The Protectors is a stand-alone mod of the game Warlords Battlecry 3 (i.e. it can be run without having the original game installed - 100% free full mod). It is an improved RTS/RPG game with new campaigns, quests, terrain, units, items, heroes, modding features and more. Beta versions available for download!

Presenting changes made to the game in chronological order. Constantly updated.

Posted by Patrick_Winekiller on Nov 20th, 2012

******************************** Patch 0.5.1 *************************************

*Fixed nis file used in the tutorial
*Fixed deselecting bug in tutorial
*User must edit name in hero creation to advance
*Added endline symbol(/n) for use in nis files' choice tags
*Fixed nis file scrolling speed reset bug
*Fixed Hero Selection name when not using scroll wheel
*Added editor events
*Fixed other minor nis reading bugs
*Added "Nis files explained" in Manual folder
*Fixed quest randomization in tutorial
*Added sound effect when creating a new entry in the campaign journal
*Choice dialogues can be used with CTRL+number (not only with keypad numbers)
*Nis flags can now be conditioned
*Increased building types limit to 500 (was 320)
*Prologue heroes now loaded from main directory
*Most nis commands are now using unit/building names instead of codes (see manual for more info)
*Fixed hero portrait disappearing bug when using "more info" on hero selection screen
*Fixed the
i;scount bug
*Fixed Daemon control panel
*Slightly changed loading screen appearance

******************************** Patch 0.5.2 (unreleased) ************************

*Added rally point and attitude buttons for Black Library
*Vampire requires level 5 keep now
*Foreign mercenary I,II,III and Spell or Arcane Research are now affected by continuous production
*Rampant AI now functions properly
*Added reaper voice pack
*Fixed RSB availability for secondary avatars
*Fixed d bug in skirmish screen
*Added empire RSB (experimental)
*Shop items are randomly changed every 15 minutes (rarity taken into account)
*Empty shop item slot is immediately filled with another random item (rarity taken into account)
*Fixed barbarian control panel for 1280x1024 resolutions
*Users can now press spacebar to skip to the next stage of a nis file (provided current stage is not a choice)
*Increased editor tile list limit to 3333 (was 999)
*Added campaign nis file feature
*Fixed some AI bugs regarding conversion and production
*Changed weather combat affects as follows:
DAY: +1 for ssrathi
NIGHT: +2 for undead
+1 for darkelf
-1 for human, dwarf, barbarian, orc, minotaur, fey, ssrathi, insect
RAIN: +1 for daemon, barbarian
-1 for human, dwarf, orc, minotaur, highelf, woodelf, darkelf, fey, ssrathi
-2 for insect, flier
FINE: no effects
*Rainy weather now gives +2 mastery to most ice spells and -1 to most fire spells (experimental)

******************************** Patch 0.6 *************************************

*Greatly tweaked units' stats and reqs
*Greatly tweaked RSBs. Current setup is as follows:
Knights - Raises 20 dancing swords from fallen bodies all over the map
Dwarf - Decreases build time by 80% for 10 minutes
Undead - Raises 20 skeletons from fallen bones all over the map
Barbarian - Changes weather to storms and casts thunderstrike on enemies in command radius, dealing +20 damage per elapsed minute (hero included)
Minotaur - Friendly melee units in command radius get 50 vampirism for 1 minute (hero included)
Orc - Friendly units in command radius get +2 combat per elapsed minute permanently (hero included)
Highelf - Friendly units in command radius get life ward for 5 minutes (hero included)
Woodelf - Enemy units in command radius have 1 speed for 1 minute (hero included)
Darkelf - Spawns +1 queen spider per elapsed minute randomly on the map
Fey - Friendly units in command radius get +15 xp per elapsed minute
Darkdwarf - Friendly units in command radius get stoneskin (+50 armor) for 1 minute (hero included)
Daemon - Summons +1 sucubus per elapsed minute near the caster
Empire - Fills all resource slots and gives +15 merchant skill for 5 minutes
Ssrathi - Friendly units in command radius become invisible and receive +3 speed, +10 armor and +10 resistance for 1 minute or until attack (hero included)
Swarm - Makes all upgrades, researches, buildings and units very cheap (1 of each required resource) for 5 minutes
Plaguelord - Friendly units in command radius get poisoned attacks (100 strength) for 1 minute (hero included)
*Added the Warcry spell (+2 speed to friendly units for 1 minute, +1 speed per mastery) to the Warlord. Manacost 20.
*Warlord now has a mana pool of 30
*AI now uses Warcry spell
*Fixed a”typo” in the editor's flag system
*Fixed Call the Dead bug (hopefully)
*Improved overall AI usage of Invisibility spell
*AI controlled chameleons now use the invisibility spell
*AI does not pick on human players any more. Hate index is set with regards only to starting position.
*Implemented the time-conditions in campaign mode
*Scenario nis files support flag conditions for any action. Documentation updated.
*Modified time spent for doing actions in the campaign. Current usage is as follows:
0 days - Retinue, Companion, More Info
1 day - Choice, Dialog, Message, Shop, Mercenary
3 days - Training
1 to 3 days - Battle/ Ambush
Any - Traveling/ Sailing
*Campaign nis files now have the journal, video, item, crowns, diplomacy commands
*Increased portrait limit to 999 (was 99)
*Added one more menu intro clip (totaling 10)
*Campaign starting date (year/day) now differs from chapter to chapter
*Added the new Kharn Pak - Rivers terrain tiles
*Added the crowns condition in campaign nis files. Player must have bigger or equal amount crowns than given number to satisfy condition. Current values accepted are 10,20,30...200,250,300,400,500...1000. Fully compatible with condition operators (and, or, not)
*Added 7 new skirmish scenarios (Around the Mountain, Dragon's Pyramid, Four Rivers, Lake Side quest, Lands Divided, Water Temple, Winter Wonderland). Credit goes to I2 team and Kharn.
*Enabled prologue chapter for beta testers.

