Prototype V0.292 Available in 32 and 64bit Win.
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No Return News 2017


Prototype V0.292 Available in 32 and 64bit Win.

Support on Youtube Official NO RETURN CHANNEL - Help Reach 1000 subs
Support on Steam - Help Reach 1000 followers
Or Watch Here on IndieDB and ModDB - Help Reach 1000 watchers

Free open world openworld survival game hunting game sim simulator indie 2016 ne

Above: Time for some screenshots. Dont forget to use the environment menu to change game colours.

Download for FREE and play about in this prototype download for PC. Watch here on INDIEDB and STEAM for future updates, news and videos. Donate to the project links are included in game if you feel generous and want to support indipendent open world survival and hunting game titles.

Prototype Goals Achieved

* A 400 sqkm True Open World Map
* Small Maps Optional With More Detail
* Drought and Flood Settings
* Plant And Cut Down Trees
* Climb Trees (limited animations at the moment)
* Block Building Like Minecraft (some block destruction included on specific block types)
* Base Building Parts like planks, walls, ladders etc
* Pre-Designed Buildings Like Paint Ball Forts, Lean-Twos, Tents ect (limited fuctions currently)
* Fires with Fully Dynamic Lighting on objects and smoke
* 365 day calendar with accurate sun position to latitude (editable)
* Full day night lighting cycle

* change day, month, year, hour, min, sec
* Moon Light Options for lighter or darker shadows
* Cloud speed, colour, opacity controls

* Full Fog Distance, Colour and Opacity Settings
* Full Wind Controls on Plants and Trees

* Game Settings & Resolution Menu
* Full Colour Editing of Game Environment Assets (chose colours you like)
* Pre-Set Game Styles like Black & White, Technocolour etc
* Winter and Summer Pre-Set options for rapid transitions
* Basic Inventory for weapons, ammo, health and food items like meat
* Stag AI with two states flight and fight with damage to player. (shoot to gain meat reward)
* Duck Ai with one option fly around
* Fish Which Have a Few Bugs (shouldnt really come out the water)
* Ai Ragdoll on hit enemies
* Male, Female and Android Player Options
* Tree and Rock Harvesting for basic building materials
* AI dynamic navigation over full 400sqkm map
* Custom bullet (projectile) creation menu, bugs galore at the moment
* bullet range and different impact effects

* Two very basic weapons AK47 and AEK
* Bullet Cam, Slomo and assortment of Player Camera Views
* Target placing and reward system for accuracy
* Poster Placement for targets, health and safety etc (you get the idea)
* Random Mission Generator for ManHunt, Rescue and other missions but still very basic
* ManHunt AI with footstep tracking
* Enemy Mercenary AI with weapons and two fire options, real projectile and trace
* Enemy Zombie AI because why not given its the basis for almost all AI
* Team M8 AI up to 7 team members with some controls over what they do, limited at moment
* Three Options for fast Stag Hunt, Zombies and Mercenaries
* Capture Flag Testing Underway with 4 locations playable but limited functions
* Camera Man AI which will follow the player and in time any game AI
* Footprint changes for different terrain underfoot
* Underground Cave Network (can be accessed from Dev HUD)
* Flyable Glider
* Drivable Vehicle (removed due to bugs, will be back soon)
* Newpaper Option for mission selection (hunt stags for reward ect)
* Animation Tests for crouch, prone and so on
* Mulitplayer Test With Limited Success
* Basic Forest Fire Tests and Fire Fighting Foam
* Range of Enterable Buildings and Random Town Generator
* AI spawn in controls, type, rate etc
* Advanced AI with food and resource tracking
* Very basic main menu for map selection (is in V0.295)

The New 14.4.2 UE4 version will start at V0.30 and should be out in Jan 2017.

The Latest On The Engine Update
From what I can see the graphics are much improved in the new engine due to lighting changes that have been made by Epic and it all just seems a lot sharper, cleaner and generaly better than in the older engine version, which by now must be at least 1 year old. Why this Engine update has worked when a previous version didnt I dont know but thats programming for you. So good news there as the game is now more or less bang up to date with Epics UE4 latest version and I hope to keep it that way. There will be another update some time soon as 14.4.2 is a fix to a few issues the 14.4 release had.

What Can You Expect From Here On In?
Thats a difficult question as with no support on steam the likelyhood of donations is zero and that very much limits what I can achieve by myself. Ive always tried to put dev ahead of promotion and will continue to do that as I simply dont have the time to make a game and promote it at the same time. What the result of that approach will be is at least a game of sorts, all be it not perhaps to the level desired but thats just the way it is.

