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TheGreatGonzo Apr 28 2012 says:

1: D
2: A
3: C
4: B
5: C
6: B

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Extradaemon Apr 28 2012 says:

Spaz Shotgun, the Uzi, machete, torch, tank and bear grylls, Although he would probably want me to eat the zombies after I killed them :(, if so then Terry Crews, black guys never die in zombie movies........

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CnC_Fin Apr 28 2012 says:

1: C
2: A
3: C
4: B
5: A
6: D (hehe)

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Admiral_Skeybar Creator
Admiral_Skeybar Apr 28 2012 says:

Hmm, well I'd choose:

1. A
2. C
3. B
4. B
5. C
6. D (couldn't help myself)


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Mad(rus) Apr 28 2012 says:

my weekdays at L4D)

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RighteousFighter Apr 28 2012 says:


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GOD_MAN Apr 28 2012 says:

Why? I live in combine land anyway!

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Calgar Apr 28 2012 says:

1. C
2. D
3. B
4. A
5. C
6. D (Statham is a badass but after killing zombies all day long some downtime is needed)

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TheJP3372 Apr 28 2012 says:

1. A (Very Useful for priority targets, aka humans that have gone mad)
2. A (To make up for the scar)
3. D
4. B
5. A (Space efficient?)
6. Any will be fine, they can all be bait and human shields :D

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OsoDEADLY Apr 28 2012 says:

C (maybe we acn ren-enact scences from everybody hates chris XD)

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hellodean Apr 28 2012 says:

surely it depends on what zombie rules we are talking about depends on what you pick, if its 28days later blood splatter will get you for instance then no chainsaw.
c (range and accuracy)
c (for stealthy moments)
a (limit blood splatter)
b (gonna get dark at somepoint so essential surly)
c (you can sleep in a tank and be sure to be safe (also plenty of ammo in that thing))
d (e'hem)

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pandemic--hour Author
pandemic--hour Apr 28 2012 replied:

of course for the last part, no explanation needed ;)

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Soilworker78 Apr 28 2012 replied:

Indeed, who CAN NOT refuse tits and ***?

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rkraptor70 Apr 28 2012 says:

1.E(Because its obviously the most useful weapon against zombies)
2.A(Because I just love to take headshots)
3.B(Because the chainsaw is too heavy for my taste)
4.D(Because its the most versatile gadget out there and can also be used as a backup melee weapon.)
5.A or C(Will use A only if I can rig a M2HB on top of it)
6.D(Personally prefer C but, Do I HONESTLY have a choice in this?)

+2 votes     reply to comment
hellodean Apr 28 2012 replied:

i assume for 1. u meant to press the "D" key rather than "E" since its not on the list,
onless you can 'unlock' weapons in real life?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Sarge_Rho Apr 28 2012 says:

1 and 2: D
3: C
4: B
5: C
6: D

+1 vote     reply to comment
█Black/Brunez█ Apr 28 2012 says:

1: C (Accurency and good rate of fire, oh yeah... And once again, the preference to shotguns on Zombie Apocalypses is stupid)
2: C (avoid noize. and just one bullet can deal with any zombie)
3: B (if legit, not those cheap katanas. D is my second option. And yes, Chainsaws are also a stupid choice)
4: B (need a light?)
5: A (the tank is also a stupid choice. Good luck to find fuel)
6: D if she can actually do something useful, not just act on pleasure times. And run around with a preagnant is not good on an apocalypse. In other cases, A (he has military experience),B or C.

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pandemic--hour Author
pandemic--hour Apr 29 2012 replied:

the shotgun wouldnt be so stupid to use if its the only weapon you manage to acquire.. plus maybe its because of its superior close range capabilities over other weapons.. ie blowing zombie heads off

+1 vote   reply to comment
█Black/Brunez█ Apr 29 2012 replied:

well, on the "if it´s the only weapon you manage to aquire" than even a teddy bear would, depending the case.

You will be always be limited to only deal with zombies on short range. It has small ammount of shots before needing to reload it slowly. You will mostly be dead if circled. And you will mostly end up on that situation, since shotguns are ******* noizy, calling the attention of anything around.

The head exploding is good, but somewhat a waste since you only need a single bullet to deal with one of those things.

Maybe it´s becoz the movies or video-games where the enemies have health bars... maybe it can be a good weapon for many, but, unlike how it is viewd on this kind of discution, it will never be the best option during an apocalipse.

+1 vote     reply to comment
pandemic--hour Author
pandemic--hour May 4 2012 replied:

Umm no a teddy bear wont be acceptable in any type of situation lol but good point though and I agree with the fact that you would want to be as less noisy as you can but then again lets face it, you cant always be silent. I myself wouldnt personally choose the spas and a handgun as that means you are basically equipped with all short ranged weapons.

And when I meant blowing heads off I wasnt referring it to the fact they have health bars and they wont go down with one shot close range. But it certainly would make me feel better if their head is blown off plus they will be blown away if they are coming close to you.

