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Captain-Brisco Nov 21 2014, 1:28pm says:

You know,

For all the highly technological and advanced aircraft NATO and the United Nations has they rarely (if not ever) actually use them.

They just sit there and bicker all day about the world's problems while whole countries descend into Civil War. I mean when is the last time NATO has actually seen action?

Hmph, I wonder what would happen in a world without the UN...
Maybe NATO could actually be useful.

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OminousSpudd Nov 21 2014, 5:24pm replied:

NATO is an aggressive relic from the Cold War. It's entire existence has been, is, and will be, a Western siege weapon against the sovereignty of the Russian Federation. It has operated under the guise of a coalition against terrorism in recent years, but now that Russia is breaking away from the American hegemony NATO is beginning to show its true face again.

NATO is an incredibly useful tool to the US. It's an alliance that essentially forces every European country's hand, using a "With me, or against me" ideology. See:

NATO shouldn't even exist, let alone see action.

NATO is the cause and effect.

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Orange_Tomato Nov 21 2014, 6:05pm replied:

No, NATO is an incredibly efficient tool to curb the aggression of the resurged face of russian ethnic and theocratic fascism, which Putin embraced to once again hide the problems of Russia from the public eye after the 2012 protest over which he was deeply insulted. Now he has already annexed a part of another sovereign country at the same time calling it "nazist" and starting an ethnically based civil war in it's eastern regions(just look at Strelkov's latest interviews).

Without NATO, he would, without doubt try the same **** in the Baltic states, Poland, and even with the country his former "friend" Lukashenko. However, with every Russian soldier and every piece of Russian equipment he ironically moves Ukrainians closer to NATO, even though he knows that as soon as that happens he will lose the country forever.

I hope the Russian people wake up before that, remove that ****** cleptocrat from power and will finally start on improving their economy, ending global isolation, and the sell-out of resources and the few remaining succesfull (mostly Soviet) technology, especially to China.

But before that happens, NATO is and will be needed to contain him.

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Artaxxz Nov 21 2014, 6:26pm replied:

I hope that americans wake up and realize for once that the live in a fascist police state. What putin is doing is fighting for russian national interest, instead in america the goverment (puppets) only fight for corporate interests and banks. The reason of all this anti-russian propaganda is because russia will not bow down to the US plans.

I would recommend you watching a movie called "America: from freedoom to fascism"

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Captain-Brisco Nov 21 2014, 6:57pm replied:

I'm a citizen of the United States and well aware of our fascist intentions.

Our government has been lying to us consistently and turning us into a police state. And I know all to well of who has them in their pockets. Which to be frank has me infuriated as well as saddened by the current state of my country.

There used to be a time in the United States that the people at least tried to be vigilant of corruption in government. That was how the system worked. The government is for the people, by the people. And if we saw corruption in it we would use the courts, laws, and even go as far as impeachment to stop it.

But now the country is so brainwashed by the secular media (which is also in the corporations pockets) nothing gets done but what the corporations and those with "political" agendas enact.

I give Putin credit for not letting his country go down like that. But I don't necessarily support him annexing Crimea either. Annexation hasn't been done since the second world war and when it usually is done wars start.

No country is perfect, but we make do with what we got. What will it take to wake up America though? I don't know, and to be honest, I don't want to. It may be something far more terrible than any would want.

But it may be necessary if something isn't done soon.

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Captain-Brisco Nov 21 2014, 7:29pm replied:

That's true to a degree about NATO, but it could be put to good use if it left the political arena and instead spent it's time in anti-terrorist activities like in Africa for example.

They may be more European based, but I know for a fact their boys need to see some action. Killing fanatics who kidnap women and burn villages is good practice for a aggressive cold war relic wouldn't you say?

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OminousSpudd Nov 21 2014, 8:51pm replied:

Good to see someone who isn't blinded by the constant spew of rhetoric drivel that spills from Washington today, Captain-Brisco.

The "annexation" of Crimea was done within the terms of the partition signed between Russia and Ukraine in 1999, allowing for the immediate stationing of 25,000 troops at any time Russia deemed the Crimean interest to be at risk. The Ukrainian military bases stationed there were told to stand down immediately (the part where the annexation does come in), which was done non-violently and with NO loss of life aside from a single death in a blue on blue involving Ukrainian personnel. Then the ethnically vast majority of Russians voted for a secession with <90% of the vote. Of course people say it was rigged, (even though the process was carried out under the eye of several independent investigation committees) but the people there kinda blow that theory out of the water anyway. (turn your volume down)

Anyway, no loss of life via Russian forces is more than ample evidence of the lack in civil unrest.

