Remember the time when we all were obsessed with a game called Battlefront 2. Wow that game was amazing, its seemingly flawless campaign, and the true story behind the Jedi's demise. If they would only make another, to end this amazing trilogy.... Battlefront 3. Yes you heard correctly. This group will give you the insight on everything that is currently involved in the making of Battlefront 3. All your questions will be discussed, and answered by a small group of battlefront 3 experts. We did our research. Hours of constant google searches and looking through massive online forums, all for the Moddb Community. Please enjoy what we would like to call, one of the greatest games, almost made.

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I know this isn't modding news, but I felt that this was news that should be shared to all Star Wars fans and Star Wars modders.

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In case you haven't hear Disney has shut down Lucas Arts, laid off all of it's employees, and cancelled all Star Wars projects besides the Disney movies Episodes VII, VIII, IX.

Click the link below to read more.

R.I.P Star Wars The Clone Wars
R.I.P Star Wars 1313
R.I.P Star Wars First Assault

MTGraves Author

Here are other links, incase you don't believe it, and think it might be an April Fools joke.

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all our hope now rests in the hands of star wars BattleCry, ROR, JK Galaxies, RAW, etc....

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It feels like a million voices cried out....but where slightly hope full.

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pages 1-16 contain the faces of the now disbanded lucasarts team. I would like the disney CEO to look at every single face and try and get a good nights sleep, because I know I won't...

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*sigh* No hope at all for most Star Wars Games....
If the new episodes 7-9 turn out to be full of mickey mouse references i'm going to start playing any thing made by lucas arts and hope that someone is trying to make a good Star Wars Game :(

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Disney makes good movies these days. Better in their hands than in George Lucas..

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