******************************** Patch 0.6.1 *************************************

*Moved journal writing 20px more to the left, to fit page
*Revived scenario description. Now appears at beginning of match, like rules panel
*Revived wbc1 soundtrack system. Along Victory, Intro, Defeat and Game specific tracks, player may now add Dialog ones
*Fixed right clicking portrait bug. Credits to WaterD
*Fixed Stone Golem and Queen Spider bug
*Fixed Guilds building crash bug
*Fixed Good Dwarf avatar crash bug
*Slightly modified Dark Dwarven control panel gfx
*Added Quest Almost Expired notification for female voice (triggered at last minute)
*Added Time Magic Sphere. Credits to Jodwin
*Time Magic skill available to Archmage class (experimental)
*Fixed Orchold building bug
*Prologue hero changes are now saved in HeroDataChapters.xcr (items, level ups, retinue, etc.)
*Guardian Skulls now marked as undead
*(Re)added the attitude and rally point commands for the Black Library (accidentally got disabled in 0.6)
*Fixed the invisible bat bug
*Cancel button no longer works in NIS events
*Two consecutive intro videos are now always different
*Fixed campaign nis bug related to wrong hero potrait
*Added the all-new help text system in the create hero panel
*Fixed the no-name hero bug. Random name generator finally works properly.
*Fixed the ssrathian building names bug
*Fixed the Rainbow building crash bug
*NIS commands AddBuilding and AddUnit now spawn neutrals if mentioned side is not in the game (instead of side 0). Documentation updated
*Updated some skirmish scenarios