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OminousSpudd Nov 21 2014, 8:52pm replied:

Orange Tomato. Do you deny this?

What Russian aggression? Crimea? I just addressed that. Ukraine? If Russia decided to put troops on the ground in Ukraine, you would know. The war would be over in days for Ukraine, and World War 3 would have just begun.

Lets compare supposed Russian aggression with the United States, since the dissolution of the USSR:

Russia: First (and Second) Chechen War, 1994, 1999: The first was lead by Yeltsin, who was avidly supported by the West, the war ended in failure and demoralisation of the disorganised Russian Armed Forces. The Second is generally considered justified, as Chechen extremists were the original aggressors.

Russia: Russo-Georgian War, 2008: Essentially a wake up for Russia as NATO begins the first move for a country directly bordering Russia, despite Western condemnation a decisive and short lived war ensues, followed by a regime change. NATO threat is thwarted.

United States: The list is to numerous, and the justifications likewise. Most interventions lead by the US have ranged from the establishing of Gestapo-esque secret police in countries like Greece, to the outright destruction of millions of lives, and the seizing of assets, such as Iraq. Here is a full list since 1945:

Many a Russian will tell you that Putin is the most genuine leader that Russia has had since the fall of the USSR. The accusation of a Putin lead quasi-fascist regime is as absurd as a Cold War communist United States. There is almost a phobia of fascism in Russia, brought about by the losses caused during World War 2, (21,000,000+ conservative est.).

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OminousSpudd Nov 21 2014, 8:58pm replied:

If you want half-decent summaries, I have them too:

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Captain-Brisco Nov 21 2014, 9:12pm replied:

To be honest Ive grown so sick of the political madness going on in Washington Ive cut my ties with any particular political party. While my values may lean liberally or conservatively is my own decision.

I was amazed that Crimea was annexed like that to be honest.

90% of the populace wanted it, no loss of life instigated by the Russian Troops, and a rapid seizure of all assets in the area.

Militarily the annexation was executed flawlessly.

Politically it was a firestorm. (in the United Nations and elsewhere)

The fact that Russia was kicked out of the G8 (whatever kind of UN treehouse club that is) indicates that what Putin is doing really ****** off the elite in the UN.

As for me, it's nice to know the UN doesn't have as much power as we've been lead to believe (considering they couldn't stop Putin from taking Crimea). After seeing what's happened in the United States, Britain, France, and the rest of western Europe I really don't like what's going on at all.

All those countries Ive mentioned, becoming (or are) police states, being controlled by media that swings one particular direction, and losing freedom's like there's no tomorrow.

Between the globalists in the UN, the corporations in the states, and the politically correct monsters in office with their media lackeys, I have a feeling things are going to be getting a lot darker around here...

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OminousSpudd Nov 21 2014, 9:22pm replied:

Crimea is strategically important to Russia. The US forced their hand, even though Putin asked as to why Ukraine had to choose between Russia and the EU, and not cooperate with both, the EU still drew the line.

If the US/NATO controlled the Crimea via Ukraine it would tear a huge whole in the Russian defence bloc, cutting off the Black Sea and giving serious strategic potential to the West. It was a now or never situation for Russia. They could afford to work out Ukraine diplomatically, but Crimea was out of bounds. The US shed literal tears over Russia's flawless execution and subsequent secession of the Crimea. They won the people, and security for their own national interests in one move.

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Captain-Brisco Nov 21 2014, 9:24pm replied:

I know, and that's probably what ****** of the EU and the UN the most.


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MiG31 19hours 49mins ago replied:

I hope that your country will be never occupied by any soviet, russian or even nazi forces. Look at my country, they killed most of our intelligentsia in concentration camps or in mass graves like "Katyn". And they have effrontery to call it "Polish concentration camps". NATO is good for post-soviet countries, they can think about something normal, not only be scared because of bear from eastern border. No one is saint but history learned my country to avoid eastern slavic "friend".

