In Risk of Rain, time = difficulty. The longer you play the harder it gets, do you tear through the levels as fast as you can or do you spend time collecting some of the many ability granting artifacts? With randomly generated levels, giant bosses and just one life. How far will you go?

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Feb 15 2013 Anchor

Hello,my name is Douglas,i'm 13 years old and i from Brazil.
I see your game,i liked it,but i want a Character Customization and a Co-op multiplayer(and other modes) to i play with my neighbor and unlock all itens in Item Log :D
Now for the Character Customization,i want a clothes colors and custom skills,like a FMG to miner or a "Fighter" with custom name,clothes and skills(like "Martial Arts").

So...This is the end,i continues watching the game development!

Thanks to read this thread and sorry for my bad english,again,i from Brazil!


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Mar 2 2013 Anchor

I second the co op idea :D This game would be even better with mp...though I know mp is really hard to code xD

Mar 16 2013 Anchor

if co-op is made then make harder levels ancient cavern gets boring after the 5th time even with the 100 people on screen and like 5 golem bosses

Mar 27 2013 Anchor

Justin I agree

Is anyone here upset with the demo though? Didn't you find it a tad underwhelming?

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