******************************** Patch 0.6.2 *************************************

*Fixed the flying Stone Golem bug
*Changed stats for all dragons
*Changed stats for all titans. Now have 1000 hit points, 25 armor and 25 resistance
*Gave voice to Guardian Skull (wbc1 skeleton)
*Implemented the new daemon building & tech tree
*Sallamanders, Imps, Nightmares and Daemons now have no production time but are twice more expensive
*Summoners can now be trained at keep, starting from level 1
*Summoners can now blink
*Removed and reorganized some skills
*Added some new skirmish and multiplayer scenarios (Helms Rock, Miriade, The River Master, Wheel of Fortune, Goblin City, Roscoe's Revenge, A Land Divided)
*Updated Kharn Paks Snow and Rivers terrain
*Added Kharn's 4 improved events pack
*Implemented the new plaguelord building & tech tree
*All plaguelord buildings can now be built only in the vicinity of a Hall of Plague (radius 20) or a Plague Pile (radius 10). Exceptions are the Halls of Plague and the Plague Towers
*Bone catapults can now be produced only at the Hall Of Plague and it requires keep level 3
*Fixed production cost bug of the Forestmaster
*Fixed temple Daemon production costs. Now needs 52 gold and 52 metal, with a production time of 90 seconds
*Implemented the new knight building & tech tree
*Knights and Knight Lords may now be produced at the Stables
*Implemented the new dwarven building & tech tree
*All dwarven and dark dwarven building hp is increased by +5% per number of dwarven buildings on map
*All primitive races (barbarians, minotaurs & orcs) now receive raiding bonus of original building costs (originally was 100 of gold, metal or stone, depending on raiding race)
*All primitive races (barbarians, minotaurs & orcs) cannot repair buildings
*Fixed Recruiting Proficiency help text on create hero panel
*Added races description for help text on create hero panel
*Implemented companion system in prologue chapter
*Robert is now a real Master Squire (350 starting xp)
*Fixed a campaign companion bug
*Reworked some chapter 2 scenarios
*Added Lichking item set
*Added the Bonus command for campaign dialogues
*Added the Companion condition for dialogue and campaign dialogue files (.nis)
*Increased scenario description max length from 70 to 500
*Fixed ALL graphical glitches related to choice dialogues
*Implemented the help text in campaign dialogues
*Implemented the new empire building & tech tree
*Red Mages and Black Mages may now be produced at the Library
*Implemented the new undead building & tech tree
*Slayer Knights are now available to be morphed from Wights
*Removed Burrow building
*Modified hero database in an attempt to fix some bugs. Heroes reset
*Building counters do not reset now when the event condition "Build a building" is satisfied
*Production counters do not reset now when the event condition "Produce a unit" is satisfied
*Implemented the new Triggered Victory Condition. Players never win or loose unless a victory or defeat event is triggered
*Fixed initial Time Magic Sphere bug
*Added the new Ssrathi nameset for heroes and retinue
*Implemented the new &vg#; and &vl#; meta lines in NIS files, both campaign and scenario types
*Added the nis condition crowns0 to test if the player is NOT broke and/or in debt
*Implemented the new NIS condition opt#gt#. Fully compatible with condition operators (and, or, not)
*Implemented the new NIS commands Setopt and Addopt for campaign dialogues
*Implemented the new VAR# meta lines in campaign NIS files
*Implemented the new Stage command used for jumping at stages in a NIS file
*Converting armies now blink white on the strat map. Credits to Jodwin
*The Hero Creation Quiz is now loaded from an external xml file
*Implemented the new NIS condition varl#gt#. Fully compatible with condition operators (and, or, not)
*Implemented the new NIS condition var#gt#. Fully compatible with condition operators (and, or, not)
*Frost Dragon Lairs now produce frost dragons (and dragonliches for undead)
*Reseting the campaign now resets chapter heroes as well (items, skills, stats)
*Fixed campaign hero bonus bug: not applying to first mission
*Changed some hero titles
*Added the "Hero Bio" and "Reset Chapter" buttons in the chapter selection screen
*Added the new Pyramid Terrain set
*Tweaked the nis command Terrain. Documentation updated
*Modified tutorial files
*Added the RAND6 value for nis command Setopt. Picks a random number from 1 to 6
*Implemented the new NIS condition opt#gtopt#. Fully compatible with condition operators (and, or, not)
*Fixed "Time Magic for All" bug
*Added two new intro videos, totaling 12
*Condition type "Victory" now works for campaign companion
*Added new features: dragon statues

******************************** Patch 0.6.3 (unreleased) ************************

*Added extra text in Hero Creation screen
*Crowns display now updates during campaign dialog
*Moved the Guardian Skull to the undead panel in the editor
*Pit now requires level 2 Doomspire
*Updated help text on daemon race
*Fixed some typos of the first chapter and prologue
*Fixed some scenarios of the first chapter
*Increased maximum army types to 500
*Random items can now be stacked 4 in a chest just like the specific items could
*Random items can be combined with specific items in a single chest using the editor
*Fixed extra fey race bug
*Fixed the Choose a Foe skill bug
*Fixed The Forestmaster production cost
*Huge Dragon no longer reduces armor. Has fire damage instead
*Slightly tweaked some units to balance the game some more
*The Skull can now be morphed from Skeleton
*The Skull can no longer be produced at the Graveyard or Gravestone
*Added the Morph to Skull button icon
*Dwarf Lord can now be produced at the Armory instead of keep level 5
*Implemented the new Army Limit system
*Added Healing Fountain function
*Fixed Ssrathi powerup icons
*Slightly reduced Graphics.xcr size
*AI heroes no longer have a +50% spellcasting chance bonus

******************************** Patch 0.7 *************************************

*Implemented the new leveling system. Heroes reset
*Implemented the new spell system
*Heroes can no longer level up in game (temporary)
*Added the showno attribute for Addopt and Setopt nis command
*Modified some campaign nis files
*Added the Lichkings Lost Items item set
*Resetting chapters now properly resets hero xp
*Implemented the Chapter Intro button in the chapter selection screen
*Added intro video for prologue chapter
*Added a new soundtrack: Battlecry 1 Classic
*Fixed the female Setroth bug
*Fixed the reset chapter wrong hero bug
*Added some help popups in chapter scenarios
*Fixed the Robert twin bug
*Added mission info in chapter scenarios
*Added a new soundtrack: Puzzle Quest 1
*Fixed a graphical glitch regarding the Campaign Dialog Screen
*Added four more skirmish maps (Bay of Orcs, Brave New World, Red Canyon, Death Marshes)