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TypicalRussianIvan 16hours 12mins ago replied:

Listen, my friend, no offense, but I have a question. Do you know how many Russian non-combatants died because of Germans during the World War 2? Even without Stalin's repressions it was a big number outrunning the numb of Polish repressed by soviets. And even before the Ukrainian Shitstorm Incident have you seen Russians hating Germans for everything? Not those ones who were serving in German army during WW2, but an entire German nation? Well, I didn't, because current Germany is not THAT Germany and we understand it. Do we still hate Hitler and his surroundings? Yes. But when it comes to Polish/Ukrainian/Baltic countries you always hate the Russian nation. No, you don't hate the Soviet government which consisted of Georgians (Stalin), Ukrainians (Kruschev) and only one true Russian later(Andropov), you don't hate Soviet army, it's soldiers or Generals for all those repressions,no. You hate a Russian nation in general, and that's what is called nationalism. And although everything has changed you still prefer to live by Cold War era ideals and hate people for something that was done by "another" country. I understand that betrayal and mass murders is not something that should be forgotten. But look: Russia doesn't blame Germany for mistakes of the past anymore, nor do Japans blame US(At least most of them), nor do Afghans hate Russian for Soviet invasion and etc. So please, I understand that Soviets at some point weren't different from WW2 Germany, but quit bitching and start living by present, not the past. I apologize If i offended you.

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TypicalRussianIvan 16hours 10mins ago replied:

Oh, and If you mention this new "Cold War" after Ukraine: there is no justice at the western or eastern side. Those both sides have always been clashing over the world and now they got another chance to blame each other. The only difference that Russia, after losing it soviet might got a chance to come to it's "sanity", while the western countries got a lot of time to become even more impudent ******** that USSR was. The sides kinda switched places since the last Cold War.

Oh, and If you mention Ukraine. Ukrainian nationalist, that run the country right now, were cutting Polish people with the same success than Soviets and Germans had.

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OminousSpudd 10hours 52mins ago replied:

MiG31, I do know what happened to your country under Soviet Russia, and I do know what happened to it under Nazi Germany. However, I can not say I know what happened to your country under the Russian Federation.

As the current Russian President is quoted as saying; "Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain."

The message of a Russia that is regressing back to its communist days, especially the days of Stalin, is one of spite and ignorance. I do believe that the general consensus among Russians is one of distaste for most of the modus operandi of the Soviet Union, even if they do miss the certain power and status that their country had on the world stage during those times.

The USSR is gone, the same as Nazi Germany. And hence we need to view Russia not as a resurgent aggressor, but as a resurgent superpower that is refusing to be bullied into submission. And I ask you, is that such a bad thing?

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Orange_Tomato 10hours 50mins ago replied:

Dude, I'm ethnically Russian, born and raised in Eastern Ukraine, speak Russian as a native language and have been to Russia multiple times. And for the love of god I can't understand how people in the West can really believe that Putin is a legitimate and reliable partner and can be trusted where democratically elected goverments can't.

First of all, Crimean annexation, and yes it is an annexation, even though Putin's fans might deny it, is a joke. Our little Hitler in the Kremlin sent so called "little green men" which turned out to be elite Russian troops without insignias into a part of another sovereign country, took over it and then held rigged elections (of course, 101% love Putin everywhere, and no no internationally recognized election observers were not present, only far-right party members from Europe, look here or here or simply everywhere on the internet) as a fig leaf to cover his move. Sudeteland 1938, anyone? "Federalization" prospects included in both cases.

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Orange_Tomato 10hours 48mins ago replied:

And what did he get? Nothing at all. Notice, how the West, unlike the Russians, did not send any troops or even threaten military intervention. They did what was appropriate - they isolated a land-grabbing quasi-fascist regime internationally, and imposed sanctions on it's corrupt crony rulers. Notice that the food sanctions which are already felt dearly in the Russian population did not from the West - but from Putin himself, even though he certainly knew that despite Russia's size it has an extremely neglected, hardly working food industry and imports even the most basic foodstuffs. Now Russia's economy is in freefall because it's leader wanted to get a naval base on a mediterranian peninsula, which doesn't even have a land bridge to Russia. Truly awesome, one of the best leaders. Just look here or here or just at the Ruble chart this year, dammit!

