Zombie Grinder is the debut game of TwinDrills, an indie game development duo made up of Tim 'Infini' Leonard and Jordan 'Jordizzle' Chewning. It's a multi-platform (windows, mac, Linux!) (also Free!) cooperative multiplayer arcade game, reminiscent in style and gameplay of retro games like 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors' and 'Super Smash TV!', but with the added benefit of some newer game mechanics - achievements, ranking, player-customization, rpg style stats and so forth. The game sports a variety of different game modes, from co-operative 'campaign' style levels, to wave maps and even the classic 'pvp' style game modes - deathmatch, capture the 'bag' and so forth. All of these mods are bristling with a variety of weapons and items, all lovingly displayed in Jordan's classic quirky pixel-art style.

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Dec 15 2012 Anchor

A system that locks items off until Certain conditions are Achieved.

Like, needing to kill 1000 zombies with Uzi will allow you to buy the Assault Rifle In the in game store.

Just though this would add some sort of Goal for players once they do certain things (Like how Achievements give you XP)

This could also work with getting hats for finishing certain achievements. (like getting some rainbow Gem studded hat for getting all the Gem based Achievements :P)

Dec 15 2012 Anchor

I second this idea

Infinitus Developer
Dec 15 2012 Anchor

It's already on the list :).

Jordan actually has it planned for a few of the new items.


Dec 16 2012 Anchor

Healing players will award better healing weapons ;) I've always wanted achievement unlocked hats too!

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