This game follows the story of what happens after the John Carpenter 1982 movie adaptation of the John W. Campbell JR Novel "Who Goes There?". The original game borrows heavily on the story from the 2002 video game and the current sequel expands further on the plot after Captain Blake defeats the Thing entity. After the death of Whitley and the destruction of Gen Inc property; Captain J.F.Blake boards a rescue plane and leaves Antarctica. Complications arise and the aircraft malfunctions and crashes. With no report from Blake the Alaska base sends in a new rescue team of which you the player take control. Your task is to find Captain Blake and escort him back to Alaska. However the thing entity did not die with Whitley on that day...

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Been a while since the last update so here is a some information which hopefully explains some sort of timescale. Also theres a video of some gameplay here.

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It has been over an entire year since I started The Thing 2. Considering I made the first one in about 8 weeks it feels like a lifetime. I must admit it doesn't look like I have done an awful lot but I have come a long way in a year. Between balancing a job and volunteering I have still managed to find some time every week to work on this. I think I overshot it with a October 2012 release and I sure as hell overestimated the amount of work that had to be done.

As it stands I am happy with how the game plays, I have worked hard to make sure events within the game are as random as possible. The original mode is complete and I have tested it a bunch of times, I would say time wise that it takes between 6 to 8 hours to complete. I am happy with it and will not be making any major changes to it, I consider it complete.

I have recently started the story mode. This is the main part of the game itself. It is my own tale that puts a player created character in charge of a task force sent to recover the missing Captain Blake (Hero of the Original Mode). While I am no good at setting myself a deadline to work too, I would like to think it will take 10 - 12 weeks to have the majority of it completed and hopefully working.

After that its the Survival Mode which I am still undecided on and then the template for the Extra Content (Or DLC) that will be added to the game over time. It might be ambitious but lets hope that I can finish the game by the end of this year.

I have been wondering if there is any point in me releasing a demo for people to play. It would be nice to get some feedback I guess. I am considering it.

Anyway here is an updated video of Original Mode: Level 04 [Norwegian Base]. I am using a new screen recorder that records sound too! So let me know how the game sound, sounds. I would like to point out that the enemy graphics are just placeholders for the moment I am still hoping to get some custom ones drawn.

You can find more information on this game at:

Thanks for Reading!

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