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ComradeWinston Jul 5 2013, 1:59am says:

Freedom meaningless if defined as anarchy, for anarchy is the most unstable temporary state.

The only real freedom can be provided when monopoly is made nearly impossible. For what is totalitarianism but one man's monopoly over an expanse of dirt, endorsed by his subordinates. This applies to all things but most importantly at this time, corporations.

If a government ensures that all basic necessities of life are provided reasonably, that all may do as they please so long as they commit no malice to another, then it is a good government.

By this standard, the US government at this time is failing as it has been for decades since monopoly has it hostage.

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InsanityPays Jul 5 2013, 10:07pm replied:

When you restrict industry you will have better employment but there is less pay, unions have less power, and there is increased likelyhood that corporations will leave your country- making you economically weak and other nations more powerful. I wholeheartedly agree with you that they need more restriction, but you must also take into account the rights of the consumer.

There are more political definitions of anarchy than you think.

Stuff like healthcare, wellfare, and education should be run by the state, but allow for private industry that meets certain standards- security as well to an extent.

Defense and security are a responsibility of the state, but must adhere to some very strict checks and balances.

I'd be willing to pay at the VERY maximum a 30% income tax in order to sustain a healthy nation and allow ourselves to remain free. Of course taxes are still one of those things we need to work out before western society progresses. It's very easy to manipulate a society with high taxes (massive government).

It is up to the CITIZEN to keep our government in check. If you don't have political power/disagree with the powers that be, ARGUE WITH THEM. Speak out. Protest. Some people may call you a whiny liberal degenerate, but in truth, you are the backbone of any democratic society. Remember if we are being oppressed in a representative state, it is likely our own fault for not being politically conscious.

I get really ****** when I see politically apathetic Americans COMPLAINING about issues that suddenly affect them. I want to slap these people across the face, ask them if they voted, and regardless of their answer, slap them again and tell them it was their fault.

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ComradeWinston Jul 6 2013, 2:06am replied:

Employment cannot be denigrated by sweatshops thousands of miles away. To bow to those who's only objective is to monopolize, you have surrendered before the troops have even mobilized.

Welfare is entirely unprofitable, healthcare when defined by a profit is ill-dispensed, and undirected non-compulsory education will leave humanity ignorant.

Militaries are becoming majorly unnecessary and will effectively have no used beyond political nonsense and international policing. Undoubtedly the role of solely the state and thus weapon providers must have minimal to nil influence on the state; something which obviously is not so.

Taxes are necessity, obviously those with more or less dispensable income will have a duty to invest in their nation. Though the "size" of a government is utterly irrelevant and simplistic a phrase, the true shame is that it has become a prevalent focal point promulgated by idiots attempting to inform brain-dead morons. It is no more than a tool to relegate the populace to either the corporate butt plug faction or the diamond encrusted ***** the other faction very openly waves about.

If you expect citizens in a sedated nation to change anything of significance--to purge the heresy which has taken their nation. You are well beyond a century too late if revolution is what you seek. Idleness has made the populace docile and totally defenseless in such capacities.

Much time will have to pass, many attitudes will have to change, the young now must be the elderly for there to be any hope of a refined world without incredibly fortunate circumstance being a necessity.

Though that said, resistance must be maintained, fed, grown, and any and all oppositional forces must be aligned united against the true enemy. The monopoly, the outside influence heartless yet with its fist firmly up the governments ***.

For what is the reasonable solution to dealing with a parasite. Would you lash out and kill the host or identify and remove the parasite?

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InsanityPays Jul 6 2013, 11:37am replied:

You know very little about what you're talking about here.
As much as we like to blame it for our troubles, big business is not something that we can just choke to death and expect to continue to benefit in regard to our quality of life.

You're idea is of your perfect world, you can't speak for the rest of us. You even said it yourself, a lot of people's mindsets are going to have to change. Problems are rarely solved by solutions, rather, they are solved by mindsets and the conscious human beings who have time and time again forwarded human progress despite our past setbacks.

My point is that nobody- no single person has the answer.

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ComradeWinston Jul 6 2013, 2:10pm replied:

You claim the poison either sacred or indeterminable, yet a cure necessary. I will waste no more time on this.

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InsanityPays Jul 8 2013, 12:47am replied:

There is no cure. There is no poison. There is only us, and the world we wish to live in.

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TheTriangulum Creator
TheTriangulum Jul 5 2013, 3:34am says:

Peril? We never had freedom in the first place

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Mr.Walrus Author
Mr.Walrus Jul 5 2013, 3:49am replied:

I profess that we have had, and still do have, a degree of freedom- indeed, a good bit of it. Contrary to several centuries, decades, or years ago in other countries (or just present day for them), we are not ruled by monarchy, we can speak freely without being sent to labor camps, the masses ARE technically in charge of who gets elected, changes can be made peacefully in government and economics, etc. We must continue to improve, but we do have freedoms.

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Kalga Creator
Kalga Jul 5 2013, 10:03pm says:

On a micro (personal) level? There's still some to plenty of freedoms (depends on where you live).
On a macro level? Forget it, don't delude yourself...

My personal advice? Enjoy your life while you can, don't break your body and spirit fighting one lost cause after another, unless you take joy in simply trying, then by all means go ahead... you are free to choose...

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InsanityPays Jul 5 2013, 10:12pm replied:

I'd happily fight a "lost cause". So long as someone's fighting it, it is never lost.

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Kalga Creator
Kalga Jul 8 2013, 1:51pm replied:

Well, have fun been manipulated by the powers that be...


... most of the grassroots end up as pawns for the "big shots" to use in their geopolitical games...

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Cpt.Dann Jul 8 2013, 12:55am says:

Everything in America was made by a company, including everything in the military. All that defense money is sent to arms manufacturers to make weapons. This is an empire we're talking about, but this one is very versatile and there is no death star that, if destroyed, will cripple them. Al we have to do is wait until all of the resources are used up to the point where South America is a desert and then maybe you can at least get Joe Sixpack to lift his ***. We're not in control, and a rebellion would just turn everything to chaos because everything was made by corporations and no one would know how to get anymore resources. We're just another empire gone wrong.

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!!!karmenjell Jul 17 2013, 3:12pm replied:

and fortunately for humanity - Empires crumble, there are no exceptions

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I have found a great many claims saying that in freedom in modern Republics, particularly the U.S., is a lie. Usually when people say this, they refer to one of two things:

A. The government taking too much control, creating programs to monitor the populace, controlling the economy, stripping people of firearms, enacting lots of laws, etc., or:

B. The government not taking enough control, because the democratic/capitalistic system of rather anarchistic freedom is self-defeating as corporations or parties establish dominance and manipulate the system.

Some people seem to use one or the other exclusively (particularly major U.S. political parties- both seem to claim one of these two arguments as the foundation for all of their actions), while others use them back and forth at will- stating that freedom is an illusion because the government restricts information, but also that freedom is an illusion because the government doesn't restrict corporations.

I think that the cause for these differing opinions come down to a fundamental different view of what "freedom" is- some comparing it to total anarchy, others to having a controlled state to protect the people with laws, others to something between the two.

What do you believe that freedom is? Do we have it? If not, how can we gain it?

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Jul 5th, 2013
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