OverDose is a class, team& objective based multiplayer game set on a post apocalyptic Earth, were the Confederate Marine Corps and Marauders battle it out for supremacy over the destroyed cities of a war torn world. Using idTech2 as a base, we are writing our engine from the ground up to take advantage of modern day graphical options and details levels to bring you eye popping class based multiplayer mayhem. This isn’t just war... Its an all out apocalypse!

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Introducing the CMC Field Ops Class... A little less murder, a little more 'tash?

Posted by Gavavva on Nov 16th, 2010

26th Novemeber 2010 UPDATE below!!!

Its exciting times at Team Blur Games recently, we have a whole host of new things to play with, from engine changes to new team members providing new media for your retina melting pleasure! Last update we introduced the Marauder Infiltrator, and lets face it, he was hardly a pretty boy lad you would want to side with in a fight for survival. This time however, its time to pimp the Confederate Marine Corp. a little…

Introducing… The CMC Field Ops!

The main role of the Field Ops class is that he provides support for the other CMC team members by handing out ammunition to anybody who requires it. He also has the special ability of being able to call in an air strike over a certain location, which can be very effective as it provides massive damage. He could possibly call in giant enemy crabs too, but maybe that’s a little too daft.

User Posted Image

Now for the Field Ops, we wanted to hit home with the feeling that they are indeed soldiers in a war they don’t want to be in. They aren’t clean, they are quite cobbled together in some regards, their armour has dents, scratches. Their clothes are dirty… Its not like this war is tomorrow, these guys have seen the thick of war:

User Posted Image

Of course, just because the world pretty much “ends” in 2012, it doesn’t mean technology didn’t advance to some regard. It did, just much more slowly and with a more retro feel. This allows us the freedom of using everyday ideas from today and combining them with technology that could be used in the following years:

User Posted Image

Another example of how things might change in the not to distant future:

User Posted Image

As always, all our character models will have various head models that are selectable by the player, and sometimes these change the race of the player model too (Race changes only available for CMC at this time). Heres a shot of the Field Ops model with, and without, goggles:

User Posted Image

UPDATE: Another Head Model:

User Posted Image

Now as always, the guys at [TBG] love to add little things that give it that extra boost of detail, that’s why if you look closely at our pics and videos of the Field Ops, you may spot that the armour reflects the battlefield, that the UI’s are all animated on the model, and that yes, even the watch on his wrist has seconds, minutes and hours, that are in PERFECT time… You may call us crazy, we call it fun:

User Posted Image

Also, as always, the above pictures are all ingame. No editing in post has been done other than the obvious border effects. What you see, is what you get, warts and all.

More updates will be following very soon, so stay tuned, get subscribing, and of course vote for OverDose in the ModDB Indie Upcoming awards! The more people that know about us, the better chance we have of having more than a couple of team members, and that means more updates and a quicker beta for you all! More info on that soon…


Side by side, here is the original concept art for the Field Ops and the ingame final.

NOTE: Some features don't always work in 3d, and so things where changed if needed. Its not always possible to map 1:1 a concept to a 3d model. Also some features needed to be exaggerated on concept art, such as the ear piece (Which is still there, just smaller and much nicer fitting).

User Posted Image

Also, a few of the current completed head variants for the CMC Field Ops Class:

User Posted Image

And finally, the Field Ops Black Skin in full:

User Posted Image

You can visit the [TBG] website and forums for more info, so what are you waiting for, Christmas?

User Posted Image
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FuriousChad Nov 17 2010 says:

Crazy good stuff guys. The model looks really good, wish I could do a human half-as-good!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Paxton Nov 17 2010 says:

All the little details are what make it great.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SPY-maps Nov 17 2010 says:

"...from engine changes..."
what, do you change from engine?? that will give quit some trouble i asume, or is that you start using a later version of the ID Tech?


-1 votes     reply to comment
ezjamin Nov 17 2010 replied:

He just means new graphical features have been added to the engine.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Avenger2150 Nov 17 2010 says:

:O a watch which tells the CORRECT time ?!
dude thats some HQ even Super High Detail :D
If only my PC could run this at its first beta :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gavavva Author
Gavavva Nov 19 2010 replied:

As long as its shader model 3 it should be fine, thats what, a GeForce 8 card? Those can be had for twenty quid these days.

Nicolas is putting a LOT of effort (Way, way, way more than a normal person should) into making sure the code is as good as possible so it runs smoother for everybody, but at the same time the entire game is tweakable to certain extents. If you have a PC from say, 4 or so years ago, and its geforce 8, you WILL be able to play OD... It may have to have a few (Read: Most) things turned off or set to low, but it will still play. The last thing we want is a COD:BO style release where people with really good rigs cant play the game at a smooth frame rate because of shoddy coding :p

+1 vote   reply to comment
[WuTz]! Dec 19 2011 replied:

The Geforce 8xxx series was the first one to support ShaderModel 4.0. 3.0 is supported by waaay older cards. ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
FredDurscht Nov 17 2010 says:

very impressive! cant wait for some animations !!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gavavva Author
Gavavva Nov 19 2010 says:

Yup, we haven't changed the engine, just made "changes" to the existing one. Its a constantly evolving engine that gets new stuff all the time, and the older stuff gets replaced with better/faster ideas.

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