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if you are reading this then you have been invited to join the Mighty Divisions Developers (MDD)

you were most likely invited because i believe that you belong here, your skills are probably Mapping, Scripting, Modelling, Skinning, or any other vital asset to the team...

if you among this group then you must not share information with outsiders, we must act as a team to keep Mighty Divisions moving

soon each person who was invited will have Admin rights to here and the Mod page for Mighty Divisions, which means you can edit information, or add media... but please run it by me, i don't want people looking at stuff which hasn't been announced

as of the moment we have several mappers:


and we have several Skinners:


And now we have a modeller, say hello to GeneralJ827

This group is where we will upload items which acquire approval, such as a new skin for a tank, or a new map etc

i hope each and everyone of you is able to stick with Mighty Divisions as much as i am

The 1st task for everyone in this group, is to find information about the selected Divisions that were posted

As for Progress:

Armored Divisions - 20%
Infantry Divisions - 10%
Airborne Divisions - 45%
Marine Divisions - 5%
Guard Divisions - 5%
Bonus Map list - 70%
Bonus Missions - 20%

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