After falling asleep at your desk, you wake up to find your office block dark and empty. -WASD to move -Press 'F' to reset your flashlight when needed. -There is something stalking you, do not stare at it for too long.

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I really liked the gameplay. I'm a giant horror game fan, of course betas are a good indicator of whether or not a game is going in the right direction... and this game is!


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The overall atmosphere is very good. But I think there is a lot that you could do with the mannequin that follows you. Maybe adding some more sound effects too would help the game.

But I'm no reviewer, so don't have to listen to me.

- Naidax


Short, yet fun. Gameplay doesn't bore me like most horror games and it doesn't give me a headache with overdone motion blur and flare effects.


Mac user up in here! But its pretty scary! Good suspense game and good graphics. The game has veryy chilling animations and effects that you will find out when you play. I cannot wait for the next part!

Things to fix:
1.) The Music - the random noises are not appreciated. Like every minute there is a BOOM noise that makes me jump and I, along with most others, do not enjoy this noise in my ears. Use atmospheric sound only.
2.) The Controls - It says to use WASD to move. Well, you also can use E and SPACE so you need to let the user know.
3.) The Disorientation - Where the hell do I go haha? You said to follow the trees but they are everywhere. I got lost so easily and I hated turning around because of those creepy mannequin things!! (Good effect btw)
4.) The Mountains - I can jump out of the arena by holding down SPACE and going into the mountains.

I hope my criticisms help you in development! This was seriously a joy to play.


As I already wrote on my site, this is not about how does Refuge look right now, it's all about the great potential! This is an incredibly polished game considering its stage. Cheers and keep up with the work!


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It was a good and scary game and there is room for improvment.


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