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This month work was put mostly on optimizing, fixing and improving the code for the character creation and others. Visually this update will be rather scarce, I guess it will be more an appetizer for the next one.

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This time I had made use of a broader range of openshot effects for my video(thanks for the youtube user johnanth for the tip), learned how to build a better character animation armature, with semi-auto animation, as for example, the leg rotates by itself correctly depending of the foot position, moving the start of a finger(for a closed hand pose) automatically changes the the finger tip depending of the rotation direction(previously both were manual only) and more. The power of this knowledge will be better seen at the game quest 'Crawling as a millipede', thought you can already notice differences at the character creation at the video. I must now study how to actually create better poses, as armatures are already fine.

It was a pain, but I also managed to at will glue any object to any of the two hands of the character(with python), so the object follows the bone rotation and position; this feature, together with the last one, already are advances for the quest part of the game as well, like I said before, usually a completed feature already advances work on other parts of the game.

Animating, texturing and modeling is slightly harder when you work at several character parts, usual in RPG's where you can create your character, opposed to the easiness of animating. texturing and modelling a whole character, with no separated parts.

I also spent some time updating my tutorial for mac linux users and replacing ubuntu with Xubuntu, which will now be my development/user OS.

This month and December had and will drain a bit of my game development time(Christmas), but seeing once more how for each game optimization, features and such achieved, the development get increasingly easy and faster(thankfully) can my promise of having something playable at December end or January truly happen I wonder?

Questverse WIP interfaceDialogue layoutSolarian Buildable Character 1

Quest 1 progress shall continue in the next days already(I will just add animated hair before).

This is what I remember for now, that is all space travellers.

EDIT 28/11: Decided to give Lubuntu 12.10 a try, very good Ubuntu Flavor; faster and still good looking. Replaced xubuntu with it.

EDIT 02/12: You can check dev status at development chart and general project chart

You can participate on public votation polls here, here and here.


Nice to see some things being made in a more automatic way, I think it'll speed the development process up enough for you to make it in time. Currently I like the game for all the info you give on development, and I'm looking forward to liking it for its gameplay as well. Good luck with the development!

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Tsukiyoarts Author

Thanks friendly Pabo!

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JohnAnth here, no problem. ;)

The ending was pretty exciting! Reminded me of Star Wars, being the lovable nerd I am. :) Told you you can make a great video with a program as simple as Openshot! No-one needs After Effects, what you need is inspiration (which you very much have, the cinematic aspects of the trailer are outstanding).

Anyway. Follow what Derek Yu said. Think about promotion of your game later.

Read this. It will definitely help you get the game ready faster, and it looks very different from anything else I've played before (the Japanese influence is clear though, the dialogue looks like a visual novel interface--which is great as I love anime) and I would really like to play it. Best of luck with the game!

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Tsukiyoarts Author

Hey, thanks again JohnAnth! I'm already reading the link you sent. Expect the project to keep improving as it goes on.

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