Major New Changes Coming Soon
One of the first things to happen in the new engine build is for LOD to be added to environment assets which to date have never been added. Without LOD I have needed to bring in the draw distance and limit the type of landscape but with LOD now to be added frame rate should recover to something suitable for MP. With regards to MP I need to wait for EPIC to release their New setup files and once I have them then we can begin testing through steam. That will be a major achievment and it will be something to look forward to. If you are interested in MP then watch on steam as I need to try and get the game at least appearing in searches which following the game on steam should help.

If you are following the game on steam give a heads up to your m8s as the game does need support through this phase of dev and without it you will end up with a developers game and not a gamers one.

Use This LInk Code : Steamcommunity.com

Camera Views and Iron Sights
As you will no doubt know the camera views for the player are currently very confusing so they will be simplified and finalised. Once thats done some additional weapons should be added and a bow for the arrows. Dont expect a full weapon selection for some time as the basics are still being sorted out and a lot needs done before that can happen. The current setup isnt great but as a base its all that was needed at this point. Scopes and a better setup will slowly come together once the last of the testing and development is complete.

NR V0.17 promo

Forts and Trading Centres
This older version test for player forts will make a comeback soon now that a lot of the prototype seems to be working even if its all a bit jumbled at the moment. Forts like these will provide protection from heavely armed mercenaries out to kill the offenders. You will be able to position your squad on the walls and also produce weapons, ammo and other supplies. In hunting or basic survival modes these will offer different functions such as a place to sell hides and furs so you can purchase other survival and hunting equipment. Some carear mode features were tested out so its now a case of filling it out and getting it working for you all.

Obviously almost everything you see is a place holder for now as up to here its been seeing if what I wanted to make in UE4 I could, so until I knew the answer to that spending time on quality or doing final setups wasnt worth the time. Its now getting to the point I feel I have most of the parts working to some degree to pull it all together after that it would be a case of fine tuning it all and filling out the parts included.

Stag and Duck Hunting
Now that the Stag has some flight or fight logic added Ill attempt to get it all added into a single stag AI type as just now you need to do some messing about in the Dev HUD to get it working. Ducks as you will no doubt know are very hard to hit and due to a limited budget for animals Ill add in some additional bird options in trees which will fly off if you get too close, this will provide the start of additional hunting options for you.

Good Bye Dev HUD
Now that a lot of the early testing has been done much of the dev HUD will be replaced with the actual game HUD and main menu which should be a relief to many of you. It wont happen over night as the weather changes, seasonal colour changes for 365 days will take weeks to complete. Just now you need to do that yourself but once thats automatic you should start to see why it was added and so much dev time was commited to it.

Due to the Engine Update, which went very well bar the main character anims, some delays will be inevitable before I can get you the Latest Engine version. I have no idea if the guy who I got the male and female character off will update them so we will just need to wait and see. Dev is also subject to interest as without it there is little point in the thousands of hours needed to finish it. Thanks to all those who have shown an interest and supported the concept this far and lets hope we get it finished this year.

Happy New Year and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Download Here

Dev HUD on off = 7, 8
Mouse cursor on off = Left Ctrl

NO RETURN - Capture The Flag Testing
Free open world openworld survival game hunting game sim simulator indie 2016 ne

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NO RETURN V0.292 Survival Sim 64bit Win

NO RETURN V0.292 Survival Sim 64bit Win


NO RETURN V0.292 Survival Sim 64bit Win Download includes controls in game. 400sqkm Open World Map Included

NO RETURN V0.292 Survival Sim 32bit Win

NO RETURN V0.292 Survival Sim 32bit Win


NO RETURN V0.292 Survival Sim 32bit Win Controls provided in game. 400sqkm Open World Map Included.

NO RETURN 32bit win - Original UDK Version

NO RETURN 32bit win - Original UDK Version

Demo 14 comments

NO RETURN V0.135 ORIGINAL UDK Verison Block Building, Traps, Sniper Rifle, Bullet Cam, Base Upgrades & More. Download Now for Free - Read Info & Developers...

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scotland3d Creator

Happy New Year And Thanks for The Support :)

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This game looks awesome, but a bit too good to be true. I feel like this could contain malware.

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The insanity I just witnessed. I'm walking around not knowing a thing of what I'm doing and I hit some buttons and spawn some dudes who walk up to me, jump a few times around me and then one of then shoots me dead. Then hundreds spawn and they're all shooting at each other and I press some more keys and UFOs start flying about. Explosions are going off and UFOs are flying around and men are dying... all the while I can do nothing because I was the first death.

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Zombies and hunting is overworked , maybe aliens?
Alien survival sim + pvp would work well.
Apocalyptic mad max type survival.
Team survival , pvp team vs pvp team.

Here are 2 ideas for the devs to look at. We need something new!!!!

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Awsome Game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

LOOKS AWSOME! but what are the system requirements

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Looks great! :D

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