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Jul 12 2012, 9:59pm Anchor

Which of the 4 seasons is the best in your eyes?

It's a tough decision maybe season 3 for me?

Jul 13 2012, 2:35am Anchor

Yep, it's a tough decision and can't decide whether to choose season 3 or 4, I'm really in two minds about it :wub: Ahsoka has appeared in every season and I love Mortis trilogy, I've watched it a few times already and I see myself in there. It's just a TV show, but I love it, I'm a nerd and I realized it some time ago! :D :wub: 
I choose... season... number... 3 :?  or 4 :?
number :wub: :wub: :wub: (3) :)


:rambo: :wub:

Jul 18 2012, 1:34pm Anchor

*cough* Season 4 *cough*

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Jul 20 2012, 12:12am Anchor

they were all good:) also i somewhat forgot a LOT of the things that happened in them:(

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