Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is a 2D action game with a random crazy story! You control a group of three migrating west on a wagon trail. The game consists of short 3-30 second long scenes that are sequenced together in a semi-random way, so you never know what dangers you will face. Battle buffalo, wolves, bandits, bears, giant spiders, aliens, and much more!

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Hilarious, extremely true to its trailer and description. A well done set of minigames arranged in a semi-random fashion, with loads of humor. Quite the super amazing wagon adventure!

Such a wonderful game :3
Like a previous review said, if this were to be updated with new scenes in the future, it would be utterly fantastic <3

Great game, fun game play, funny situations and all around a good game.

This game is soo funny. Story is what its all about with this one.How big and crazy a story gets depends on the player. One of my pioneers got "space rabies" oddly and then another had his head ripped off and his body was "burried in Guano" and the last attempted to jump over a river with the wagon and ended up jumping to high and had to shoot down a bullet spitting satellite, luckily he landed back in the river he was trying to jump, crossed and got mauled by a pack of rabid squirrels. History...If you dont learn from it your doomed to repeat it, right? right? nuff said.



Pretty f-ing sweet.

most interesting game I have played in a long time


fun and mad game dont try it if you are grafics kid

Really enjoyed this game, tons of hilarious situations to find your party in and solid retro gameplay anyone can pick up.

I gave it a 10. Just **** yeah.

The world needs more of this. Just don't put your sister as one of the characters...... Might get akward

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