"Space, the final frontier..." These are the opening words of one of the most famous sci-fis ever created. The opening words of one of the biggest franchises ever existed. The opening words of Roddenberry's vision, called Star Trek. The purpose of this group is to bring together everybody, who likes Star Trek, and to review the best games and mods based on this fantastic universe. I hope this group will bring the local Star Trek community together, and be a place, where everybody can talk about this great science fiction, and enjoy the company of each other.

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For Release β we are wanting to choose some interested members of the community to put our mod through the ringer prior to release!

Posted by Nathanius on Apr 18th, 2012

G'day Moddb community!

We are closing on Release β! There are currently only 3 things that we have agreed upon being completed prior to us packing everything up and redistributing the latest and the greatest to you, the community.

For Release α we did not conduct beta testing, and small errors like the Romulan torpedo turret being unbuildable were found, this time we are going to be conducting closed beta testing with about 5 testers and this news post is a call to arms! Do you have what it takes to comb through our mod?

Fleet movements


  • Lagless play in Release α
  • High speed internet connection
  • Able to run the Shader 2 version of the mod
  • Availability in one of the following time zones for multiplayer stress testing via Hamachi
    1. UTC (UK and Europe)
    2. UTC - 6 (Central United States Standard Time)
    3. UTC + 10 (East Australian Standard Time)

The following is to be noted by all selected testers:

  • The goal of the testing is to find bugs, errors, spelling mistakes or omissions in Release β
  • The three unfinished items which will not affect beta testing, don't report these as bugs!
  • The hit FX are a known about issue and the current state is a compromise, it's not a bug.
  • There are some new features which we have not shared with the community that will have their debut in the Release β release trailer. Do not share these unannounced features with the community! You can discuss them with us and the other testers of course, just not the public.
  • Have a pad and pen on the desk next to you while playing, jot down things as they come up, type them in for submission at the end of each game, submit all feedback on the last day of the testing period unless it is something which causes a crash.
  • The testing period will be from the 27/04/2012 to the 07/05/2012, this gives two weekends and Labour Day (depending on your country of residence).
  • If there is a bug which causes a crash you will need to attempt to recreate it, if you can you can PM the mod team with steps to recreate so we can do a hot-fix and distribute to the testers
  • As I will be uploading and coordinating feedback all times given are to be taken as UTC + 10
  • The list of testers will not be made public until our public release

Who should apply?

We would encourage those who will meet the above requirements, who know they have the time to play at least 5 to 10 games of Continuum over the testing period and those who are willing to coordinate a multiplayer match with 3 to 4 people for more than one game to apply; we are aware of who our most frequent posters on Moddb are and if they can meet the testing requirements then they will be given preference (as they've shown the most interest!)

If you are interested please state if you're willing and able to comply with the requirements listed above in a comment below, I will contact the successful Release β beta testers with a URL and password on the 27th after I have uploaded the *.BIG archive in a locked *.RAR file.

Continuum Corp.

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Zgok Apr 19 2012 says:

Sure,i think i meet all the requirements, provided there is no storm messing up my internet like last week and my work doesnt give me too many hours. I could even possibly test it on two computers, one with AMD, and the other with Nvidia(although this one is having problems running older games, but i will work on fixing that). I can probably do 5 multiplayer matches.

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Medic178 Apr 19 2012 says:

I would definitely be able and would enjoy the opportunity to test this beta if given the chance.

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ELITE-CHS Apr 19 2012 says:

Hello Star Trek: Continuum Modding Group!

I as well would be honoured to take part in the closed Beta.

