Perun Warhounds Legion

II. legion
peruns Warhounds

homeworld: Slavion

Planet full of woods, rivers and mountains, with barbarian tribes similar to old slavic people which lives on Terra before 40000 years. Simargl was a deamongod - big winged dog. People of Slavion got bloody sacrifices to Simargl because they were afraid of him. Then came Perun the Ethernal and he defeated and domesticated the Simargl. Perun become a leader and he unite all tribes of Slavion. His boduguards was known as Peruns Warhaounds
The Great Crusade
Perun swore allegiance to the Emperor and was given command of the 2th Legion

Horus Heresy
Horus send them to warp and they were lost for 10000 years. All the time they fought with chaos deamons and traitor legions.
But now in 41milenium they are back in real space and loyal to the Emperor of mankind.
Primarch: Perun the ethernal

Fortress: Krakyev

Iron Priest: Jakov the Perunshound

Librarian and chapter master: Veles the Sagacious

Chaplain: Chors Bearer of Death

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