Blade of Darkness holds true to the greatest of hack and slash legends, combining sorcery, knights, and swords with god forsaken enemies that deserve to have their arms slashed off with a broadsward. Blade of Darkness looked excellent in 2001, and still delivers its gore well today. Holding True to it's genre it offers modders both custom maps and scripts. Relevent Links Fansite Mod List Modding Community

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Julez says

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Best game ever made imo, Hands down.


this game brings you into a world of which never want to leave

Best slasher of all times.
Modern slasher are crap compared to this masterpiece.
10 out of 10.

a very cool game in his time, a good game for low-end users and lots of gore!


Masterpiece of hack and slash

This is an evergreen game! It deserves a remake!

One of the best fantasy games ever made. i found myself saying in my head on multiple occasions "holy **** this game is ******* awesome". play this game it's not one you will want to miss!

A game way ahead of it's time. Best hack and slash combat up to this date. Absolutely awesome lighting, great sound! Near perfect game!


polsds says

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Superb for its time...wish there were more games like it today

This game has an amazing potential (BETTER THAN RYSE)
When ı played MAX PAYNE ı never think how can this game be better.Because it is can not be done better.But although ı played 9 times BOD ı think a lot times how can this game be better.How can be much realistic.Therefore we can see the tremendous potential of the BOD.The power of the BOD is this.
I must make a confession.I suppose BOD was unique but ı was mistaken. I am very disappointed and surprised.The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time (1998) and Die By The Sword (1998) are very resemble to BOD. The first PRINCE OF PERSIA (1989) is the first dungeon hack and slash ı think.With this respect its a predecessor of the BOD too. if these predecessors did not exist I think there was not a good BOD like this.But it is not a shame for BOD.Visuals,physics, musics (musics are wonderful.ı get someones and listen at my mp3 player.ı shorten someones and make them windows sounds) and some of the game elements are unique.I gave 9.5 to BOD.For 2001 this is 10+++

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Best game ever made imo, Hands down.

Nov 17 2010 by Julez