OverDose is a class, team& objective based multiplayer game set on a post apocalyptic Earth, were the Confederate Marine Corps and Marauders battle it out for supremacy over the destroyed cities of a war torn world. Using idTech2 as a base, we are writing our engine from the ground up to take advantage of modern day graphical options and details levels to bring you eye popping class based multiplayer mayhem. This isn’t just war... Its an all out apocalypse!

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OverDose Ingame Update 2
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Kisaraji Feb 28 2012, 11:31am says:

Same guy on the lastest 2 screenshots.

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DaveW Feb 28 2012, 1:44pm replied:

Was going to say this - exactly the same pose and position - don't make the same mistake Nuclear Dawn made.

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Gavavva Author
Gavavva Feb 28 2012, 2:20pm replied:

Do tell...? :s

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fragfest2012 Feb 28 2012, 7:22pm replied:

It is the same guy, but a different position, in this one he is more rotated.

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Gavavva Author
Gavavva Feb 29 2012, 4:11am replied:

No its not? Its the same guy for sure, with the same head model... Its also the same map?

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DaveW Mar 3 2012, 4:22am replied:

Google 'Nuclear Dawn Nuked' - back in 2006 the Half Life 2 mod Nuclear Dawn got into trouble because they got caught posing screenshots. The character to the left of this image is in exactly the same position as in the last screenshot, which makes it look posed.

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Gavavva Author
Gavavva Mar 4 2012, 7:32am replied:

It's not posed. Even if it were, in my honest most original English accent... Who the **** cares? Screenshots are presented to show you what the game looks like. As long as its not ubi soft levels of photoshoppery, and what you see IS what you get, who cares?

Let's say this screen is fake, something I COULD do; it would still be totally ingame, with effects, key framed animation so that it was all right to show it off etc... Even if it was faked, it would be nothing more than posing a scene to show what you want. Every game company and his mother does that. What do you want? Really ****** pics? Do you know how hard it is to show stuff mid action and have it look good ALL the time?

This pic, like the last, was set up to show a certain feeling. But it's still 100% ingame and is still somethig you would see, because shock horror, that's how it was took. The only thin I will say is that these pics won't look as good as the final, because there's. I effects AT ALL ATM.

Honestly... Sometimes I think you guys ask way to much. Flaming that other mod for posing pics is retarded. As long as they don't "fake" them with stuff you'll never see ingame and it's totally possible what they are showing. .. Who the **** cares?

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DaveW Mar 7 2012, 6:52pm replied:

I didn't say it was posed, I said it looked posed.

The problem with posing screenshots is it can indicate a stage of development which hasn't been reached. So Nuclear Dawn, for instance, did not have a working HUD but they showed screenshots with it. They did not have working character models, but they showed screenshots as if they did.

In the end the mod as it was collapsed after years of dead development and the majority of the community left because they were sick of being lied to. Surprisingly the community will eventually shun a mod that keeps posting faked images to give the impression of progress that isn't actually happening.

So, to a cynical viewer of these two screenshots that look (at least in part) posed, it's hard to tell whether you actually have gameplay programmed because it all looks staged. That's why it matters.

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Inevitab13 Mar 8 2012, 12:26am replied:

Pretty sure he didn't say that this is supposed to be actual gameplay.

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Gavavva Author
Gavavva Mar 8 2012, 3:56am replied:

I don't quite follow this, so bare with me... Are you actually saying we went to the trouble of making characters, animating them, showing them animate in game, but then... don't have animated characters...? We don't have a HUD yet. Know why? Because the GUI code isn't final and I'm still waiting on it, and because the gamecode isn't final and I'm still waiting there, too. Why should I make a hud, only to remake it when the GUI codes done, and then remake it when the games done and reflects a totally different requirement...?

I get your "making progress that isn't actually happening" statement, totally. But in order to FAKE progress like this, you have to actually MAKE progress... Because otherwise, you are wasting effort? Why would I pose characters that haven't been animated, when I could just, you know, show them animated...? It doesn't make sense.

Theres a reason why we don't have a lot of gameplay videos out. Know what that reason is? Its nowhere near far enough along to show off. So that would just mean opening the floodgates to millions of people who complain on the little things, things that wont even be done, things that we already know about. Thats the nature of the beast sadly. You post things for feedback, you get feedback and you implement it. I got a lot from this pic on several sites alone... One pic. Scales, lighting, a LOT. That helps me. Moaning that "a pic showing real time action dopesnt look real time" on a SCREENSHOT seems a tad... Odd.

