Group for fans of the new and old Tv Show as well the comics/books, games... that happens in the conflict SPOILER WARNING TO CLONE WARS SHOW! "The end of the war is near..." This group now officially takes the entirety of the prequels.

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Wonderful image, isn't it? Just to make you understand that it takes time to improve pictures and this one is just a raw material. I think I don't need to post anything new, nobody cares anyway and my leadership position is based on my performance and artistic merits, so if I don't post anything, I get demoted(it has happened a few times already). So, why do you keep treating me like an idiot and inferior, while I'm a nice contributor, hmm why? You also disrespect my friends, who prepare those files, thanks.

Mod-db members just left me behind, thank you. Okay, now you can insult me and tell me I'm a pushy bitch and a brainless barbie doll, bring it on.

Bye bye -

Got it!

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