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Vladislavskij Author

Aprrox translation by me,much slang used so was adopted by me for English.

As usually urgent flight
our guys under pressure
We fly by day-night
On your everlasting risk and fear.

Placing label on tablet
In that square (map), as in a cage
our scouts are choking
In these damn mountains

We have been given task
But no luck,
We are in hurry,otherwise
There will die whole our platoon

Starting my "Rook" without Afterburner
Techniques in old soviet munitions
Will slap on the ending
Two "rooks" going to take off!

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Vladislavskij Author

We do not look at the scenery,
We should always be on guard!
Takin turn-action between mountains and rocks
Hey mate, do not fall behind

I came out of the hill
I looked at the 'hump'
WTF there is happening?
Well,dont miss a chance

Hey down there,fall back "rooks" arrived
Our work is starting
"Right 30 degrees - guns!"
Shouting radio at me

While turning,throwing FABs (FAB-250 bombs)
And while going out from turn
Like on and offroad
My plane was thrown in all directions

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Vladislavskij Author

Tracers as a spyder web,
Manouvering actively
Picturesque painting
As Savrasov's "Rooks" picture (russian painter)

Arrived, rescued ...
People are welcoming us with a fire (flak guns)
Once again, the "land" does not respond,
Well, scouts dont shut up,please!


Why did i went to army?
For example Uljanovsk,everything else(home)
I would have flat,car,summer house
And would drive Water-mellon (AirBuss:D)

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Vladislavskij Author

"Rook",poor fellow,been damaged
I will revenge for that,
And are incomming to me
Bright red balloons.

miracles still happens
i am alive,even if they hit me
sweat eat my eyes
And i cant hide from boiling weather

30 mm gun,like a tank 125mm one
The thunder of shots, turbulence...
Like a mouse in a tin
I have been smashed with a hammer

Do not get in now to the summary(how much died),
So on we do not drink vodka.
Me like a snake on a pan
Whole munnition away

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Vladislavskij Author

Fooling enemy with fake incomming attacks
Need to go home
Cos tanks are almoust dry
And wings are damaged

Like frost on skin
"Rook" pecked his nose
My life is under question
My plane almosut killed

But the machine is alive, breathing
Like some one helps me from the skies...(God)
And in a headphones, I hear:
"Rooks, thank you!"

We pulled back
Behind bombs and bullets
Bernoulli's theorem
Holds my "rook" in the air

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Vladislavskij Author

My board flies on a magic
A drop of blood from my nose,
Know in the medical unit "health"??
I'll get from a doctor

Far, near, here concrete
My parachute will pop loudly
Will turn,leave aside
I. .. I do not bother.

Somewher is the fight, but it is somewhere
And around this summer ...
The technician will give me a cigarette
Well, guys ... Gonna live!

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I personally like this thing better than the A-10.

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why the a-10 is arguably one of the best ground attack craft its not nicknamed the tank buster/killer what ever u want for nothing

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