Leave the farms and cities behind, jump straight into managing your own planets in The Universim, a brand new god-game in development by Crytivo Games and Alexander Koshelkov.The Universim is first and foremost a planet management game.

The game begins in the stone age, thousands of years before the modern era. Research plays a crucial role in the game. Players will initially need to reinvent fire in order to survive attacks from wild animals or create cures for deadly viruses and other ailments. We’re developing planets that will have air, weather effects and varying temperatures and natural resources along with deadly natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes, freak storms and meteors. In The Universim you play as a god, you will not interact directly with the population that inhabits your planet, however you will be able to help them. You will have the power to stop wars between cities on your planet or you can ignore them and allow one city to destroy the other.

You can reach and pass the modern era, upon which time you can build spaceships and this allows players to start exploring the universe in order to discover new planets with completely different environments, living conditions and gameplay possibilities. The choice we will extend towards gamers is: Will you spend time on research that will assist in the discovery of new planets and achieve early understanding of its alien environment, or you will send your team in unprepared? There are many conditions that will affect your research team and the outcome of a mission, such as the temperatures on new planets being far higher than the temperature on your home planet which can result in your entire crew burning alive. Another case can be that there is no oxygen on the planet and you send your crew in without proper breathing apparatus or atmosphere generators.

At Crytivo Games we strive to develop a unique game without limitations, we do not want to limit the experience for any gamer when managing their planets, no matter their play-style.There are many elements that are still to be implemented in The Universim. With your help we can develop and add an awesome multiplayer mode, where you connect with your friends in co-op environments or in a competitive versus mode. In multiplayer, you will be able to send your friends natural resources such as gas, oil, water, air or even deadly viruses hidden within Cargo Spaceship Containers wrapped as a gift. If you believe that you have the nuclear strength to erase your friends from the face of a planet, go ahead and launch those missiles and watch your friend sweat as death rains down upon them.

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Whew! Hello Creators!

Yet another crazy month has flown by, which means you can expect a generous helping of features that are sure to make your experience even more stable and exciting. We made a promise in the last update that we were going to concentrate more on the overall stability and hold our horses a bit on the new content. Well, we failed! Alongside a slew of bug fixes and optimizations, new content is making an appearance.
A few new systems are sneaking in with this update, which we’ll be tweaking as time goes on. Firstly, the Happiness system will be used in a whole manner of Nugget subsystems. It will add even more personality to your beloved Nuggs.

Also, you now have the option to send Nuggets scurrying to a Bunker during times of trouble. Of course, if you prefer, you can alternatively leave them out in the storm to test the effects of tornadoes on squishy mortals. We’re not going to tell you how to do your job, but knowing the facts will certainly help you make more informed decisions. For instance, it’s important to keep in mind that sending Nuggets to the bunker during earthquakes will simply result in a new mass grave for future archeologists to uncover. Well, if your civilization still has a future.

We hope you all enjoy the update! Check out the detailed patch breakdown below for all of the changes, including improvements to the save/load and research systems:


Happiness System
"Life is like a box of Bloody Diarrhea Fruits."

Nuggets are now susceptible to depression. Players will suffer a penalty for being cruel to the universe’s cutest creatures! Player actions and a Nugget’s surroundings can either make them happy or sad. If their surroundings are too depressing, the only way to bring their Happiness up from a depressed state is to give them some form of entertainment. Players can now build “Local Business” structures, which Nuggets can enter to be entertained.

  • Nuggets will have 3 levels of happiness:
  • Normal (happy) 100% - 51% Nuggets will look for entertainment when they reach 50%
  • Depressed 50% - 26% Stop and weep for 10 seconds when 50% is reached.
  • Critically depressed 25% - 1% Stamina drain 30% faster. Every minute, they drop what they are doing and weep for 10 seconds.
  • Suicidal (happiness == 0) 0% No longer perform labor/occupations (they no longer weep every minute at this point)

Local Bussinesses

Four New Local Business buildings

Nuggets restore their happiness by visiting these buildings.

