This group is for people who notice canononical contradictions within popular sci-fi and fantasy franchises and wish to discuss them in a safe, TROLL FREE, environment.

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Ozzy667 calls everything on this group propaganda. He throws this word around like a chef throwing around pizza dough.
hes essentially like Joseph McCarthy but instead of calling everyone a Communist he accuses EVERYITHING EVER POSTED ON THIS PAGE of being propaganda. if HE doesn't like something he automatically calls it propaganda even if it is the straight truth.
ladies and gentlemen i'll have you know that the pat couple of graphs are posted are accurate. i made them as unbiased as i could, using a plethora of different sources as well as one of Leeland chees personal blogs. granted some of these sources were vague on where exactly certain events fall on the timeline.
so if my graphs are so accurate why does he still claim it as propaganda? well i know the answer to this its because I made them. You see ladies and gentlemen, its not about canon anymore, its not about chronology, its not about good story telling, its not about preserving what was lost, its about attacking Delta. For 4 goddamn years this asshole, ozzy667 and his goons from the Clone wars fans group have been relentlessly attacking me on my profile page as well as some of my other group pages just because i dont believe what they believe in.
hmm does that sound familiar? you don't believe what i believe in therefore your bad and must die? hmm how about the crusades, the holocaust and oh EVERY SINGLE WAR IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY.
these degenerate assholes are no better than the over-fanatical Christians in the Westborough Baptist church, the over fanatical muslums killing and terrorizing westerners, or the nazis who killed over 6 million innocent people because they were different.
I assure you if I had not posted those graphs, Ozzy667 would not have made accusations of them being propaganda. Any one of you could have posted those exact same graphs and he would not have had the same reaction. there's your propaganda ozzy happy? (and yes i have snapped, im beyond course with rage)

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