Work has officially begun on V5 of the DBolical sites. Our goal is keeping the same layout with minor improvements, that focus on usability, responsiveness and mobile support. At the moment we are testing various CSS frameworks to see what works best.


  • We are in the extremely early stage of development!!!
  • So expect bugs, glitches, unfinished work and all manner of issues
  • Right now we are just exploring ideas, nothing else
  • So ignore problems and let us know what you like / dislike
  • Remember nothing you see here might be used, so don't get too upset if you like/dislike something
  • The more feedback you provide the better
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v5 preview

v5 preview

News 41 comments

For the past 6 months we have been working on a redesign of ModDB and IndieDB, whose design was last updated in 2008. We invite you to join the alpha.

Some feedback to Mod DB v5!

Some feedback to Mod DB v5!

News 6 comments

v5 will bring many new features like a design that is much more up-to-date than the current one. In this article I'll provide some feedback to this new...

Widgets everywhere... and v5!

Widgets everywhere... and v5!

News 17 comments

To make sharing downloads, games, mods easier we've created an easy to use widget system. Oh and work has finally begun on v5, learn how you can get access...

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I've started using it and for the things that I've noticed :
1_there's no title or name above video and images I think that's odd "what's the meaning in nameing it if the name will not show up"
2_when pointing the mouse to the arrows that point to the next image/vidoe it changes its shape to two headed arrow <-> I don't know if this is normal !
3_in member profile in the Avatar space the Avatar kinda small compared to the space around it,and no more country flag?
4_I think I like the darker theme and colores and the black background ,the gray is a little ....
5_I think ModDB logo in the top left should be bigger to stand out while the notifications icons should be smaler ''my opinion''.
6_a customized head banner for profiles/pages would be better.
7_this one is my opinion,while you're on it why not making the option of good/bad karma to an image/video as well.
*that for now if I see or think of any thing I will notify by comment*
((all of the above are my personal opinion))

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I've noticed that the search button is no longer next to the search bar. I am sure this is a temp misalignment ( ) . Also, I just noticed that there is no "threads" button next to our "messages" button anymore. This was quite convenient to have.

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I believe you made all the colors' hue a bit darker? I have noticed a change the past week or so but I can't pinpoint it :P . Still activating the beta version every time it de-activates itself, loving the new style.

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Just tried it, it looks OK but I do have the following questions:

1) Is V5 going to support multi-monitor setup and ultra-wide monitor?
2) Is V5 to be ...DB only or will it be available for Gamefront as well?
3) Will V5 feature the option to choose our own colouring or does it come with some default basic colours?

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How's the progress going? I've been putting off the development of custom pages for some mods due to V5 being in the works. Is there at least a very rough estimated date for release, so I know whether it'd be a waste to work on custom CSS at this point? I'm curious to see how, and if, it has changed since last time as well.

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After a bit of testing, here's my big opinion:
Everything seems to be fine, just add banners behind names.

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Definitely think there needs to be a dark theme. This is a lot brighter than the previous theme and it's definitely hard to look at for someone with more sensitive eyes, like myself.

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XanT Staff

Thanks for your feedback everyone :)

We have been making small changes to address bugs and also make improvements where necessary. A recent change we have just made is better and more accurate image previews on forms

In the past a user would upload a logo but due to us showing images as 4:3 in pretty much all areas of the site, they would not see that the ratio they uploaded will cut off parts of the image that they probably want to keep. Now when you upload certain images (logo, icon, etc) you can get an accurate representation of how it will look alongside news items on the main page and such.

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Well, that's some great change! :D

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I'm taking my words back. V5 actually looks good. I hope the logo stays the same so we still have some of that history there. Also i would like for a dark/black theme. That would help with how "bright" this new design is (having my eyes burn out at night aint fun)
Tbh honest i would prefer the design to be darker than whiter

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