  • Lizard Candy
  • Cowsmetics
  • Massage
  • Hair Salon


This is the initial Happiness roll out. We will tweak this system over time. We will have more negative effects from buildings such as the Cemetery, Pyre, Factories, and so on. Nuggets won’t be happy to live or even stroll nearby to these. Additionally (soon to be implemented), Nugget Happiness can drop significantly if you pick Nuggets up and send them hurtling into space or a distant mountain. The family of that Nugget will be confused and deeply saddened for a while. Each dead body will need a proper burial ceremony if their family is to get over it. You can’t just throw their dead bodies around like garbage. There will be consequences!

In the future, there will also be larger Entertainment areas, such as Roller Coasters, Movie Theaters, Malls, and so on.

The Pyre can now be upgraded to the Pre-Medieval Age. This is unlocked with the “Oven...ing” perk.


Bunker NEW

Bunker. You can now build a Bunker structure for Nuggets to hide in during disasters. With a Forecast Tower, the player can activate the town alarm and alert Nuggets to seek shelter. The Bunker is unlocked with the “Dew Forecasting” perk.


New Evolution Perks

  • Slow Burn
    • Nuggets have evolved the ability to eat less food!
  • Efficient Pipelines
    • Water pumps produce significantly more water.
  • Divine Stamina
    • God-given stamina bonus makes Nuggets able to work longer without resting.
  • Fishing Lures
    • Nuggets catch fish much faster.
  • Round Cogs
    • Water pumps produce slightly more water.
  • Power Naps
    • When Nuggets rest to regain stamina, it takes less time.
  • Dam It
    • Water pumps produce slightly more water.
  • Tactical Evisceration
    • Fish gutting takes less time.
  • Heauge Mahscles
    • Increase Nugget might.
  • Recreation
    • Unlocks the entertainment buildings for Nugget happiness.


  • New Creator Power: Now you can pick up and throw trees and stones. Hold the left mouse button on a tree or stone for a few seconds to pick them up.

  • Cosmetic Village Props have been implemented.

Village Props

  • Nuggets now walk around construction areas during construction.
  • Tree stumps have been implemented, they appear after tree was chopped.

Tree Stumps

  • Tree and stones visual interaction while mining, chopping, harvesting.
  • Chopped trees now fall with Real Time Physics.
  • New fishing pier design has been implemented.

Fishing Pier

New Evolution Tower Mechanics Improvements

  • Evolution and Traveling Perks will be researched on independent queues.


  • Research Panel: Double clicking on a perk will start Research automatically.
  • Research Panel: Canceling perk research will now throw a confirmation box.

Load & Save Improvements

  • Now you can save multiple times during the game.


  • You need to assign Nugget (Archiver) to the Archive building to have an autosave feature enabled. Your game progress can be saved every 15, 30, 60 or custom minutes automatically when building is functioning properly.
  • Save file selection from the main menu. Now you can see dates, time and basic civilization information.


  • You can delete and rename Save Files.
  • The camera position is now saved.
  • Nugget accessories are now saved properly.
  • Active Wind Storms will now be saved as well.

  • Construction resources Cleaning. Now, instead of destroying resources during building placement Nuggets will be tasked to clean area anduse gathered resources for construction.
  • You can break resources when you hold them with your Godly Hands by clicking Left + Right mouse buttons simultaneously.
  • A bunch of new Nugget Status Messages and thoughts added to the pool, reflecting new features and abilities.
  • New disaster Alert Button added to the top Season Bar


