have called upon the Mandalorians for aid. But will these brave warriors be able to destroy whatever has corrupted Onderonian Society and reduced it to a primitive, medieval state?

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May 9th, 2013
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