Apart from having played computer games (RTS preferred) for the past 22 years, being a Start Trek addict since over 30 years, respecting the skill and time you all have put into this thrilling mod and having created custom maps for several games, I think I can contribute to the beta testing with following resources:

Desktop System:
AMD Phenom X6 1050T
16 GB Corsair RAM
2GB Sapphire 6950 Graphics Solution
2 TB Harddisk Space

Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB Ram
2x Nvidia 8400 SLI
500 GB Harddisk Space

Network 1:
Cable Connection 64 Mbit down and 5 Mbit up (Germany)

Network 2:
ADSL2 Connection 16 Mbit down and 1 Mbit up (Germany)

Apart from those resources I am a native german with english roots, so both the english and german language are no problem.

I have additional skills if needed.

Keep up the exceptional good work and let me contribute if needed.


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whip_it Apr 20 2012 says:

im in -5 timezone (eastern) :(

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Nathanius Author
Nathanius Apr 20 2012 replied:

That's only an hour off the UTC -6 timezone, you can still apply! It doesn't have to be exactly the same timezone, they're just a guide to team member availabilities.

Do you meet/are willing to meet the rest of the criteria?

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whip_it Apr 20 2012 says:

Windows 7 Ultimate
Intel Core i7 2760QM
Crucial M4 256gig SSD
8gb ram
1 GB AMD Radeon HD 7690M GDDR5
DSL connection (320 kb/sec down)

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Mr.Poffin Apr 20 2012 says:

I would love to help u guys i play it this mod all the time with my friends this is my stats for my pc
i play with the Shader 2 version
8 gig ram
1gig video card nvidia
amd phenom ll x6 processor 3.6 turbo core
over 2t hard drives
UTC - 6 (Central United States Standard Time)
the only said part is i only have a 512 dsl connection :(
keep up the great work hope too see it finished soon
p.s i have noticed when u have 3 players or more the game gets choppy might be that a friend of mine have a crappy computer lol

sorry for posting in the wrong area my bad u guys rock

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Mr.Poffin Apr 22 2012 says:

I am willing to meet all the rules that u are posting

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Nathanius Author
Nathanius Apr 27 2012 says:

I had most of the beta release files uploaded, and a proper message written to send to the successful testers, and after uploading for an hour and a half Google Chrome crashed on me... So I'm starting the upload again, but I couldn't really be arsed rewriting everything, I can't remember most of it anyway, we'll just have to muddle through without proper instructions I apologise.

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Zgok Apr 27 2012 says:

I got homeworld 2 to run perfectly with the video card. and no storm is on its way to ruin my internet connection, so i do meet the requirements for the beta now. Im sorry to hear that, hopefully Google Chrome does not crash on you anymore.

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ELITE-CHS Apr 27 2012 says:

No problem, waiting in great excitement to find out who was successful...:)

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Nathanius Author
Nathanius Apr 27 2012 says:

Ok, it's up and the PM has been sent. Testers! Do your worst :D

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whip_it Apr 27 2012 says:

Nathanius report in.....

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jdog84 Apr 28 2012 says:

i know i'm a late to show up. however, i only recently learned of this mod. i've been active on past mods for armada and bridge commander. i kind of thought the genre had died. i dont love the online game that's out. was playing the alpha mod all day and figured i'd try and throw my hat in the ring. i drive a pretty hardcore alienware machine. i also live in ny so EST. further, i'd be willing to share this huge database of trek sounds that i have, mostly weapon discharges and explosions. great work guys, let me know if it's too late...

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Nathanius Author
Nathanius Apr 29 2012 replied:

Sorry, it is a little late, we're coordinating everything through a PM thread and you can't add extra people onto it after the fact.

I do look forward to seeing your review of Release Beta when it comes out though!

We are going to be doing TMP weapons for the next stage of the mod, I would appreciate a PM to the mod team with more details of the sounds you're offering. :)

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jdog84 Jun 29 2012 says:

Sorry for the late response. I don't really know how this board operates because I don't use this site too often. I have sounds for most of the TNG era ships. Those, in my opinion, are not really cannon. I'd love to contribute those. I mixed them from episodes and from stock sounds from other games. I haven't done a whole lot with TMP era weapons.

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