  • Mayday: Fixed some bugs when a tornado destroys the Forecast Tower.
  • Forgetful: Fixed confused/frozen Gravedigger.
  • Misinformed: Fixed the incorrect values displaying in the Seasons panel.
  • Winter is staying: Fixed an issue where Winters were abnormally long.
  • Gruesome: Fixed an issue where ground blood textures appeared over Nuggets.
  • Look the other way: Fixed an issue with Nuggets facing the wrong direction while harvesting resources for construction.
  • This isn’t Moria: Fixed a bug where buildings could be set to be built inside mountains.
  • Stagefright: Fixed a bug where Nuggets got stuck when trying to retrieve resources.
  • Fetch the ladder: Fixed resource piles appearing in water or inside buildings in unreachable places.
  • Posthumous infliction: Fixed a creepy bug where dead Nuggets could get infected by another dead Nugget.
  • Loud noises: Fixed an issue where Nuggets freeze when the alarm is triggered.
  • Slow dresser: Fixed Nuggets sometimes freezing in a loop in front of a building while switching clothes.
  • Communication error: Fixed Gravedigger status messages.
  • Did you hear? Fixed news message spam for tornado and windstorm events.
  • Twitchy typist: Fixed the camera movement issue where movement occurred using WASD while typing into the input fields.
  • Walk 500 miles: Fixed an issue with Nuggets too far away from construction sites and resources.
  • Behind closed doors: Fixed a few issues that could occur while the game is loading.
  • Leftovers: Fixed floating props when a Well is demolished.
  • Diglett: Fixed a bug where the Gravedigger was not using the Pyre.
  • Waterwraith: Fixed the Pre-Medieval Pump ghosting.
  • Headcount: Fixed an issue with the correct children count value not displaying.
  • Pretending to work: Fixed Nuggets working in an empty place after the construction process is aborted.
  • Fishing accident: Fixed an issue with loading a saved game when the Fisherman Hut is built.
  • Sniper: Fixed and improved the Nugget selector.
  • Declassified: Fixed tutorials with the first Water Pump.
  • If I recall correctly: Research will now reflect properly on the main HUD after Save & Load.
  • Shhh, it’s a library: Fixed a Creator power issue where powers didn’t work as intended on the Archive building.
  • Man fur: Fix for Nugget beards not updating in adulthood.
  • Hold up: Fixed the Construction and Creator power panels issue when used while the game was paused.
  • I wasn’t finished: Fix for issue when closing the Research panel before Perk animation ends.
  • 3D glasses: Fix for live portrait render texture to avoid accessory clipping.
  • Upside down: Fix for flipped settings buttons.
  • Darkness: Fix for black screen issue on Linux systems.
  • Double up: Fix for the glitch where loading music will start twice.
  • Controlled demolition: Fixed some issues with the following buildings models during the demolition process: Farm (Pre-Medieval), Pump (Pre-Medieval), Water Reservoir (Pre-Medieval), Water Well (Pre-Medieval), Archive (Stone Age)
  • Cinema’s closed: Linux builds will not use background videos anymore, to prevent rendering issues.
  • One and done: Fixed an issue that was preventing players from submitting more than one bug during a game session.
  • Work strike: Fixed an issue where Nuggets were no longer assigned to Key Buildings after loading a save.
  • Premature disclosure: Fixed an issue where news messages were spamming behind the loading screen when the game was loaded from a save file.
  • I heard you the first time: Fixed the notification sound repeating during the loading screen when the game was loaded from a save file.
  • Not where I left it: Fix for when dead Nugget positions were not properly saved on the planet.
  • Simply beneath me: Fixed a situation where Nuggets were getting stuck trying to pick up resources that were partially beneath a construction zone.


