Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction is the fifth console game in the Splinter Cell franchise. It was released on April 13, 2010 in North America. In this next installment, Sam Fisher has left Third Echelon since the events of Double Agent and begins the story working by himself on his personal mission

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Ubisoft, stop using DRM. It is not logical. We want to buy your games legally, but you are giving us the strongest reasons to avoid it. Is this what you really want?



+- the advantage and disadvantage of this game is that it focuses on killing rather than stealth. It's more Jason Bourne than a sneaky stealth operative. The iconic sneaking ontop of pipes, hiding underneath desks, dragging corpses into shadows and the night vision is all gone. Replaced instead with environmental kills, more fluid aiming, devasting melee insta kills, and repeatedly hitting enemies you've grabbed.

+Graphics are quite nice
+Sound design is top notch, including voice acting.
+The set pieces are where the makes of the game have tried to innovate with, some of them are hit and miss (like being thrown into a full on shoot out like in a Flash back to Iraq or some other really forced encounters that feel out of place or the platforming sections with tripwires that are a real chore) but most are really good & have a exciting flow. Like the torture scenes and the chase through Lincoln memorial.
+Level design adds to the game more so than its predeccors, allowing for a multide of tactical decisions. You now think of the best ways to take all the enemies out without them noticing you, rather than sneaking passed to the next section.
+Has quite well designed Coop missions.

-Intrusive aim assistance takes the difficulty & fun from the game, turning it lifeless so I avoid using the tagging.
-No night vision, there is thermal though. Luckily someone made a night vision mod for the game.
-No Spies Vs Mercenaries

-Ai pretty stupid for the most part, which hampers down the main stealth element of the game
-The story has some contrivances but then again, that was always more of a backstory in between missions than something you actively figure out... the characters are like in the past more like concepts then fully fleshed out people. It does have its moments though. Interrogating suspects and the swift pace, make for up for whatever is lacking in this department though.


Splinter Cell is an remarkable game. What Conviction brought or rather added to it was another great story line and beautiful graphics. For real stealth game lovers this is THE GAME! Best played with a good game partner even though it's played quite nicely on single-player. Playing on the hardest difficulty recommended.


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Ai is fairly stupid.

It may feel much different from every other SC game in the past, but Conviction is a great game in it's own right. The stealth is still a major focus, and it handles much more smoothly than the previous installments. The cinematics and story are also incredible, and the game really makes you feel like a badass. Also, the Co-Op campaign is an incredible experience that is arguably even better than the game in single player. If you have friends, I strongly recommend you play the Co-op. My only issues with the game are the enemy AI and the removal of sound management. The AI has to remain in sight of you for an impressive chunk of time, taking away some of the game's challenge, and they will not seek you out if the notice something amiss. The game is much easier than the earlier games, and not in the best of ways.


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