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battle for kinyen (view original)

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OOC: yes thank you, i know how awesome this image is.. dont need to be a dick about it :P

So, this is my interpretation of events so far.

1. Federation Forces setup defensive positions in front of the city and in the city itself.
2. Imperial forces land down and begin unloading the attack forces.
3. Clone troopers climb mountains and setup snipers and rocket forces and aim on Feds.
4. Imperial Attack Forces begin the assault on the trenches.
5. Rocket fire from the mountains tear into federation forces.
6. MAATs respond to the fire and engage Imperials on mountain.
7. Scouting TXs from Jolee go forward and scout enemy positions, few return.
8. As enemy positions are located, MAATs and K-Wings attack the rear of the Imperial Formation
9. Jolee's force begins heading towards Imperial rear.
10. My Air Craft come in and destroy most if not all AA and begin engaging ground forces.
11. Main forces land down and setup perimeter and more forces land down.
12. Main formation is formed by my troops.
13. Jolee leaves rear guard and my men engage this.
14. Jolees main force attacks tens rear.
15. Star Fighters are detected, my Hawks bug out and AA engages them, Hawks assist at that point.
16. Flanks of my formation encase the rear guard.
17. TXs break off and gun it towards the Federation forces attacking Ten. (Obviously drawing is a bit rough lol)
18. IDTs drop off infantry behind TXs.

About right? i know im missing some details but this is a general scheme of things aint it? for now at least.