Anyways I was just saying in that type of situation you would basically be happy if you manage to get a weapon at all.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Jack__Sparrow Apr 28 2012 says:

1. C- good for close to medium combat!
2. D- medium to long range and no shot sound
3. D- easy to use and super effective
4. D- it has all you need
5. A- your protected and you can add some spikes muahahaha
6. Hmmm if me and my teammate are only pepole on world then I would chose D but if were not then B

+2 votes     reply to comment
Tymathee Apr 28 2012 says:

1. a. - So I can pick off zombies at a distance.
2. b. - for surprise encounters.
3. c. - you can never go wrong with a Katana, also with the sheath, you can keep it on you at all times, the other stuff you have to carry.
4. d. - Multi purpose.
5. a. makes the most sense...also its a humvee, you can add guns to it.
6. a. He can do it all.
6-2. d. if i have plans to repopulate...i need a woman.

+1 vote     reply to comment
MattmanDude Apr 28 2012 says:

1. D For multiple multilation

2. D For long range take downs

3. B For good reach and killing power.

4. C Because a good piece of rope has more uses than just about any other tool.

5. D Because if we could secure a water filter and some fishing poles that'd give us the best chance of survival.

6. D Because sometimes just surviving ain't enough.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Katana_ Apr 28 2012 says:

1.A - The farther away the zombies say
2.C - Zombies hear gunshots too.
3.B - Bear in mind that the sheath is just as much of a weapon as the blade.
4.B - Lighting in the zombie apocalypse is terrible after the power plants go out.
5.D - Have you *seen* a zombie swim on the surface of a large body of water? There's a reason for that.
6.A - B would end up leaving everyone else to die anyways.

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attackmike Apr 29 2012 says:

for all those who choose "d" for 6....have you thought about your kids if your the only two alive?XD

+1 vote     reply to comment
jo291 Apr 29 2012 says:

1.A So that when I'm coming to shore in my boat i can take out all the zombies i see on the shore thus clearing it before hitting the beach/dock and for that matter would be helpful for holeing up anywhere period.

2.B The sniper rifle is single shot, slow to reload. and pretty big so having a secondary weapon that can be fired automatically is quick to reload and small and easy to carry is a good idea.

3.B Its long enough to keep the zombies at a farther distance then the other weapons (save the chainsaw maybe) but unlike the chainsaw does not require gas and doesn't take a while to rev up (can just be whipped out).

4.C So that i can rope my boat in to docks and make sure it doesn't drift away.

5.D Zombies cant swim so the great thing about the boat is it could be both my transportation and shelter. I could probably survive out there with supplies for quiet a while before having to come to shore.

6.A He can help me ration out my supplies and could probably make/build a ton of useful things for us including a fishing pole in witch case we could just survive by eating fish and thus only have to come in to shore occasionally for vegetables/fruit (scurvy is not fun) and water thus making the times we have to come to shore far less.

+2 votes     reply to comment
B7Biscuit Apr 30 2012 says:

1: D: High stopping power and damage, very useful in close quarters so long as it's used tactically (low ammo and long reloads).

2: B: Awkward to carry and lot's of ammo to carry, but high ROF and 'spray-n-pray' is good for getting out of a tight spot quickly.

3: B: I am a freaking ninja, that's why.

4: B: Zombie Apocalypse conditions: no electricity, very little high-tech, close quarters. What is not useful? Long range gadgets. What is useful? Heavy close-range gadgets that can be used not only as artificial light, but as a club in dire situations. Why not C. or D.? My choice for 5. has those covered.

5: A: Fast, heavy, maneuverable, simple. Good for basic travel, carrying supplies, and mowing down zombies in style.

6: A: The human utility. The way I see it, so long as I can fight back the zombies, Bear can take care of the rest (food, water, shelter, supplies, relocating, transportation, rationing, scaling, hiking, accent, naked back-flips off the edge of buildings through a mosh pit of zombies and into a fully fueled vehicle that also happens to be stocked with supplies for 6 months, etc.)

+1 vote     reply to comment
asif_ridwan Apr 30 2012 buried:


Me? No not interested to play this game. :|

-6 votes     reply to comment
█Black/Brunez█ Apr 30 2012 replied:

No one is forcing you to "play", on the same way no one is forcing you to comment every single page with random comments.

+9 votes     reply to comment
The_Darker_Side Apr 30 2012 says:

1: A
2: D
3: B
4: D
5: C
6: D (A Tank operated by babies.... Very disturbing yet awesome.)

+2 votes     reply to comment
75shaddude Apr 30 2012 says:

If I choose bear grylls will he make me drink pee?

+3 votes     reply to comment
█Black/Brunez█ May 1 2012 replied:

Not really. He will drink his won only if necessary.

BTW, people are overlooking him. He was already a SAS. That means he can also use guns, and way better than those other actors.

If you want to survive, he is the best option.

+4 votes     reply to comment
davo001 May 1 2012 replied:

i was thinking the same thing.
he is ex-regiment and is head-scout with all the survival skills that come with that background

+1 vote     reply to comment
DEAD_FiSH May 2 2012 says:

1: D
Close range mayhem!
2: A
Secondary mayhem!
3: B
Mutilation of reanimated!
4: B
When searching in dark!
5: B
6: D

+1 vote     reply to comment
doom2.fan May 24 2012 says:

1: A
2: D
3: B
4: D
5: C
6: B

+1 vote     reply to comment
DogmA1990 Jun 3 2012 says:


+1 vote     reply to comment
Galacticruler Dec 10 2012 says:

1. A
2. D
3. B
4. D
5. B
6. C

+1 vote     reply to comment
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