******************************** Patch 0.7.1 *************************************

*Added the AddCompanion command for in-game nis
*Added the RemoveCompanion command for in-game nis
*Fixed the temp hero bug of not receiving any APs
*Fixed the invisible dark dwarf hero bug
*Modified the first prologue mission to make it easier in difficulty
*Added the peasant avatar for dialogues
*Modified some prologue dialogues
*Fixed hero blink spell crash
*Can no longer travel when chapter prologue is completed
*Fixed food deposits not updating acordingly (aka too many men from the start bug)
*Starvation now decreases morale by 10. Documentation provided
*Nerfed recruiting proficiency. Now offers +0.5 xp per hero level
*Added popup help in HeroLevelUpSpells screen. Heroes reset
*Your quest is about to expire notification now works properly
*Changed Prologue button in main menu to Chapters
*Modified help text
*Spells gained from items and research now does not cause a crash
*Fixed a bug regarding spells in the hero creation phase
*Added new unit: burrowed (experimental)
*Updated Kharn Pak - Rivers and Kharn Pak - Grass terrain files
*Increased radius of the Plague Keep and Plague Pile on the oy axis
*Disabled green bubbles near plague buildings
*Added the Triceratops unit for the Ssrathi side
*Triceratops stats modified
*Daemons are no longer produced instantly at temples (unless leading Daemons)
*Daemon stats modified
*Heroes now gain 5AP per level
*Spell level up now costs 2AP
*Perk change now costs 5AP
*Added popup help in HeroLevelUpPerks screen
*Added nine more skirmish maps (Arena, Assault on Cerberus, Blundervale Castle, Desert Cliffs, Ghost Lake, Gobi's Valley, Harpy Food Island, Into the Void, Rock Bottom Classic)

******************************** Patch 0.7.2 *************************************

*Fixed some typos in the Perks tab
*Psychological power's radius(Fear, Awe, etc.) now shown when pressing 'r' (your units only)
*Converting radius now shown when pressing 'r' for all units
*Corrected dwarven mortar shooting animation. Credits to Kharn
*Added new unit: Chaos Dragon. Credits to Kharn
*Added new unit: Blue Mage. Credits to Kharn
*Blue Mage now available for production at the Library
*Blue Mage now casts Freeze and Ring of Ice
*Call Sage spell now works as Raise Champion. Can choose from White, Red, Blue and Black Mages
*Fixed free Sword of Sirian bug when using hotkey
*Fixed free Wrath bug when using hotkey
*Foxed free Chaos Plague bug when using hotkey
*Fixed Trigger Victory Condition not affecting AI
*Turned debugging mode off (to reduce lag)
*Fixed timid/daring proficiency bug
*All proficiencies now give +/-10% of what they say (except Aristocracy-Plutocracy)
*Added the Forestguard avatar for dialogues
*Fixed the random army limit bug
*Setopt and Addopt nis commands can now memorize current time (in days)
*Setopt and Addopt nis commands can now memorize global variables
*Added the PassTime campaign nis command
*Setopt and Addopt nis commands can now memorize any random number given a min and max value
*RAND6 value removed
*Modified some nis files in Duskshroud's campaign
*Crowns nis command now accepts values memorized with Setopt/Addopt
*Modified some nis files in Prologue chapter
*Fixed some typos in Prologue chapter
*PassTime command can now use current time (in days), global variables, optional variables and random numbers
*Fixed extra portraits bug
*Tip of the day no longer appears on first run
*Spirggans now have 60 hp (was 100) and 12 speed (was 10)
*Sprites now have 60 hp (was 100), 14 speed (was 12)
*Sylphs now have 10 hp (was 30), 15 speed (was 13) and 70 production time (was 60)
*Pixies now have 90 hp (was 110), 10 speed (was 8) and 87 production time (was 77)
*Guardian Skulls now have 20 combat (was 12) and are strong vs piercing damage (was all elemental)
*When in campaign choices, previous message is not cleared from the screen - in case player forgot what was he/she was asked
*It is no longer mandatory for your hero to be able to choose his/her native race as a battle option in the campaign
*Aristocracy - Plutocracy perks now modify your units cost and production time by 50%
*Modified perk system. Heroes reset
*Quick Fighter perk now gives +10% attack speed to your hero
*Quick Runner perk now gives +10% move speed to your hero
*Fixed several perk bugs involving effect calculations
*Efficient Fighter perk now gives +10% critical chance and -10% attack speed to your hero
*Fast Fighter perk now gives -10% critical chance and +10% attack speed to your hero
*Young but Weak perk now gives +10% hp regen and -10% hp to your hero
*Old but Hardened perk now gives -10&#xhp; regen and +10% hp to your hero
*Added Zultak's Item pack #1
*Durable Builder perk now gives +10% hp and +10% build time to all your buildings
*Fast Builder perk now gives -10% hp and -10% build time to all your buildings
*Liberal perk now gives -10% conversion time to your hero
*Severe perk now gives +10% conversion time to your enemy heroes
*Traditionalist perk now gives +50% spellcasting chance and +50% mana cost to your hero's spells
*Experimentalist perk now gives -50% spellcasting chance and -50% mana cost to your hero's spells
*Quantity perk now gives -50% food consumption and -50% morale to your units
*Quality perk now gives +50% food consumption and +50% morale to your units
*Introvert perk now gives +10% xp gain to your hero and -10% xp gain to your units
*Extrovert perk now gives -10% xp gain to your hero and +10% xp gain to your units
*Added popup help for proficiency determined perks
*In game avatar does not change when hero levels up now
*AI units in towers now DO get counted on army limit calculations
*Added some extra hints for chapter 2
*Added intro movie for chapter 2
*Modified Kaari's stats. Now has 20 combat, 200 hp, 20 speed, 35 damage, 10 armor and 10 resistance
*Added the Dark Rider, Knight, Thrall, Swordsman portraits for dialogues
*Fixed grid appearing crash caused by AI blinking
*Fixed spell-leveling bug giving +2 on one click

