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This is an article I found on regarding similarities between Atheists and Christians. It goes over many of the ill thought-out misconceptions that we tend to have of each-other. I hope you'll take the time to read it.

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So apparently, the content field must be a minimum of 300 characters in length.

Just thought you should know...

Oh! I also think that you should know that the aforementioned hyperlink, as well as the description of the required length of a news post thereafter, was not conglomerately a minimum of 300 characters in length.


Why this is not also on the atheists group? And should I grab my popcorn?

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B7Biscuit Author

Sorry, I would have posted it to the Atheist group as well, but I'm not a member and don't know how to post it to a group I'm not a part of.

Anyone else is certainly welcome to post it there, however : )

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MattmanDude Creator

I already did. It is awaiting authorization. :)

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its a good read, and everything about it is pretty accurate, but it is a long read so people grab your popcorn

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Well, the popcorn was about possible discussions (and possibly flaming) on this page.

BTW, it was one of the most sane readings that I ever had about this theme.

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MattmanDude Creator

This guy's a genius.

Thanks for uploading this B7BLUE. Terrific article.

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well just so you know....I try my best to put prayer before any other course of action. so "3. In Everyday Life, You're Not That Different" doesnt work at all for me:D I take the verse pray continually as actually keeping in touch with God always

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