Founded by those who oppose the status quot, and defy the oppressive regime of the Empire. The Syndicate is a conglomeration of various organizations who have taken matters into their own hands, no longer willing to rely on the Jedi Order or the Federation to protect the galaxy from the likes of the Sith or Imperials. WIP

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Reaver Gunship
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The Reaver gunship is a heavily armed space-capable repulsorlift vehicle that could be deployed from high orbit and effectively perform planetary-based close air support missions. To many Union soldiers, they are considered to be a heavily armed and well protected vessel in the combat repulsorlift category due to amount of armaments and defense it carries into the battlefield.

The assault gunship’s many weapons are designed for both air-to-air combat and air-to-ground support. The gunship is armed with a chin-mounted heavy laser cannon for anti-armor purpose while its three light cannons are used as anti-personnel weapons. However, the wing rotary blaster cannons are a preferred weapon among many gunners to deal with a massed infantry formation in high-speed strafe runs due to decent explosive power and high rate of fire. The gunner’s head and eye movement controlled the turrets with pinpoint accuracy, enabling the gunship to easily take on any threats in any direction. The wings each could hold two external hardpoints, each could be configured with either single or triple rack depending on the mission. With triple rack, the gunship could carry up to twenty-four of either heavy missiles or rockets capable of disable or destroy a capital-scale starship within the atmosphere or a large fortification. Many enemies found the Reaver to be one of most terrifying opponents as it could lay waste on a large formation of hostile forces with incredible amount of the firepower, usually quickly and unexpectedly, righteously earning its reputation as a battlefield butcher.

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