3D OPEN WORLD WILDERNESS SURVIVAL & HUNTING SIMULATOR FOR PC 400 sq-km Open World Survival Game. Free Download. Explore, Ransack and Learn to survive in this wilderness survival and hunting simulator for PC. Covering Real World Survival, Military Resistance, SOS, Pro Hunting, Man Hunt, Base Building & Defense, Mercenaries, Zombies and a lot more...

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3D Massive Open World Wilderness Survival Simulation for PC - INDIE GAME Development Screenshot July 2013

1) Real time day night cycle
2) 365 day weather cycles
3) Seasonal changes
4) Weather fronts
5) Survival base with upgrades
6) Hunt fish, birds and Kill Stuff
7) Ransack and explore towns and outbuildings
8) Learn to survive off the land
9) Selection of vehicles
10) 350+ square km Map to explore

Win A Darwin Award for surviving your first 24 Hours.