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Since The KW SDK is coming out soon.... (Groups : SAGE 2D & 3D fans : Forum : Ideas : Since The KW SDK is coming out soon....) Locked
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Oct 26 2009 Anchor

Since the KW SDK is coming out soon, I was thinking of some mod ideas. I not saying that ima do this but its just a idea. 3 new sub factions, 1 per faction. GDI: Covert Ops, Nod: Maybe legion / cabal and scrin: Overlord's Fleet. Also, new upgrades for the other sub factions / factions. I was looking at some old concepts and the ST bebemoth was gonna be able to get base defense upgrades like the overlord in generals but they nerf it in beta testing so i was thinking on fixing it up and make it like it was during the concept phase and add like S.A.M / MG / Railgun upgrade for it. New missions prob. and also Sub faction challange just like the General's Challange in ZH.

and thats my idea.

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