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Ferkhat Leader
Jun 28 2009 Anchor

I'm Ferkhat Shubladze. I'm 14 years old and i was born in Russia. My modding talent in modeling, i have modeled for 2 years already. I can speak English, Russian and Turkish. I'm going into the 8th grade and i'm really good in school, i get good grades too!
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Jun 28 2009 Anchor

yo I'm taxikiller don't ask me why I choose this name coz I don't know the answer to that question neither, so k my modding skills coding voice acting and a lil bit 3d, I'm dutch and I speak English to I have Finnish my skool and didnt make the exams coz I didn't do much on skool, I listen to pop hardcore trance hardstyle dance and house, my favorite typ of movies is sci-fi trillers and sci-fi warfare and action/adventure I have a xbox 360 my gamertag there is Mistaa Dione and I play Halo 3 and C&C 3 RA only so that's all about me if you want to know something just ask.

cheers and keep modding

RandomusIdiotus I'm a gamer, but I'm limited by my surroundings.
Jun 28 2009 Anchor

I am Keenan Bryce Harvey, aka Kee715. I have no modding skills as of yet, but I intend to learn some as soon as I can. I type English quite well, but I do not talk as such because I grew up talking like a Redneck. I am known as Kee715 in every place I go on the internet, I chose the username back when I could hardly remember a thing, I chose half of my first name and a random number, in addition to my *[CENSORED]* password. That was my primary Steam account, and still is.

My Xire username is kee715, and you can add me if you wish, I need someone to chat with and my other e-friends have work/social lives. :(

I have too much to type here, but there is a small summary.

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