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xxT65xx Creator

Lol, now I know some christains cite Richard Dawkins refusal to debate with Ray Comfort as 'proof' that scientists aren't as confident with evolution as they seem. But thats not really the case, you see, creationists like Comfort don't actually have any credentials so Dawkins knows that the debate would largely be spent on simply trying to teach Ray basic concepts and debunking strawmen, which is made more difficult by Ray's unwillingness to learn thanks to a false belief that he knows everything. Ray would likely just use the debate as a platform for evangelism, by putting on a show he can trick the simple-minded into thinking he is 'winning'. For proof of these tactics, look up Ray Comfort and the rational response sqaud or thunderf00t.

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Velancious Creator

Most creationists don't have any sort of credentials. They're just mainly your average, everyday church-going Christians who want to defend their faith. Some of them are actually people like doctors and that can be pretty scary, especially when they can refuse care or cite going to church as the real cure to a disease...

And then there's those who fake or actually have credentials like our favorite "Dr." Kent Hovind.

Really, in the end, it's just religion lashing out because it cannot logically defend itself. It must fight like the cornered beast it is against the machine because its claws can't penetrate the armor. Sly words from people like William Lane Craig only slow down it's inevitable downfall. Even though he is a great debater, he is still defending a horrible proposition and ideology.

Let's put it this way: Creationists already lost the fight many years ago when they couldn't defend their faith and couldn't backup claims for a God. They're just about to ragequit the game right now.

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William Lane Craig? That guy who said that slaughtering a child as written in the Bible is for an "infinite good"? That guy who said "their death means salvation"? His pssition to this issue is despicable and stupid. I wouldnt really call him sly, cause sly people would manage those passages much better.

Ray Comfort is simply an idiot. Debating him means to go down to his level and that sucks.

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Admiral-165 Creator

Ray Comfort is a ******* and WLC is a snake oil salesman... ie Ray Comfort literally has no idea what he is talking about (in any interivew i've seen with him) and WLC deliberately decieves people.

EDIT: there are creationists with credentials, but it's always in thing like engineering or something which does not require the study of something having to do with how things actually happened.

ie you will never have a person with a PhD in some type of evolutionary biology who is a creationist. But you may have someone with a PhD in physics who doesnt believe in evolution.

Ergo the latter has credentials in physics but will have the same understanding of evolutionary biology as anyone else...

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