Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is a 2D action game with a random crazy story! You control a group of three migrating west on a wagon trail. The game consists of short 3-30 second long scenes that are sequenced together in a semi-random way, so you never know what dangers you will face. Battle buffalo, wolves, bandits, bears, giant spiders, aliens, and much more!

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This game doesn't look that good at first, but somehow it's addicting. It's so hard to beat the game and it's fun unlocking new wagons. Some of the scenario's are straight out hilarious, the price is worth it just for a good laugh! It also claims that this is 100% historically accurate about life on the Oregon Trail, this game just proves life was hard!

This Game is the epitome of greatness.
It feels like a mixture of Oregon Trail, Gradius, Wario Ware and Dead Souls.
AND: Atari Style. Woah.
This Game is very random, and I admire randomness. It is throbbingly full of dark humour and situatonal comedy.
And you'll discover something new with every playthrough!
I hope this game gets updated regularly, so it can become even bigger and bigger.

Some suggestions though:
Maybe an editor for fanmade challenges?
A difficulty setting?
An option to record the texts of your story in a textlog and read through it after the game over?

Overall, Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is a MUST-BUY and a MUST-PLAY!

great game

it's a super amazing wagon adventure!

If Michael Bay directed Oregon Trail and it turned out awesome, it would be this game.


Leradus says

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I Love to play this game and it's random environment.
Fighting against Ninjas or riding a dinosaur

this is awesome

really good game you should play this if you liked things like ftl and 8-bit graphics or orgon trail

absolutley more than 2,5 euros worth of entertainment.

I picked this up after watching Giant Bomb's Quick Look of the game. Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is an alternative take on the Oregon Trail formula, albeit with some procedural generation thrown into the storyline to keep things interesting and surprising. The game's soundtrack is also pretty awesome. Money well-spent.

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