As for the phobia of "fascism" - for Russians today it's become some kind of a religious dogma which has no relationship for the political climate in the country today at all. It's just a heroic epic from the glorious Soviet past for most.

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Orange_Tomato 10hours 46mins ago replied:

At the same time, Putin's goverment increasingly resembles a classical case of a fascist state (no, fascism has nothing to do with Jews or Germans, it's a politcal system: It has become a stale vertical state where Putin oversees everything and everyone. Oligarchs are free to keep their robbed money and rob even more from gas sales if they just stay loyal and out of politics. If anyone steps of line like Khodorkovsky or recently Yevtushenkov ( he gets crushed mercilessly. Meanwhile the Russian people are kept docile by a constant (and apparently effective) stream of propaganda (just watch Russian TV for a week or so and tell me that it speaks the truth while the West doesn't) about the evil, degenerate and "dissolving" West which has no soul unlike Russia, or the evil "Fifth Column" of gay people, NGO's and foreigners. Increasingly, and to my great concern foreign "adventures" like Georgia or Crimea become the preferred method to keep the approval raitings high and to fuel the pan-slavist ideology which has apparently become the state doctrine.

The problem is, now Putin needs more and more of that, but meanwhile his economy is collapsing at home because of the international pressure he is rightfully getting. The "Donbass adventure" already fired back at him waay to much without any way of getting out quickly and cleanly. And the next logical step therefore would be another escallation of the Illovaisk events, openly introducing Russian regulars into Ukraine once again, this time into combat. Let's just hope he doesn't do that.

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Orange_Tomato 10hours 44mins ago replied:

As for the stuff about the US, that's just the age old "whataboutism". Yes, the US does a hell lot of **** around the world, but in Ukraine and the general post-soviet environment Russia is the undisputed aggressor which needs to be stopped. Just a year ago I considered them a reasonable partner of my country, but it's just maddening how quickly things did change.

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OminousSpudd 10hours 15mins ago replied:

You glorify NATO, you glorify the US, and you demonise Russian politics, foreign policy, and leadership. (Oh, and you don't even give my evidence a looking over) 'Nuff said I do believe.

I'm done. I don't even know why I bother.

By the way, as a side note, dogmatically quoting Western media does not justify your case the slightest, in fact it does the opposite, and discredits it entirely. Come back to me when you've removed your damn blinders.

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Orange_Tomato 9hours 47mins ago replied:

Allright, I'm done too. Russia is sacred, the West is evil, and Russia Today has 200% more truth, right? That's what you seem to think.

Read "новая газета" or bloggers and you can see that even the Russians themselves do think differently.

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OminousSpudd 9hours 37mins ago replied:

I talk to Russians regularly.

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nasorog 59mins 12secs ago replied:

axaxa, "новая газета"

issue for gays and liberals

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willychong8921 18hours 39mins ago says:

you guys, please stop hurling racist and ideological hate upon each other....... slavic, polish, ruskies, yellow fever, people are people, we are born to this world to archive something in life, put hate aside, the world may not be easy for of us. But for the future, we come together.

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Captain-Brisco 11hours 11mins ago replied:


Right on target.

Like most of our Empires, nations rise and fall. If my country falls, it's because we failed at keeping ourselves together within. And considering how divided my country is, that scenario doesn't seem far off.

Weather were invaded, blown up, or simply die off because of our own fascist government is not my concern. God didn't put me on this world to whine and complain, I just do what I can with what I got.

Many of you don't live in the United States, so you don't know how bad things have gotten. Things have changed here... Were not the country we used to be. So you can't look to us for help with all these "problems". I'm sure there are those of you happy to hear it, and there are those of you sad to hear it. But it's the Truth. My country is falling apart.

I'm a man without a country. I can't defend what it is my country is doing, or what it's president is enacting. And I know for a fact that the scepter of power passes from nation to nation, from Babylon, to Rome, to Britain, to the United States...

Whoever is next in line, well that's their business. But my country is done doing it's dance.

As a Christian, the only Nation I know of that will never die, is but one. God's Empire. And that's where my allegiance will remain.

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Yak-25RV NATO reporting name "Mandrake" was a high altitude reconnaissance version of the YAK-25 with new wing and camera and sensor packs in the fuselage. Some may have retained one cannon. 155 aircraft built.

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