The game begins with a standard mission, the Galaxy-class starship USS Dauntless (NCC-71879) is in orbit of a planet in the Vesuvi system. Captain Wright is onboard a shuttle en route to an orbital research station when the Vesuvi star suddenly goes nova. The resulting shockwave is devastating, destroying the planet's orbital stations and obliterating the Captain's shuttlecraft. The USS Dauntless escapes under impulse power, but sustains damage to her warp nacelles. The ship is towed back to a Federation drydock by an Akira class, and fully repaired by worker bees. The executive officer(the player) is promoted to Captain. Soon the player is joined by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The ship departs drydock for Starbase 12, the command center for operations in the Maelstrom region. As the game progresses, you and your crew are transferred to the USS Sovereign, the pathfinder of the Sovereign class. The vessel will eventually become a key factor in solving the mystery in the Maelstrom

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Romulan Incursion Addon
Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Romulan Incursion Addon

Dec 1, 2009 The Aftermath (BC version) Full Version (19.59mb) 0 comments

This is the romulan incursion addon wich adds TOS Romulan ships.

TOS War Pack
Star Trek: Bridge Commander

TOS War Pack

Nov 19, 2009 The Aftermath (BC version) Full Version (47.67mb) 3 comments

This is the TOS war pack containing ships for the TOS era for the klingons and the federation. This pack includes 6 ships for eachs side and a space station...

Wolf 359 Addon Pack Mini Patch
Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Wolf 359 Addon Pack Mini Patch

Sep 28, 2009 The Aftermath (BC version) Other (3.79mb) 2 comments

A small patch for the wolf359 pack including some missing files that were accedentilay not included

STBC Aftermath 0.75
Star Trek: Bridge Commander

STBC Aftermath 0.75

Aug 25, 2009 The Aftermath (BC version) Full Version (117.44mb) 7 comments

The first release of Aftermath for star trek bridge commander this version contains ships for the TNG era

Future Enterprise-E

Future Enterprise-E

Feb 13, 2009 Full Version (6.59mb) 2 comments

For Bridge Commander This is our first mod for Bridge Commander made by Voyager- This is a "what if" ship. I changed the texture colour, weapons, shields...

Star Trek: Bridge Commander
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