******************************** Patch 0.7.3 *************************************

*Updated Help.cfg for characters
*Fixed more typos in Duskshroud's campaign (including mission names)
*Added Wight, Dwarf Infantry, Kobold, Goblin Chief and Orc avatars for dialogues
*Fixed Ssrathi avatars in Duskshroud's campaign
*Fixed Prologue crashing when selecting Sir Melvin
*Modified initial hero setup of Sir Melvin
*Orc AI now builds more than just keeps and towers (bugfix)
*Goblins now produced at Goblin Tower
*Fixed mortar bug
*Compatibility with 1600 resolutions
*Fixed minor graphical glitches of some control panels
*Setopt and Addopt nis commands can now memorize current day and year. Documentation updated
*Added the Goblin Shaman avatar for dialogue use
*Implemented the new opt#eq# condition for nis use. Documentation updated
*Added three new hero skills: Orc Lover, Goblin Lover, Kobold Lover
*Fixed duplicate obelisk bug from wbc1import features. Evil obelisk now available
*Updated Kharn Quests to version 1.5
*Updated Kharn Pak - Desert terrain tiles
*Fixed No Dragons game mode bug
*Fixed Lichking's Ring bug
*Modified some item descriptions
*Psychological and converting radius is now shown only for selected units
*Fixed Plaguelord AI
*Frostbat is now a flying unit
*Fixed Temporary Heroes. Now they actually work
*Fixed extra spell sphere bug
*Fixed retinue screen for Woodelves and Highelves
*Fixed help text for knight lords
*When selecting voiceset in hero customization screen, a random speech line is played every time (instead of just deathblow)
*AI heroes now level up according to the new leveling up system (5AP per level)
*AI heroes now get items even in Assasination mode
*Added two more skirmish maps (Ravine of the Claws, Suberbs)
*Buffed towers (experimental)

