The arcade-style FPS returns! Wrack is an arcade-style FPS that draws inspiration from classic games across multiple genres -- Doom, Contra, Mega Man, etc. -- that puts its own unique spin on things! Between its fun and unique gameplay, its vibrant cel-shading, and its compelling characters, Wrack strives to be a modern day classic! Play as Kain Sager - the one man prepared for a crisis in a utopian future. Battle your way past hordes of monsters, traps, and bosses as you single-handedly take down an invading alien empire, and save mankind from certain doom!

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Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] Animator (Weapon) at Final Boss Entertainment

animator (weapon) final boss entertainment anywhere artists wrack is looking for an experienced weapon animator! just what is wrack, you ask? well, i'll tell you! wrack is an arcade-style first-person shooter that pits you, kain sager, against the invading arcturan empire! battle your way through hordes of monsters at blistering speeds as you single-handedly attempt to save mankind from certain doom! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anywhere [OLD] [PAID] Box/Cover Artist at Final Boss Entertainment

box/cover artist final boss entertainment anywhere artists wrack, the cel-shaded, arcade-style fps, is looking for a box/cover artist! we're currently looking for someone to make an image/series of images that could theoretically be used on the front of a package for wrack. we would use this image for our steam greenlight page, desura, and any other digital distribution platforms we become part of. wrack is an action-oriented, arcade-style game, and the box art should reflect this. for a sample of what wrack is like, look no further than the trailer:

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Released Sep 2012
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