  • Perk timers have been increased significantly to improve the game’s experience.
  • Perk Resource Costs
  • Perks no longer cost resources.
  • Nugget Reproduction Time
  • The rate at which Nuggets mate has been tweaked slightly.
  • Nuggets can refill thirst in hospital, huts, bunker and local business.
  • Separated Injury from health level
  • Removed negative effects from Clothing & Primitive Tools perks.
  • Tweaked Refinery resource processing times, should be faster now.
  • Tweaked Nuggets priorities. Nugget should reuse resources that are already laying around instead of gathering New ones.
  • Nuggets will try to gather food from bushes with more priority.
  • Refactored Nuggets hunger, thirst, stamina, depression priorities (Nuggs should be smarter now)
  • Refactored how priorities for wood and stone calculated, not it takes resources from construction areas in consideration.
  • Increased Nuggets age slightly. In the future life span in a stone age will be shorter (waiting for additional content)


  • New building in pre-medieval era: Bunker.
  • New building in pre-medieval era: Funeral Pyre.
  • 4 new stone age entertainment buildings: Massage Palace, Cowsmetics, Hair Saloon and Lizard Candy.
  • Tree stumps stay in the ground after trees are cut.
  • Added 36 different village props that will be spawned around Nugget huts.
  • New stone age Fishing Pier model.
  • All building foliage optimized (culling added, it will not use system resources when zoomed out).
  • Trees have new Collider shape (before sometimes they didn’t fall when cut).
  • New crying animation for Nuggets.
  • New Nugget animation for Archive worker.


  • Added positive and negative affect in worker ID card to each stat.
  • Water well panel has now bigger capacity.
  • Added Alert to bug report window if you are not playing the latest version of the game.
  • Visual update construction menu.


  • Main Menu save and load option implemented.
  • New panel for Archive building.
  • Brand new panels for Happiness buildings.
  • Evolution tower UI upgrade to hold two different perks research.
  • MainUI evolution corner upgrade.

Evolution Tower UI 1

  • Visual update god powers menu.
  • Updated status icons. Added icon for Nugget going to archive and Nugget depressed.
  • Added alert button to Seasons panel to warn nuggets about disaster coming.
  • New panel for Bunker building.
  • Minor fixes for god powers menu and construction menu visuals.
  • New thoughts pools for Dead Nugget, Disaster Alert, Fisherman Idle, Engineer Idle, Engineer Reappearing huts, Nugget drinking, Nugget depressed, Nugget suicidal, Cook idle, Farmer idle, Forecaster idle, Gravedigger idle, Nugget injured, Witchdoctor preparing meds.
  • Added descriptions for bunker and pre-medieval Funeral pyre.
  • New UI panel for entertainment buildings.
  • New icons in construction menu.
  • New icons for statuses: depressed, critically depressed and suicidal.
  • All buildings descriptions are updated.
  • Icons for 10 new research perks.
  • New icons in construction menu for bunker and small entertainment buildings (local businesses).


  • Improvements onUI, removed some unnecessary per-frame calls.
  • Improvements on building stats queries, caching ticked references calls.
  • Nugget Improvements: Added distance based animation culling (nuggets will not animate beyond a specified camera distance).
  • Nugget Improvements: Nugget batch size lowered to 10 (from 20). This will improve rendering performance sooner, providing some relief every 10 nuggets, which will also reflect on a lighter batching process avoiding hiccups.
  • Improved performance when nuggets placing huts


  • Settings: V-sync is on by default now.
  • Settings: Removed some legacy settings options.
  • Settings: Overriding default settings for ATI cards, will have Shader Quality on LOW to avoid know graphics glitch.
  • News Messages will be wider now, slightly less than half screen.
  • Unlinked universe rotation from year duration, this affects day/night cycles. Now nights will not always match winter.
  • Improved Nugget Ai during disaster Alert Trigger., they should move to cover faster now.
  • Birds textures decreased from 2Kpix to 256pix what the actual heck artists?!
  • Tooltips updates in Nuggets ID Card.
  • Day and night cycle is a bit faster now
  • Bug report window now only working on latest versions of the game.
  • Research Perks are now centered in the Evolution Tower Panel


  • Sometimes Nuggets fly above the ground - mystery for us too.
  • Snow Cover deserts. We temporarily disabled Temperature Maps on the planet, refactoring entire system.

Quite a bit of work for a small team, isn’t it? Your feedback and encouragement is our biggest motivator. Please continue sharing your thoughts, suggestions, and bug reports. Your kind words always brighten up the team’s day. Thank you all for your love and support!