******************************** Patch 0.8 *************************************

*Perks are now set up according to hero race when creating new/AI heroes
*Fixed Herueth Investigation not showing variables in Duskshroud's campaign
*Improved appearance of campaign dialogues
*Fixed minor bugs in Duskshroud's campaign
*Fixed typo in Quick Fighter/Quick Runner perk description
*Fixed graphical glitches in level up screen
*Added new chapter videos
*Fixed minor bugs in Prologue campaign
*Fixed some mercenaries
*Wights now cost 62 metal (was 67) and have 120 hp (was 130)
*Guardian Skulls now cost 141 crystal (was 171) and do cold damage (was magic)
*Banshee now has 0 range (was 2), 12 speed (was 10) and takes 80 seconds to produce (was 90)
*All ranged siege weapons now get +2 to range, +10 damage and +40 cost
*Fixed DEScity1 map having a swarm hero blocked
*Updated Kharn Pak - Desert terrain tiles
*Added Kharn Pak - Water terrain tiles
*Updated official terrain tiles
*Updated Red Mage's death and attack animations
*Increased feature limit of scenarios to 1024 (was 512)
*Increased army limit of scenarios to 2048 (was 1024)
*Crowns nis command now supports all modifiers (RAND, TIME, VAR, OPT, DAY, YEAR). Documentation updated
*All soundtracks are now at an equal volume
*Huge Dragon now has 3000 hp (was 9000) - bug fix on having low hp on level up
*Updated prologue mission on Theira
*Renumbered chapters in the Chapter Selection Screen
*Updated All In One soundtrack set (now has 86 tracks in total)
*Ancient Treant now has 30 combat, 180 hp, 7 speed, 16 view, 40 damage, 20 armour, 10 resistance and costs 440 stone with 102 production time
*Fixed Wood Elf hero causing disease and dealing crush damage instead of piercing
*Ancient Treant now available for Wood Elves
*Dryad now unavailable for Wood Elves
*Bonus nis command now available for in-game dialogue
*SirMelvin now starts with 8 DEX (was 5)
*Duskshroud now starts with stats and skills according to the AP leveling up system (5 AP per level)
*Changed weather combat effects as follows:
DAY: +5 for ssrathi
NIGHT: +5 for undead
+5 for darkelf
-5 for human, dwarf, barbarian, orc, minotaur, fey, ssrathi, insect
RAIN: +5 for daemon, barbarian
-5 for human, dwarf, orc, minotaur, highelf, woodelf, darkelf, fey, ssrathi
-10 for insect, flier
FINE: no effects
*Added Dark Elf Woman avatar for Daemon heroes
*Added Violent Female voice set for Daemon heroes
*Maximum soundtracks in a playlist increased to 100
*Improved appearance of companion recruiting panel
*Fixed two bugs in chapter 1 (RODcity1, EHLARIELcity2)
*Fixed more typos in chapter 1
*Added more hidden treasure throughout the chapters
*Fixed reset chapter button bug jumping to last loaded hero
*Dwarven and Dark Dwarven buildings now increase their hp by 5% of their original value for each new building
*Dwarven and Dark Dwarven buildings now cannot have higher hp than 3 times their original value
*Sling now has a rarity of 5 (was 7)
*Stripflesh now affects units of lower than twice the spell level
*Fixed bug AI casting Ring of Ice instead of Poison Spray
*Added the new necromancy spell Raise Wraith (removed Ring of Ice)
*Reogranized Necromancy spell sphere tree
*Raise Wights now summon more units per spell level, but with less xp
*Modified description of spells
*Updated Kharn Pak - Grass terrain tiles
*Reogranized Nature spell sphere tree
*Added the new nature spell Summon Animal (removed Shillelagh)
*Externalised some strings for translated versions
*Implemented the new campaign nis command: Relocate. Documentation updated
*Added one more menu intro clip (totaling 13)
*Redone some menu intro clips
*Chaos Magic now gives negative values only to enemies and positive values only to friends
*Increased maximum number of characters in a string to 256 (was 80)
*Improved converting animation for the Dwarf Lord
*Added 4 new skirmish maps (Barren Dunes, Cleave Canyon, Dragon Caves, Lightning River)
*Changed starting year for all heroes
*Improved converting animation for Wood Elf Hero
*Fixed bug where the mouse cursor keeps blinking when hovering over intro videos
*Added the Wall of Thorns building in the editor list
*Added popup help when hovering over proficiency in level up screen
*Fixed popup help not showing negative spellcasting chances in level up screen
*Campaign dialogue choices can now be up to 6. Documentation updated
*Implemented the new campaign nis commands Setdopt and Adddopt. Documentation updated
*Implemented the new campaign nis conditions dopti#i#eq#
*Spell skill synergy bonus now grants high spell one level
*Greatly improved the Create Hero screen. Now has popup help and shows perks
*Vampires now have a vampirism of 10 (was 3)
*Fixed spell bug involving abnormaly high spell levels
*Added some kharn items
*Resetting chapters now reset remaining APs as well

******************************** Patch 0.8.1 ***********************************

*Implemnted the new cheat spawn # unitname (only works for 1 word names for now)
*Implemented the new cheat build buildingname (only works for 1 word names for now)
*Unit and building names are now used in nis files instead of id codes. Documentation updated
*Addapted some chapter nis files
*Fixed bug where current location circle appears nowhere in particular
*YEAR and DAY modifiers now work for in-game dialogue as well
*Implemented conditioned choices. Documentation updated
*Setdopt and Adddopt index attributes can now be used with OPT# modifiers
*There can now be a maximum of six in-game choices as well (although not recomended)
*Implemented the new condition opt#eqopt#. Documentation updated
*Added one more showline in the campaign dialogue panel (totalling 6)
*Increased maximum number of nis optional variables to 15 (was 10)
*Fixed bug when RAND modifier not working properly
*Fixed Morph spells causing freeze
*Added Griffon Ambush for chapter 1. Chapters reset
*Added Pirate Ambush for chapters 0 and 2
*Fixed Raise Wights spell bug spawning units randomly on the map
*Fixed ambush bug when showing two identical race options
*Spellchecked and corrected campaign dialogues (more medieval, less american)
*Added popup dialogue in the Prologue
*Critters no longer immune to psych effects
*Added 5 new skirmish maps (Gold of Khaz Barak, The Dark Path, Desert Crossing, Great Valley, The Lion's Den)
*Added the new research skill Axe Throwing for Dwarves (+3 range for dwarf infantry)
*Gladewardens and Elven Hunters may now be produced at the Ranger's Guild
*Gladewardens can no longer be produced at the Tree of Life
*Added game string for Warcry ability
*Slightly modified the graphical appearance of control panel buttons
*Knight Lords now only give +1 morale (was 2)
*Queen Spider no longer causes Terror (bugfix)
*Hero creation popup help now has 5 info lines (were 4)
*Modified stats for elementals: 25 combat, 120 hp, 15 speed, 12 sight, 30 damage, 20 armor, 20 resistance, 300 cost, 80 secs
*Elementals are now immune to psych effects
*Builders can now garrison into towers
*Melee attacks are considered missed if units are 3 or more squares away from each other (was 5)
*AI heroes now use their RSB upon death
*Improved quiz system (see template)
*Updated Kharn Pak - Desert terrain tiles
*Corrected basilisk info image
*Corrected white mage's death animation
*Huge Dragon now deals 100 damage (was 124) and has a terror strenght of 7 (was 15)
*Reduced size of Graphics.xcr by 20MB by clearing unnecesary data
*Fixed bug when Huge Dragon freezes in Prologue
*Added popup help in Prologue mission
*Frost Bat and Chaos Dragon now available for production
*Fixed Riding skill
*Fixed overlapping text in victory/defeat screen
*Fixed Gront's info image
*Implemented the new campaign nis answer attribute "hidden" - hides the choice option if conditions are not met. Documentation updated
*Added new hero portrait Cloaked Duskshroud
*Can now override portrait for character 0 in dialogues
*Spellchecked all chapter hints
*Enabled chapter 3 for beta testers.