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Gavavva Author
Gavavva Mar 8 2012, 3:56am replied:

Now would you like to know if this is real or setup? I'll tell you. Its both. Its real ingame stuff, these are the graphics you see as you play, with the characters you pick while playing, with the animations they show while you kill people. Simple as that. Is it set up.........?

You bet your arse its set up.

I challenge you to find me one single pic that isn't that shows a game off. Take a look at the new hitman shots... The yshow Agent 47 mid strangle, or with police in the background, or in a crowd... Those are set up shots showing off a certain "thing".

Or did you expect me to hammer F12 and just post loads of badly shot, pointlessly taken screenshots...?

Now I FULLY agree with what you are saying... Don't lie, don't post **** that isn't true etc. But we are not Nuclear Dawn, and lets face it, the work we have done with such a small band of merry men on the engine its based on ALONE should show you we mean business and don't take ****. I mean when you put it like that, its even more silly... We remake an entire engine, bring it above and beyond current spec, making all these AAA assets, but then its all a lie... It would be the biggest waste of time since this morning when I had a **** and only a rabbit dropping came out.

True Story.

Have faith. If you don't like what you see, help. if you do, comment, but tell us where we can go better. But we are in this for the long haul, and we aim to misbehave.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DaveW Mar 8 2012, 3:41pm replied:

I take back what I said - what you're doing right now is actually worse than posting that screenshot.

I never criticised you or your team for posing it. I said to avoid doing what Nuclear Dawn did, because that's what it looked like. Posing screenshots like this gives an illusion of progress that is deceiving to the community following your mod. And yes, commercial games do it all the time but that doesn't mean it's something to aspire to.

No need to go on about how everyone's "moaning" at you - if you can't take criticism either way then don't post it on an open forum. I was actually looking forward to more progress but I frankly can't be bothered to watch this anymore.

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Gavavva Author
Gavavva Mar 8 2012, 4:08pm replied:

Soooooo... Making sure characters are running around firing at each other in a level in a real build and then picking a pic that shows the action off best and still looks good...................

............... Is worse than faking a pic with assets not from the game the doesn't represent final quality...?

Ok chief. Well, that's... Ok.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DaveW Mar 8 2012, 6:28pm replied:

Well that's not what I said, and that's not what Nuclear Dawn did, which I guess sums up how much attention you've paid. Either way, up to you how you run your game - not my place to lecture you on the finer points of media management and all. I'm sure your attitude will work out well for you.

-2 votes     reply to comment
Gavavva Author
Gavavva Mar 9 2012, 4:38am replied:

I don't actually think you are paying attention to any of this, to be fair. For about the 17th time, I'll say it again; The screenshots are not faked, they are set up using ingame real time assets, moving ingame in real time, to show off action in the best possible light we can do. We didn't just "create a screenshot" in Photoshop.

If thats SERIOUSLY an issue for you, then I think you may want to stay away from ANYTHING media related bud, because thats exactly what nearly everybody else does. The exception of course being people who do worse, and FAKE screenshots.

I have the sinking feeling I'm dealing with a troll, so I'll just end the conversation here. I think I've said more than enough on the matter.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DaveW Mar 9 2012, 1:50pm replied:

I wasn't suggesting you faked it in Photoshop, I was suggesting you were posing assets to create an illusion of gamplay (as Nuclear Dawn did). In fact, I was only even suggesting you might have been doing it, though you seem to have confirmed that that's what you did.

But if you want to write me off as a troll because I say something you don't like, go ahead. Like I said I'm sure your attitude will work out well.

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Gavavva Author
Gavavva Mar 9 2012, 3:44pm replied:

For now the 763rd time, we posed moving PLAYERS in a real time MAP that were mid ACTION. I'm not sure how this isn't getting over still.

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kazumo Feb 28 2012, 4:01pm says:


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anathema22 Mar 6 2012, 8:19am says:

Ooooo sexy sexy...

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Epic_Duck Mar 19 2012, 9:17am says:

Dafuq happened in the comment section? O_o

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OverDose Ingame Update 2

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