Need for Speed: Most Wanted (NFS:MW) is a racing video game, developed by EA Black Box game's street racing-oriented game play, with certain (but not all) customization options from the Need for Speed: Underground series. The game is also succeeded by Need for Speed: Carbon, which serves as a sequel to Most Wanted. Most Wanted has been released for Windows-based personal computers, the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, Xbox 360 (as a launch title), Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and mobile phones. Another version of Most Wanted, titled Need for Speed: Most Wanted: 5-1-0 has been released for the PlayStation Portable. This is the First game in Need for Speed series to be rated T (Even though the European Version is Still Rated 3+ ). Need for Speed: Most Wanted 'Black Edition', a collector's edition of Most Wanted, was released in celebration of the Need for Speed series' tenth anniversary and in conjunction with the release of Most Wanted. The Black Edition.

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Well, I can say that this was the last good NFS before the wave of bad games (like Carbon, ProStreet, etc...). But I must admit that this game was pretty fun.

Sadly there isn´t so much options to custumise your car like on the Underground ones, but what call attention on this game are the prisuits. For the time, the AI of the cops were descent, and they offered a nice challenge.

The Black List on career was a good idea IMO.

The things which I didn´t liked on it was, saying once again, the lack of custumise options if compared with Underground and the "realistic physics" (your car is undestroyable, you can even crash on 270km/h with a concrete wall that you will not take damage). But its a really fun game.


I have that game on the PC.

Always was my favorite game when i was small
But now every time i see this game im thinking about how crappy are games now...


Just an arcade racing with nonesence physics and zero realism. Call of Duty about sport cars. Well, "gold era COD" about sport cars - it's not as bad as CoDs from 2009 and later on :D

Sure it can be fun to drive the car like a super-speed-indestructable-tank destroying props and dozen of police jeeps on the way, but gameplay repeats itself, giving your more and more exausting tasks like "have some badass chase with the cops" and then "have some EVEN MORE badass chases with the cops". Dropped it half-way though.

I personally prefer racing games with real garage, real car damage and money that are used to pay for the repairs - in games like that you feel in touch with your cars and love them; in games like Most Wanted you are throwing your cars against obsticles to get though.

Very good, the Career mode is very satisfying because from the start you get to the top beating all the top street drivers from the list.


i pick 9 from 10, and 1 of 10 is just a 'realistic physics'
this is the best NFS ever i play..

coolest nfs ever!!

Great game

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