******************************** Patch 0.8.2 ***********************************

*Ranger's Guild now has rally point
*corrected journal entries for chapter 3
*All scout units now have -15 production time, +30 hp, +10 damage. Documentation updated
*Fixed dwarf small icon graphical bug
*Added description for Axe Throwing skill
*All worker units now have +10 damage, +6 combat, +10 hp. Documentation updated
*All infantry units now have -5 combat. Documentation updated
*All units now have their production time halved. Documentation updated
*Fixed Lichking's Lost Items set (finally)
*Implemented the new game duration option for skirmish and campaign scenarios
*Added custom portrait slots for every race
*Increased memory usage by 2MB to fix too many units crashes
*Fixed quest almost expired bug (hopefully)
*Fixed bug where knightlord's death caused -2 morale (instead of -1)
*Fixed some graphical glitches in the hero level up spells popup
*Temporary Ritual skill is now taken into account when leveling up spells
*Fixed some graphical glitches in the create hero popup
*Added replayable scenario in Chapter 1
*Added replayable scenario in Chapter 2
*Increased terrain tile limit to 3000
*Added WBC1 Terrain Pack
*Added WBC2 Terrain Pack
*Added 3 new skirmish maps (Lost City, Death Valley, Arnos Delta)
*Modified chapter 2 scenarios
*Added 3 dark elven female portraits for the daemon heroes
*Extra Army Setup Points costs now depend on difficulty level
*Item, mercenary, retinue, xp, companion, battle costs now depend on difficulty level
*Crown rewards (battle or nis) now depend on difficulty level
*Externalised General Perk Name strings for translated versions
*Externalised some more quiz strings for translated versions
*Fixed Tinman and Bronzeman mode not giving xp correctly
*Implemented the new nis moddifier DNO. Documentation updated
*Adapted some campaign dialogues
*Modified some game strings
*Adapted some campaign act files. Chapters reset
*Fixed Chaos Dragon and Frostbat help text
*Added campaign nis condition crownsdno#. Documentation updated
*Raze Fest and Slug Fest may now be played with allies
*Corrected Lord Melkor's interface image
*Added one more sound file for the Reaper
*Fixed bug where sound files for Squire, Dancing Sword, Unicorn and Warlord were not used