Screenshot 1

If you haven’t heard already, we would love for you to join us at our booth at Gamescom 2017 in Cologne Germany! All the Crytivo Superstars are going to be at the booth to personally shake your hand. Expect hugs forcheezyphotos.

You can find us at Hall 10.1, Aisle C Booth 071

Don’t forget to bring a small bag for free goodies, like t-shirts, posters, and more!

Almost the entire team is going to be at Gamescom this month, and as such, our next update is probably going to be a little smaller. We can assure you, though, that we’re going to be doing a lot of brainstorming while sipping glorious German beers.

That’s all for this update, folks. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for live photo updates from our booth!

With Love,
Crytivo Crew

The Universim Demo Available NOW!

The Universim Demo Available NOW!


GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS? It’s Demo Release Day! YAY! The last “demo” we released on steam was a very long time ago. In reality, it was a tech demo...

New Patch - Archived is now LIVE!

New Patch - Archived is now LIVE!


Hold on to your Nuggets! There’s quite a bit in store for you today. It’s been another amazing and super productive month. The team’s momentum never...

The Universim: New Patch NUGGET JUICE is now LIVE!

The Universim: New Patch NUGGET JUICE is now LIVE!


It has been another great month for The Universim! On top of that, a lot of work has been done in other important areas, such as the various Building...

New Patch Is Out V0.0.15 Windy

New Patch Is Out V0.0.15 Windy


NEW PATCH IS OUT V0.0.15 WINDY is available now at at the official website.

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The Universim Demo

The Universim Demo

Demo 1 comment

Today we’re happy to announce that we’re updating the Steam Demo with an entirely new one, which actually lets you experience what the game’s really...

The Universim Demo Mac

The Universim Demo Mac


Today we’re happy to announce that we’re updating the Steam Demo with an entirely new one, which actually lets you experience what the game’s really...

The Universim Mother Planet Demo MAC

The Universim Mother Planet Demo MAC


Welcome to the world of The Universim! In this demo, we will give you a sneak peek at the diverse ecosystems and dynamic weather created by our Procedural...

The Universim Mother Planet Demo

The Universim Mother Planet Demo

Demo 9 comments

Welcome to the world of The Universim! In this demo, we will give you a sneak peek at the diverse ecosystems and dynamic weather created by our Procedural...

The Universim Early Prototype

The Universim Early Prototype

Demo 75 comments

The time has finally come! The Prototype is now available for download. We would like to thank you, yet again, for helping us to push ever higher towards...

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


is it possible to get it for ps4

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CrytivoGames Creator

We're considering possibility to bring The Universim to consoles. We're not ready yet to give you an answer. Make sure to sign up for our news, so you'll not miss it! Thank you for your interest!

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PS4 would be awesome it looks so Good!

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im not sure if you will ever read comments on here, but what happened to the no direct interaction aspect?? i REAAAALLLY wanted a game like that so much. i even planned on letting it run on a big wall mounted screen on the wall of our livingroom and watch them slowly grow as a civilisation, letting the game run and making decissions about in which direction they will develop. watching them making their own decissions based on my godly input here and there.

Is this still a thing as it was when we backed the game??
Because that is what made this game so different and why i backed it with a lot of my saved money. i thought we manage the planet/universe and watch our different civilisations grow and make contact with other people on their own planet or later other planets.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
CrytivoGames Creator

Hi, you pretty much can let them grow by themselves, but they will need your help with evolution. Placing key buildings to help them survive and etc. You can join us in Discord and share your feedback with the community. We work very close with our fans and want make sure we're making the game they will love to play. Your opinion is extremely important for us and we would like to hear more.

Thank you,

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i recently bought the beta but have no idea when i'll be able to play the game...

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CrytivoGames Creator

You should be able to access Early Access through our website already. If you don't know how, please contact our support team via our website. Thank you for your support!

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