******************************** Patch 0.8.3 ***********************************

*Ghoulbone, Darkblade, Fallan, Quinton, Xanthos, Xunthor, Fingers, Esgaleth, Anagain, Smooth Arlin, Princess Daria heroes now have a fixed avatar and voice
*Scenario description display can now be larger than 5 lines of text
*Fixed bug in Prologue not showing mission objectives in Theira
*Implemented the new Wait campaign action
*Gnolls are now neutral monsters
*Red and Black mages are now good
*All barbarians are now neutral
*All dwarves are now good
*All titans now have a race tag and are huge
*Elven Hunters are now wood elves
*Firebombs are now small
*All daemons, except Summoner, are now extraplanar
*Imps are now evil
*Minotaur Shamans now are of medium size
*Lightning Hawks are now neutral
*Oakmen are now of medium size
*Ancient Treants are now of huge size
*Implemented the new nis command Choice2. Documentation updated
*Fixed a bug with grayed choice dialogue not disappearring
*All swarm units are now evil
*Added 1.03.25 item pack
*Fixed scorpion's attack animation
*Updated Kharn's item pack
*Fixed a bug where choice dialogue 5 and 6 were not working in game
*Heroes no longer run if they're on fire
*The availability of skills is now taken into account when creating a temporary hero
*AI heroes now invest points in arcane magic
*Fixed a bug where AI heroes would have more skill points
*Passive AI now uses special abilities
*Added new attribute to the nis command Flag. Documentation updated
*Changing AI from passive now moves the starting location where the hero is (will build base there)
*Implemented the new nis command Attitude. Documentation updated
*Added Build and Can't Build speech files for Wisp and Ancient Wisp
*Implemented the new producing time icon for units and researches
*Dwarven buildings maximum hit points is now double of original (was triple)
*Fixed Converting Proficiency bug
*Reseed is done when traveling or fighting (new items, mercenaries, etc.)
*Implemented the new campaign action attribute "instant"
*Added support for higher resolutions
*No retinue attribute now works for side 0 as well in campaign battle actions
*Campaign nis actions now take 0 days by default
*Campaign battle actions now take 1 day by default
*Implemented the new campaign action attribute "time"
*All .map elements now support the "condition" attribute
*Added Paridian in the editor list
*Added Paridian voice pack
*Fixed nis bug not resetting choice options
*Added nis condition varl#eq# and var#eq#. Documentation updated
*All chapters now have an ending pop-up. Chapters reset
*Implemented the new nis symbol &name;. Documentation updated
*Fixed Morph Tower bug
*Fixed Create Hero Class popup help bug
*Fixed temple archon not available for knights bug
*AI now uses Darkstorm spell
*Improved the Hero Creation popup help
*Improved the Hero Level Up Spells popup help
*Leveling up spells now costs 1AP per point
*Spells now only require previous spells of +1 higher level (was 2x)
*Implemented the new nis command ProduceHero. Documentation updated
*Fixed wrong avatar in Chapter 2 dialogue
*Updated the Pat pack 1 terrain pack
*AI hero voices are now random (and dependant on gender)
*Standardized Frostbat stats
*Added the Summoner portrait for dialogues
*Fixed bug with nis answer attribute "hidden"
*Increased item limit per scenario to 64 (was 32)
*Increased army memory limit to 5000 (was 1000) - fixes crash/bug in late game and allows more units to be added in the editor
*Increased building memory limit to 2500 (was 500) - fixes crash/bug in late game and allows more buildings to be added in the editor
*Increased feature memory limit to 5000 (was 1000) - fixes random huge map bug and allows more features to be added in the editor
*Increased item memory limit to 1000 (was 200) - fixes crash/bug in chest-heavy game and allows more chests to be added in the editor
*Added new unit: Ancient Giant
*Added 5 new skirmish maps (Curled Earh, Invasion, Mountain Assault, Rivers, Tides of Pain)
*Increased actions per location limit to 32 (was 12)
*Implemented the new campaign condition type checktimemultiple
*YEAR and DAY modifiers are now displayed in dialogue using &day; and &year;. Documentation updated
*Updated some chapter dialogues
*Campaign nis command Diplomacy now has min and max attributes. Documentation updated
*Added 19 new loading screens
*Added support for higher resolutions (1680x1050 and 1920x1080)
*Implemented the new NIS command Setcon. Documentation updated
*Implemented the new NIS condition setcon. Documentation updated
*Implemented the new NIS attribute abs. Documentation updated
*Implemented the new NIS command Showdopt. Documentation updated
*Implemented the new NIS condition bonus#. Documentation updated
*Increased conditions per location limit to 16 (was 8)
*Fixed bug where PassTime command was not updating campaign panel
*Improved control panels visuals
*Barbarian racial synergy bonus nerfed. Damage reduced by half (increases over time)
*Improved neutral AI. No longer ignores close enemies
*AI now prioritizes Rare Mine conversion as it would with a level 3 ordinary mine
*Improved AI. Now less ignorant to close threats and no more interuptions
*AI cannot differ human from AI player. All sides are now treated fairly
*Spawning Goblins from Gobshooters can now happen during starvation as well
*Spawning Spiders from Eggs can now happen during starvation as well
*Fixed bug where Summon Sprite was spawning units in the corner of the map
*AI now continues fighting during defeat screen in single player mode
*Improved AI. Now no longer gets stuck in tight passages
*Improved AI. Now only uses Summoners, Ancient Wisps and Leprechauns for base defense
*Fixed bug where dialog soundtrack would become noise
*Added new item graphics
*Fixed some graphical glitches in the main menu
*Implemented the new language system
*Tough towers no longer have double damage and double combat
*Huge Dragon now has 5000 hp and can no longer level up
*Summoning Imps and Deamons is no longer restricted by army limit

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